Weekend Sightings: LeToya, Alicia & More

Beyonce Singers Alicia Keys, Beyonce and LeToya Luckett were all spotted over the weekend taking in various events and just enjoying their down time. Bey was spotted out with Jay- just having dinner. While Alicia and LeToya spent their time supporting human interest projects. First up however is Bey, who was spotted in Manhattan rocking those brass knuckle boots Rihanna wore a few months back when she appeared on 106 & Park. Bey’s version however ups the scare factor by adding spikes to the front. God help the man that gets into a confrontation with a woman wearing these boots. These things are sexy and yet scary at the same time (lol).


  1. Beyoncita (I can’t let it go 😐 ) & Alicia look FAB!!! But tell me something, I’m down here in the A’ and I’m wondering…. is it already cool enough up north to wear boots and jackets or are these celebs just showing that they have the newest Fall 07 must haves? Bey’s boots are……….. are…. defitnitely a conversation piece, to me. What do you ya’ll think?

    Oh, LeToya looks good. It’s great to see her out and about.

  2. Beyonce’s boots look crazy.
    Alicia and Letoya look nice.
    LoL @ Naomi in the last pic. She has such a tight grip.

  3. Shoots! I forgot to mention how gorgeous Ms. Campbell looks. She should’ve been on “Dancing
    With The Stars” but that’s probably too much for her and all her FABness!

  4. Yeah its cool enough to rock that stuff, the evening is a little chilly here in NY.

  5. That is not a good look for Beyonce to be rockin boots Rihanna already wore. She know everybody compares them anyway! Now why would she do that? πŸ™„

  6. yeah…you know what? Rihanna did have then boots on a few months back when she appeared on 106 & Park…
    but Alicia Keys, Beyonce , LeToya Luckett and Naomi Campbell all look good. :thumbsup:

  7. everyone looks good, i think Beyonce probably wore the boots because she liked them, i think it would be hard for stars to dress thinking that they couldn’t wear what someone had one months before.

    i think that people also like to put beef where there isn’t none. Just because the public thinks Beyonce and Rihanna don’t like each other, that does not make it factual. Therefore Beyonce has no need to dress based on what Rihanna does or does not wear.

  8. celebs all wear the same clothes. You really think she checks to see who wears what. She is one of the few artists that work. Either way who gives a shit because the comparison between her and rihanna is bullshit, rihanna never could compare.Beyonce looks good anyway.

  9. that is a sweet buttery leather jacking AK is rocking in the first pic,

  10. Naomi looks fabulous! I have yet to see her looking less than breathtaking. :bowdown:

    Letoya looks very good in these pics, but I don’t like the color of the dress. I’d never pull it off the way she does.

    Alicia Keys has been my “IT” girl since the music awards! There is just something so refreshing about how beautiful she looks and how ‘real’ she comes across in her interviews, on screen, videos, performance, etc.

    Beyonce can rock those boots like Rihanna! Both women looked dang good wearing them.

  11. BROWNSISTA!!!!!! I’ve seen some hot clothing on here but you never put up what the people are wearing. Just a humble request that you post that with the fashion shots. I love those boots to death and the new high waist jeans I need to know wear I can achieve that on big check day, lol!

  12. Latoya always look on point. Alicia keys is always doing her thang and thats being a lady. But Miss B. I don’t know what to say about this child, she seems so messed up like something is missing.?

  13. The Italian Show Naomi was on was an Italian version of “Dancing with the Stars”.

  14. All the ladies look good. Didn’t Beyonce say she did not have a cell phone in another interview. What’s that she has up to her ears? Beyonce and her entire family are such fantastic liars. I used to be a fan but no longer am. Everytime she tells the public something most of it turns out to be a lie.



  17. Bee looks weird with dark hair. Her makeup is caked on the outfit isn’t hitting on anything and RIhanna has already worn those boots.

  18. Alicia looks like she is glowing or something these days! She has really been working it. I saw her performance from that night on another website and I just can’t wait to hear that song again Superwoman. She sounded great!

    I like Beyonce from the shins up! Those boots do nothing for me.

    Naomi is always fierce If I could just look 1/4 as good when i get her age I’ll be good!

    Letoya is cute as always.

  19. “Bey’s version however ups the scare factor by adding spike”

    She didn’t add spikes, they are the exact same shoes…I think they’re fierce!

