Weekend Happenings 1.10.2009

With the 2009 awards season upon us, gifting suites are opening up left and right to supply celebrities with the latest free gifts and gadgets. Actresses Elise Neal and Tichina Arnold were spotted at the Access Hollywood “Stuff You Must” Gift Lounge, while Shar Jackson was seen picking up free goodies at the Golden Globes’ Kari Feinstein Style Lounge.

Not everyone spent their time picking up goodies though. Singer Keyshia Cole was spotted hard at work on her new tour. The singer’s new album “A Different Me” has already been certified Gold (500,000 copies sold) and word is she will be shooting the video for her second single “You Complete Me”, this month.


  1. That’s Kimberly Elise lol she one of my top five favorites, along with Whoopi, Angela, Thandie, & new up comer Keke.

  2. I could not tell that was Tichina in the first photos, but she is looking good though. I like all of the pictures and want to note that Kimberly Elise has come a long way from the first time I saw her in Set It Off and Beloved.

  3. What I wouldn’t give to be even a d-list celebrity and be able to get all that free stuff.

  4. Tichina looks cute.

    Kimberly looks laid back, but nice

    Shar looks upgraded….she’s always a gifting suite, but I don’t blame her

    Keyshia’s mancandy looks nice

  5. Everyone looks cute but why is Tichina wearing the entire MAC collection on her face at the same time?….wayyyyyyyyyyyyyyy too much make-up…she needs to fall back with all that…or at least her make-up artist does

  6. Wow, Shar looks great! So glad she’s going for a simpler, mature look. She’s beautiful. Kimberly always looks great. I’m not feeling Keyshia’s new sexy look or music, but good luck to her! I agree with the other poster, why on earth does Tichina have on so much makeup? lol

  7. I love Tichina. I love Kimberly Elise. Talented ladies they are. :brownsista:

  8. Man, they should give the free stuff ot the viewers. At least some of us we are the ones who support their, sometimes faulty, attempts at entertainment. I like Gucci, Prada, and MAC. I am just on a budget due to the current recession. Give me a Louis bad please-LOL!!!

  9. Love Tichina’s hairdo.

    Elise looks like a natural beauty.

    Shar looks refreshed.

    Keyshia looks like she is putting it down.

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