Weekend Recap: Vanessa, Mo’nique & Meagan

Vanessa SimmonsMo'niqueMeagan Good

Vanessa Simmons celebrated her birthday with sister Angela by her side at the Mansion Nightclub in Miami Beach on Friday night. The budding entrepreneur turned 25. Also hitting the party circuit this weekend was comedienne Mo’nique. Radio One held a private gathering with the star Saturday night in Detroit. Mo’nique recently started her own radio show on Syndication One, a subsidiary of Radio One.

And if you can believe it, Meagan Good held another birthday party for herself, this time at the Bank Nightclub in Las Vegas. This makes the 3rd party I believe. One was held last week at One Sunset in West Hollywood, another at The Standard in Los Angeles, and now this one.

Without a doubt, Meagan has discovered a new and interesting way to get more birthday presents for herself (lol).


  1. Everyone looks beautiful…is it me or does Mo’nique look slimmer and younger? Just wondering.

  2. Angie and Nessa too damn young to already be rocking weaves. My goodness, how can we talk of not being accepted for who we are when we ourselves can’t accept something as simple as our own hair. Same goes for Meagan and her mega-weave. As for Monique she is looking thinner and has a healthy glow to her face. Losing weight will do that, I guess.

  3. Hey, y’all, it is now 7 A.M. Los Angeles time. I just saw on the morning news that Serena and Venus have just won the Beijing Olympics Gold Medal for Tennis Doubles. SERENA AND VENUS ARE MY GIRLS!!
    Mo’nique looks much better slimmed down like that.

  4. @JBL, I was thinking the exact same thing, I dont know whats wrong with SOME black women these days, they have really lost there identity.

  5. Mo’nique DOES look like she has slimmed down. Good for her! She does look younger, too. I’m happy she’s gotten her weight down because no matter how much she preached about how a big girl is beautiful (and they most certainly ARE), I just don’t think you can be at the top of your health game with so many extra pounds. I’m about 15 lbs. “overweight”, but I can’t imagine the struggle that some that are 50+ lbs. overweight go through. It’s a tough fight–even these 15 lbs.! Has anyone interviewed her where she’s talked about dropping weight? She should scream that from the rooftops–it’s a great message.

    Everyone looks great. 🙂 It is just me or does that dress make Meagan’s boobles look elongated? Hahahaha!

    @Smooth Thug–I saw that this morning! I was cheering them on. I love those girls! I love how they were all giddy and excited after it while talking to the reporters.

  6. JBL, I’m so with you on this one. There are so so few black women in the media these days rockin’ their OWN hair (store bought not included). Most of the time, while its semi-flattering, it doesn’t look natural, and it really sends a message that yeah, we can be in the media and viewed as beautiful but only if we give up part of our natural self–our crown and glory. It truly is sad. These women need to really embrace their beauty and not that of an anonymous European or Asian’s. It oftentimes makes us look foolish (Goldie from Flavor of Love is a perfect example).

  7. I think Angela and Vanessa look nice. Everything isn’t always about self esteem people. Why is it when a white girl wears a weave, she is just changing up her style, but when a black girl wears one, they hate themselves. As a black woman I know that our hair can be a source of many issues, but sometimes a weave is just a weave…nothing more. I have seen “Run’s House” and these young ladies seem to have good heads on their shoulders. Give the girls a break.

  8. Why lie to ourselves? At this point I think we all pretty much know that Black women, especially those in the entertainment business, are wearing weaves more for career acceptence than to change up their look. Black women like Mya and Amerie aren’t weaving it up because their straight hair is acceptable in the business. Women like Meagan, Gabrielle and Sanaa stay weaved up because their natural tresses aren’t acceptable.

  9. I kept hearing whispers that Mo’Nique was going got her stomach stapled. Perhaps it’s true. She probably had to do it for health reasons….whatever is best! The simmon sisters look cute as usual.

  10. monique looks good

    but in betta news
    beyonce new album will be call “virtuoso intellect”
    first single baker

  11. Monique looks to have slimmed down. Good for her…she looks good. Loved her self-confidence at any size she was at. Everyone looks nice as well.

  12. Paleeezze……Just cause it’s about Beyonce doesn’t make it better.

  13. If they girls wanna wear a weave so what…if Jill Scott wants to wear her hair natural so what! All three are beautiful and very comfortable with who they are. So why criticize, cause you don’t like it… again I say so what. Women should do what makes them feel beautiful. Monique look good! I hope she is losing weight…but for health reasons, being heavy will cause health problems and she is too fab to be down and out from health problems caused by being obese.

  14. I wonder if Mo got the lap-band instead of the GBS. I’ve heard that the lap band does cause weight loss, but it’s not as drastic as GBS and is reversible. She looks nice. Not surprised that she may be losing some weight because she’s probably the primary wage-earner in her family and she has young sons.

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