  20. Everyone looks nice. I know this is a bit off the subject but needs to be said. Beyoncita is most men dreams pretty and dumb LOL :lol2: . For those that don’t read that well notice, β€œI said (MOST NOT ALL) before you attack.” She is one of the dumbest women out today, she will be remembered but she will never be a musical legend :noway: . So Beyoncita and her stans need to dream big. If she was so great Jay-z would have married her by now rather than live (shack) with her. He has been dating her for five years and nothing has happened. I don’t blame Jay-z I would not marry her either she is not worth it. Just use this dumb broad for sex until her over extended, exposed, and rated 15 minutes is up :hifive: . Then dump this illiterate broad for a black woman :brownsista: who is appreciative of whom she is, that knows how grateful, and blessed she is to be black :booty: . Beyoncita is camouflaged garbage suffering from a severe case of identity crisis right next to Britney Spears :thumbsdown: . She always has been and always will be garbage :loser: . Beyoncita and her family just do a good job at fooling the general public which doesn’t know any better. P.S. by the way I am not a hater a word that so many take out of context I am just a realist. I am also a heterosexual man and no I am not jealous so stans before you attack which I know you will don’t even think about the word hater and jealous because those words are so over used when referring to Beyoncita. This is my opinion and many others think what I am thinking but are scared to voice it. It’s time to get real about this broad and stop creating a false utopia about who she is. Right now she seems to be the devil and the devil is a liar and the truth is no where in her :iagree: . Peace and please respond respectfully.

  21. :iagree: :iagree: :iagree: :iagree: :iagree: :iagree: :iagree: :iagree: :iagree: :iagree: :iagree: …Stan said,Right now she seems to be the devil and the devil is a liar and the truth is no where in her …i HAVE been saying this for a while now..and all people want to say is, your ugly and ur a hater..but the facts are facts..she is sellin out black women..from her “nasty put ur clothes on”, hipocritcal song, to “i can feel ur spirits deep inside me” What the hell does that mean??? not to mention her not being able to keep her legs clothes in a dress..u don’t squat and show all ur stuff when ur wearing a dress..
    If You Want Closure in Your Relationship, Start with Your Legs!!!

  22. Ha Ha. Stan hit the nail on the head. Great post.



  23. yo Stan, that was wrong on so many levels :confused: :loser:

    and the truth is that she is getting the paper, why your ass siting behind the computer typing negative remarks about a successful black women. So at the end of the day who is the garbage

  24. Lucky at the end of the day your momma is the garbage :loser:. I specifically stated to respond respectfully but I knew some dummy would get out of line. Nothing was wrong about my post. It’s my opinion deal with it and besides you are wrong for trying to tell me I can’t have an opposing opinion loser :loser: . And I may be sitting behind a computer typing at the moment but I am making my paper too loser :loser: . Wow what an ignorant comment you think because I took a moment to tell the truth about this trashy devil I am not getting paid lol πŸ˜† . You really are stupid I am sure Beyonce even has time to log on to her computer every now and then. Grow up and learn how to agree to disagree. It’s really not that serious you seem so distrubed celebrities really are not that important. It’s not like we send them cards for Christmas or anything idiot :booty: .


  26. stan, you just sound pathetic :confused:

    What straight guy actually talks like this? You sound like one of the females on here

  27. Dang Stan! What your beef with Bey? It doesn’t matter, you can’t get to her anyway, dumb and all!!! :dance:

  28. Lucky you are pathetic. See how ignorant you are, “What straight guy actually talks like this? You sound like one of the females on here”. What intelligent person questions and labels someone sexuality just because they speak the truth about Beyonce? And to answer your question I am the type of straight guy with a lot of sense, morals, and class when it comes to chosing women :hifive: . Beyonce just so happens to be garbage :loser: a lot of people want admit it. You are ignorant for trying to label the women on this board. Just because they are women don’t mean they are jealous and can not see the truth about this illiterate girl. Beyonce is not the end all be all by the way so come out of you little fake utopia world LOL :lol2:. Nailah do I have to have beef with Beyonce to see and voice the truth about her? I have no beef only expressing the truth. It is what it is and a lot of people are scared to stand up and tell the truth about this dumb broad. And I would not waste my precious time nor life trying to get to a low-class, over rated, and exposed scum bag like Beyonce :noway: . So take a chill pill already πŸ˜† .

