Weekend Picture Roundup

As always, I try to post a random picture roundup at the end of the week of all the photos that came across my desk but weren’t posted for one reason or another.Below we have this week’s roundup and we will kick things off with Jada Pinkett Smith and Mary J. Blige who attended an event to celebrate Mary’s 8 Grammy nominations.
Jada Pinkett SmithJada Pinkett SmithJada Pinkett Smith & Mary J BligeMary J Blige & Jada Pinkett Smith

Garcelle Beauvais also showed up to support Mary.
Jada Pinkett SmithJada Pinkett SmithJada Pinkett Smith
Here is Rihanna at Mercedes Benz Fashion Week Show
Here we have Blu Cantrell at the Peapod Foundation Benefit Concert.
Blu CantrellBlu CantrellBlu Cantrell
Here we have Tyra showing up for the Walk Of Style Award Gala.
Tyra BanksTyra BanksTyra Banks
And finally we have Miss Beyonce who was spotted out shopping in California.


  1. Garcelle is really ageless.I believe she is well over 40 years old and still looks so youthful.

  2. I never realized how petite Jada was until now.Mary is like twice her size.

  3. Jada Pinkette just doesn’t look good to me at all.Her face looks gaunt and masculine as does her body.She looks like she has been hitting the gym entirely too much.

  4. I hope Mary scoops up all those Grammys next month but I doubt she will.I think she will get all the r&b awards but the big ones she is nominated for will go to a more minstream (White) artists.I think The Dixie Chicks will get alot of love tomorrow night.

  5. Every body looks Fabulous. I’m not feeling tyra lace front weave though. Grace stop hating Jada looks good.:hater:

  6. OMG, Tyra’s lace front wig looks spectacular.You need to stop hating CUBICZIRCONIAPRICESS :hater:

  7. :booty: Thank you Kitten, at least somebody knows what a bad weave is and I even wear one. Unlike you Dummy(grace)
    If you had grace you would know what real beauty is. Jada Pinkett is Beautiful, but then again how would you know that? Your not real beauty, your tacky. I have more diamonds and jewels than you will ever have in your meaningless lifetime. That’s why I’m DIAMOND PRINCESS. This is why I’m HOTT! Biiiiiiitch.

  8. Look at Jada showing off her booty-now that she has had children she got some curves :thumbsup:. Go jada, I ain’t mad at her and Will is fine as hell yum yum 😎

  9. You need to watch your language Diamondprincess.As our rules state above, we ask that people refrain from cursing on this site.Thank you sista 🙂

  10. tyra’s blonde has been too blonde for me lately. Mary is the QUEEN period. Why was Blu there? Is she coming out with another album. I must know I lovher too.

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