Weekend Picture Roundup

It has been a very busy weekend.With New York Fashion Week and numerous Super Bowl events both going on at the same time, quite a few Brown Sistas have been taking in the festivities and we have plenty of photos to share.No sense in wasting time so we will just jump right into things.Below we have the always stunning Gabrielle Union chilling at PlayStation Oasis in Miami Beach.
Gabrielle UnionGabrielle UnionGabrielle UnionGabrielle Union

Here we have Lil Kim and Vivica Fox at the Baby Phat fashion show.
Lil KimLil KimLil Kim
Vivica FoxVivica FoxVivica Fox

Here we also have Ashanti enjoying Fashion Week by taking in the Tadashi Shoji show.

Serena Williams at Maxim’s Pre Superbowl party.
Serena WilliamsSerena WilliamsSerena Williams

And just for fun, here is a really cute photo shoot of Ciara I ran across.

I have quite a few more pics but I will add those to our gallery tomorrow when it has been transferred properly.


  1. Lil Kim looks so much better here than she did a few weeks ago.She’s a bit chunkier but she carries it well.

  2. Gabrielle is so damn beautiful.That chocolate skin of hers drives me crazy whnever I see it.She is the perfect Black woman.

  3. All the ladies are looking fine and doing their thang.It’s good to see Kim looking healthy again.Viviva’s face is actually loosening up and she doesn’t look as plastic as she once did.Serena’s body is toned as hell and Ashanti always look good.But my favorite pics are of Ciara.That shoot is beautiful and different than most done today. :brownsista:

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