Weekend Performance: Rihanna On SNL

Rihanna made a triumphant return to the SNL stage last night, performing her singles Only Girl In The World and What’s My Name. The pop diva also took part in another “Shy Ronnie” skit that was even funnier than the one she did last year. Check out all 3 videos below- plus the singer’s performance on the U.K. show X-Factor.


  1. Loved these performances!So proud :), Loved the outfit and whole look for the X factor performance.The shy Ronnie thing is cool.

  2. Rihanna always proves me right, she has no talent… She did her normal lip sync routine with the shy guy and on her performances.. The performances! she utilized her back tracking to the fullest, the backup singers, and last but not least Autotune! her mic is setup (rigged)for that and she still could not deliver a good live performance with all that help. She got so nasty the cameraman stayed on her face. The UK performance is a better result of her gimmicks she has to use after the backlash of SNL she had to do better. This is what you have to expect, the songs were written for profit but again the wrong person trying to deliver and she cant, still just a look…

  3. She definitely needs to HIRE A NEW VOCAL COACH OR MAYBE 2 COACHES!!

  4. eek, not the best live performances- the skit was hilarious- time to youtube some more SNL skits.

  5. Rihanna did a great job!…the skit was hilarious…her sound is hers…ironically, only black people think she’s talentless or truly can’t sing…now she can improve on her vocals…her tone and pitch can use some work, even though, she’s already a superstar, that’s the industry and it’s quest to make lots of money really fast…there was no berry gordy school of music and grooming to assist a 16 year old singer with an accent from a caribbean island…the industry is about “the look”…but, her talent is undeniable…Rihanna is an ARTIST and songs from Rate R and GGGB proves it, from Disturbia, Take A Bow to Photographs to Cold Case Love to Rude Boy among others…her music storytelling are relatable stories, some fun, some reminiscent, reflective and some just feel good! When you listen to white pop oriented radio stations, the girl get major play…unfortunately, the artists’ best tracks is not what’s always played and featured or simply won’t resonate with every listener…Janelle Monae has so many great tracks, but many people won’t get a feel for her creative genius on what’s played and her “look”…this whole “pop” marketing music trend is what’s dominating because it’s a tough economy and the bottom line is quite challenging. When I saw the clinique commercial using a black model, I believe a former ANTM contestant…they too were featuring “a look”…to increase their market share, or perhaps, inspired by the ambi commerical with Bre from ANTM (selling skin brightners and even tone creams)…it’s always about “the look.”

    I’m around young white and hispanic girls and they’re feeling Rihanna and the one artist that still crosses over extremely well is Mariah Carey…Rihanna is Rihanna and I look forward to her next release…Rate R. had several potential hits and some very good songs…besides rude boy.

    It’s quite evident Rihanna will be around for some time to come…when her stuff doesn’t chart well, her features does, like with Eminem or TI, the single soared!…so love or hate her…the girl obviously makes music that somebody is feeling!

  6. A lot make it, but she sure cant sing it! I’m glad you feel that way but what I’ve been seeing and hearing a lot dont.. You are one of the reasons why she is still lip syncing, autotunig, backtracking and tearing up backup singers to survive.. I’m glad you are so eager to settle for less for your money!!! Keep buying!!!

  7. I love Rihs fashion and she has great songs but really an artist? smh! I’m so glad I know better!

  8. Lmao @ Bored…..All you need to survive in the music industry are killer looks dance moves and a phenomenal fashion stylist. Thats it! There is no more REAL talent…ok I take that back, there is real talent in the industry today but very few. Please Willow Smith will sure surpass Rihanna. Rihanna Lucked up as she was signed to a great label.

    Jay Z convinced all high exectives that Rihanna is the person we should invest money into. and because of Jay-z’s high respect and longevity in the music industryg all the “executives” cosigned without question!

    Same thing they did for Nicki Minaj. Lil Wayne is banking now and now so are the executives at his label… So if Lil wayne says Nicki is the truth then the executives will invest millions into her in such a massive way that you believe that she’s the best thing ever when really…she’s a joke.

    Yes Nicki has talent but outside that hype she’s just alright. For all I care Nicki can go back to Queens and Rihanna can take her bajan ass back to dee Island’s MON! (in my Jamaican voice)

  9. Rihanna is right where her destiny says she should be. She is a star and when her mom gave birth to her 22 years ago it was in the charts that is what she was gonna be. YOu can’t cheat destiny. What is to be will be. So with that rihanna deservers all her success.

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