Weekend Happenings: Miss Kelly & Gabrielle

The UK sure does love them some Kelly Rowland. The singer has devoted quite a bit of her time over the last few weeks to promoting the re-release of her 2007 CD, Miss Kelly. This past week alone Kelly appeared on several UK television shows- including a show called Loose Women, which is suppose to be the UK version of The View. Kelly also gave a sit down interview and performed her new single Daylight.

Both clips can be seen on page 2.

You can also check out Kelly above arriving for the taping of The Nokia Green Room- another UK series that showcases interviews and performances from celebrities- as well backstage footage of artists said to be captured with hidden cameras and microphones.

Above we have actress Gabrielle Union who took time off from shotting her latest movie, Cadillac Records, to make an appearance at the Kentucky Derby. Gabrielle is first spotted on May 2nd at the Crown Royal Playboy Lounge and then at the Derby itself on May 3rd.

Everyone knows that for the ladies The Kentucky Derby is all about your hat- and Gabrielle’s hat game is definitely on point. She looks great.


  1. Thankyou brownsista I needed a chocolate fix for a while now. Kelly ~YES GOD~

  2. Aww Kelly looks so cute, and her bag is beautiful!!!! *Chants* {I will not spend my tax rebate on handbags, I will not spend my tax rebate on handbags} 🙁

  3. Kelly will soon be looking like Lil Kim with all that plastic surgery she’s getting. I wonder what’s next?

    Gabrielle is the real dark beauty.

  4. why does gabriel have to be the real “dark” beauty ? she’s beautiful regardless of what color she is

  5. Who said Gabrielle was a dark beauty and how does a breast jo = tons of plastic surgery like Lil Kim?

  6. Kelly is looking cute, as usual.

    Love gaby’s hat.

    Both sistas are very pretty.
    A boob job/nose job does not mean you are the next Little Kim. A LOT of people in Hollywood get plastic surgery, some you would never suspect!

  7. Kelly will NEVER achieve Beyaki’s stardom, and what does Gabby do again???……seriously, what does she do?

  8. They both look gorgeous. No one can tell me Kelly doesn’t look like a doll, especially with that hair. I always think Gabrielle looks pretty.

  9. ..both are beautiful and make me proud of my hue their skin looks beautiful…on another note!…the sun is out and i’m gonna be in “livin my life like it’s golden”…i felt the need to share as the sun shines very little in London and as a brown sista i can be glad i aint one of them pasty pale chicks LOL! :0)

  10. They both look gorgeous. Kelly looks like a chocolate doll in the pictures with the hand bag.

  11. They both look beautiful. I guess kelly decided if she can`t get any luv at home she`d take her act abroad.

  12. Josephine Baker took her act abroad. She is an icon now.

  13. TRUTHHURTS said,
    May 5, 2008 at7:53 pm
    Kelly will NEVER achieve Beyaki’s stardom, and what does Gabby do again???……seriously, what does she do?

    Why does she have to try and be like Beyonce. She is doing her own thing. She is selling millions of records just not here. Because right now not too many dark skin sisters are making it. Atleast she is not putting all of that blond hair in her hair and wearing make-up that is two shades lighter than she is. Kelly is a naturally pretty woman in her own rights and people like you need to stop trying to compare her to Beyonce all the time. First of all she aint all of that. If it were not for her being with Jay-Z she probably wouldn’t be Beyonce so chech yourself.

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