We Have Lost Donna Summer

Wow, very shocking news to report today. According to published reports, singer Donna Summer, 63, has died after a long battle with cancer.

The five time Grammy winner, famous for such disco classics as “Last Dance,” “Hot Stuff” and “Love to Love You” defined the decadence of the 1970’s with her sultry looks and often eye catching stage costumes.

A lot of people don’t know it, but Madonna was supposed to be pop music’s answer to Donna, who continued her chart dominance well into the 80’s with songs like “She Works Hard for the Money” and “Unconditional Love.”

To date Donna has had her classics covered by some of the biggest artists in music, most recently Beyonce, who sampled “Love to Love You” for her 2003 hit single “Naughty Girl.”

Without a doubt Donna Summer was the hottest thing to come out of the 70’s. She had looks and a voice to match.

Her brilliance will be sorely missed.

For those of you not familiar with Donna, check out her performance of “I Feel Love” and “MacArthur Park” below.

I’m sure VH1 will probably re-air her Behind the Music episode as well.

I had to include my favorite Donna pic ever.


  1. RIP Donna Summer. I remember just doing alot of dance turns off her music.

  2. RIP in peace I love her. Her voice was always different than everyone elses and I loved tha tabout her.

  3. What a loss!!! I saw her at an outdoor festival within the last decade and she was great! It amazed me how her long-time fans came out dressed in disco pants, glitter tube tops, a diverse fan base, it was one big party! She was Pop without altering her sound or pandering, soulful, sultry and universal…there is only one Donna Summer!

    RIP to one of the all-time absolute best!

  4. One night here in Los Angeles, back in the middle 1970’s, I was out cruisin’. The DJ on the radio started to play this song that started out with “Ooooo, love to love you baby… Ooooo, love to love you baby”. I loved the voice of the lady singing the song, the words were very romantic and sexy, the beat ( What we now know as “Disco”) made me wanna get up and dance. Not too long after that, and hearing the song several times, I saw a picture of the lady on an album cover who sang the song I liked so much. The lady had these round beautiful eyes, a pretty face, and the sexiest kissable mouth… it was love at first sight … the lady was Donna Summer.
    It saddened me when I learned that she has left us; all day today I felt like a part of me is now missing. The empty space will be filled again only when I hera Donna Summer sing. Donna, RIP.

  5. I played her music all day at work and it took me back to being a kid at the end of the 70’s. She is a key part of the soundtrack of my youth. Beautiful voice bringing us joyous music.

    Thanks Donna Summer.

  6. Beyonce aura was influenced by Donna Summer. not Tina Turner or Diana Ross. you just hae to give props. Good bye Donna.

  7. Donna Summer was my very first favorite artist when I was a little girl. Before Janet came along I was all about Donna Summers. Every time a plane would fly over my house I would yell “air plane take me to Donna Summers

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