Weekend Happenings

Ciara Singer Ciara continues to criss-cross the country celebrating her twenty-second birthday with a five city tour. Last night Ciara touched down in New York City and kept the party going at the Runway. Besides shaking her groove thang, Ciara continued to field questions about her relationship with 50 Cent, who is rumored to have given the singer a fifteen karat “friendship” ring. Look for Ciara to wrap up her birthday tour in the next few days with a celebration in Miami and then two in the Bahamas. After that Ciara will hit the road for several touring dates throughout Europe, where she will be the opening act for Rihanna.

More pics from Ciara’s b-day celebration can be seen on the next page as well as news on Ri Ri, Bey and Naomi.


  1. In between throwing things at folks Naomi really is a humanitarian who has been putting in work for years. Unfortunately her crazy nature tends to overshadow all that.

  2. I lovvveee Ciara @ this event. Her dress is perfect on her, and i loove her hairstyle!! As far as Rihanna is concerned, it’s the first time, since her 2007 comeback, that i don’t like her outfit!! I don’t like the dress, and her shoes don’t suit her dress at all!

  3. I like Ciara’s hair in these pics. She looks like she was having a great time. A 15 carat “friendship ring” huh …must be nice.

    Rihanna looks like a normal teen for a change. Now these are real candids not that posed ish she sets up with the paps when she’s in LA.

    Love Naomi. She’s like Iman – effortlessly beautiful.

  4. Ciara looks so pretty and she’s so young! :koolaid:

    I like the pretty blue on Rihanna but the dress as a whole to me wasn’t a
    good look for her. By the looks of these pics, where is she’s going to her prom? :confused:

    Beyonce…..uhhhhh okay :thumbsup:

    Naomi is Beautiful. IMO the best super-model ever. :brownsista:

  5. They all look great :dance:

    Love Rihanna’s nailpolish color.

  6. ^^^ You made the comment not me :bag: TINAMIRANDA :bag:

  7. cici riri and nana are so gorgeous their hair their skin all so natural

    dark skin chick :hmm hmm girl!!!!!!! ๐Ÿ™„

  8. And you still didn’t view about it? Now every comment I made on this site always praised a women of all shades and if you’re a regular on here then you would know it. Don’t get upset at me because I’m going by what I experienced.

  9. I also have witness a lighter-skin girl attacking a darker female about her complexion and I’ve checked her about it. I don’t like when someone attacks another for looks with no valid reason at all, so yes I’m going to check them about it.

  10. ^^^^^Take responsibilty for your ignorant comment Tinamiranda :bag: That’s the least you can do.

  11. If you can read then you would of saw that I did. Learn how to be an adult and stop posting an ignorant sentence as your title like you’re trying to signify. We all know you have a name.

  12. Hey Tina,

    You’re the ignorant one. Believe that :bag:

  13. “Iโ€™m going by what I experienced.”

    it gets dumber and dumber so from your experience dark skin women always get turn down?

    “I also have witness a lighter-skin girl attacking a darker female about her complexion and Iโ€™ve checked her about it. I donโ€™t like when someone attacks another for looks with no valid reason at all, so yes Iโ€™m going to check them about it.”

    one minute you say you made a comment based on what you experienced and the next you don’t judge and you hate people that attack others about their skin colors????

    whoa its get better and better i think you outta just sit down and shut up

  14. :stop: I see ignorance on this blog. And it’s not tina miranda.

    Now back to the topic all of sistas look lovely.

  15. Ciara looks great all round- hair, dress etc

    Rihanna was at a family gathering ? she needs to cover her breasts up!! Am I the only one who is fed up of seeing her mammaries always hanging out ? I know it’s the angle of the first shot, but jesus there are kids there apparently, does she always have to vamp it up?

    Naomi looks good as usual.

    Are those old pics of Beyonce or have I seen that costume before. Sorry but Beyonce needs to loose some weight.

    (ducks and hide) :bag:

  16. Girl Rihanna trying to celebrate her new ta tas :dance:

    And you know Beyonce always wear the same costume at her concerts!

  17. Ciara looks flawlees.// Keep safe through out all your traveling, Happy Birthday GOODIES QUEEN. All the ladies are doing big things and looking beautiful.

  18. All Beautiful Black women no matter what shade they are. SMH @ the ignorance.

  19. Ciara looks Fab
    Rhianna – I love the blue on her…but i don’t like that haircut
    Niamo is still working it after all these years

  20. Hopefully I don’t get in trouble for this …I saw some more Ciara pics at another birthday party and she looks like she got a boob job! This was on concreteloop.com.

    I’m guessing it wasn’t REALLY a breast job because she hasn’t had time to recuperate and all that, but dang something is way different :confused:

  21. How can so many flame on Rihanna? I mean really, how many of US can get up in front of thousands of people and SING??? How many of you have the guts to do that? ๐Ÿ˜† I’d say it takes ‘some’ talent to sing/dance in front of perfect strangers.

    Everyone looks great. Brownsistas living it up and doing the damn thing. I can’t say much else. :brownsista:

  22. :stop: this site always have arguments, I mean you don’t have to agree on everyones opinions, but why make a big deal out of peoples ignorant comments…………………..the point of the comments are for people to express how they feel…. not argue over stuff that doesn’t have anything to do with the subject like skin color ……thats very inmature to me………I’m not making this comment to offend anyone or take up for anyone I’m just stating a fact…………………………..subject

    CiCi- love her…. very talented……not really feeling that look on her though. Rih Rih…..love her style…..not really talented though..hate the polish. Bee-……………no comment Model her annoys me and thats how I feel!



  24. Ciara use to have more of a unique style that what she has now. I know she is growing up and all but she is starting to look like everyone else who shops in “Beyonce’s Closet”…………..She pretty though.

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