Weekend Gigs: Kelis & Amerie

Singers Kelis and Amerie both thrilled their overseas fans by performing at annual music festivals. Kelis took to the stage in Switzerland to perform at the Gurten Open Air Festival, while Amerie thrilled crowds in the U.K., performing at their yearly T4 On The Beach party. Below you can check out arrival and performance pics from Amerie.

Click over for pics of Kelis


  1. Both of these women are beautiful, brown sistas and I love them! LOL Kelis, I like a lil’ more, but still. And yes, I have to agree that Kelis was one of the ones breaking the mold first. Talk about rocker chic, see her video for “Get Along With You”; it reminded me of a TOOL video…she’s always been this creative and I love her. Thanks for the images!

  2. Amerie looks nice.

    Kelis…I don’t know? I don’t think she is strong vocally, but I do respect her individuality and the pro-female messages in some of her earlier songs.

    She had a beautiful head of hair. I would love to see her grow it all back :banana:

  3. Kelis, I have crazy love for this girl. She’s the type of person you can’t put in a box.

  4. Amerie looks really pretty…thats a lot of make up for her to look that light though, her neck is like 2 shades darker lol

  5. I love Amerie’s outfit with the hat! Her stylist gets cool points. 😎 I like Kelis’ refusal to become just another sexed up weaved down industry chick!

    @ Des, I agree, Kelis’ hair was beautiful. It’d be cool to see it grow back.

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