Weave Care

Even though weaves have become a common way for many women to wear their hair, there is nothing worse than wearing one that looks unnatural, dry and matted.

Once thought to be maintenance free, anyone who has ever worn a weave knows that the opposite is actually true.

Weaves, whether real or synthetic, are prone to dryness, tangling and require just as much time and attention as your natural hair.

This is where Softsheen Carson comes in. The company has created a line of hair care products specifically aimed at wearers of human and synthetic weaves and extensions.

The ‘Weave Care’ collections, which consists of shampoos, conditioners, spritzers and detanglers, offer three layers of protection.

Level one focuses on the scalp and relieves the dryness and itching that often comes with wearing weaves and synthetic hair.

Level two focuses on keeping your own hair healthy and nourished; while level three seeks to prolong the life of your weave by preventing tangling and matting.

To give the products a try for yourself, you can visit your local drugstore or order the products straight from the Softsheen Carson website.

This is not a paid endorsement.


  1. Omg I love this product. It is the best. Their weave detangler works magic and smells nice. I would recommend it to anyone who wears a weave! And all weaves eventually mat; the way it is done doesn’t matter..

  2. I had tried this product for the 1st time a week ago. I am a curly weave wearer and my style had began to dry earlier than usual because of the seasonal change here in Chicago. Ladies, when I purchased and tried the mousse… Wow! It completely shined, moisturized, and gave my weave new life! I highly recommend this product… put in your arsenal ladies for the winter! A MUST HAVE!

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