  29. You need to take a couple doses of the pills you dishing out homie. You went as far as calling the woman low class? WOW…so why waste you “precious time”, writing what you call “truth”? :loser:

  30. Stan, stop you starting to sound stupid because you are repeating yourself. Im out because im not going to give your ridiculous ass no more attention :loser:

  31. Nailah you need to take your own advice and take an entire bottle of chill pills. She is low class and I think you need to see a psychirotrist because you can’t let it go :lol2: . Now speaking of a loser that’s you hun and your mother too for having a dummy like you :loser: :booty:

  32. Lucky you are stupid because you have repeated yourself. You are very ignorant because I specifically told you to respond respectfully and you could not follow instructions. So that makes you a retard :hifive: . So when you don’t follow instructions in life you have to get your feelings hurt in cyber space and other places jerk. And that’s right leave because you did not bring anything to the conversation but immature chatter grow up :loser: .

  33. :stop: Nailah and Lucky you both are wrong. Stan is entitled to his opinion. There is a lot of truth to what he is saying. It’s not right to call him names because he can see the truth about Beyonce. I think he’s right you all are some losers :loser: . You can not even handle the fact that he is not kissing beyonces :booty: Get over yourselves as a new years resolution :loser: :booty:

  34. Beyonce Knowles is so overrated. This woman is only successful because she wears skimpy outfits, gyrates on stage and is attractive. She has no real talent and will not be a music legend. Yes, she will definitely be remembered but her music has no substance. She has no originality and no real songwriting skills. Plus this chick is so full of herself to think that because she is a music superstar and pretty, that she was going to actually win an Oscar award. Somebody please tell this dumb blond that you actually have to have some serious acting skills to win an Oscar. Keep dreaming. Did she really think she was going to win an Oscar based on her music sales, image and looks and neither seasoned, trained and veteran actresses like Cicely Tyson or Angela Bassett have never won Oscars. Please, get over yourself you silly rabbit.

  35. When did this become a bash Beyonce post? Sad.

    I see more than just her in this post.

  36. @kd if you would open your eyes and read you would see where comments were made on the other ladies. You are just upset because you are a sucker for Beyonce and the other posters are not. Now that’s sad. Don’t be mad 😑 because they are telling the raw truth about her.

  37. @Anonymous :
    With all due respect, I am not a sucker, and I can see that most of the comments take shots at Beyonce. And no I am not upset. I just don’t assassinate a person’s character because I do not like them or act like I know them personally. If you don’t like someone, why waste time commenting on them? It’s really uncalled for, IMO.

  38. I understand that my truth or their truth may not be yours. However, it’s called an opinion and freedom of speech. Why waste your time commenting and responding to something that someone has said about someone you like if it bothers you so much. It’s uncalled for to attack others the way Stan was attacked for just voicing his opinion but you did not say anything about that. LMAO some people that support Beyonce are so sensitive when others see her from a different perspective. So just move on and lean to agree to disagree but that’s too hard when you are talking about another human being that you view as some type of goddess NOT :noway:

  39. Alicia Keys has really evolved in the last seven years. She looks great and I can’t wait to hear the new CD. I think she is a great artist.

    Naomi Campbell is just fierce and the ultimate super model.

    Latoya Luckett is a cute girl.

    Beyonce, is just everywhere. Why is everybody so obsessed with her?


  40. What is it about Beyonce that get people so worked up? She is just one of many singers. The article had two other women, why not give them some love for a change, instead of this ubiquitous argument about Beyonce

  41. Let me first start by saying everyone looks nice. I said, that’s true there are other celebrities here besides Beyonce. But most of the posters that decided to attack Stan did not even compliment them which he did compliment them and just gave his opinion about Beyonce and they went crazy. I think the underlining problem here is when people have an opposing view point about Beyonce her stans/fans immediately attack and low rate them. So the conversation then becomes a battle because a lot of Beyonce stans/fans see anyone that does not like or worship her the way they do as a loser or hater which is dead wrong. But they don’t see that it’s wrong they see themsleves in her and live their lives through her to a certain degree. It’s almost like Beyonce is their God instead of God himself. And it’s like that on any message board you go on when talking about Beyonce. Most of her stans/fans can not agree to disagree and they will attack others. It’s sad so many people are attacked and put down on a message board to uplift one person. But I just responded to answer your question . I hope I helped.



  43. by the name of this site u can tell why they are hating on B. i would just say cos she is yellow boned, dark skinned girls get over it u all are ugly dang. i am a dude and i will never date a dark skin nor brown girl cos u would have nothing but ugly babies. Dark skin girls are just too damn ugly too jealous cos we fellas love the light skin chicks. all hail yellow bones, all hail beyonce. and and i know damn well that aint a guy that said that shit, a jealous fat ass dark skin woman. cos fellas love beyonce.yeah kudos B.

  44. Jude all I got to say is hater :hater: You are one dumb and ignorant man to think that way about dark skinned and brown women. I am pretty sure any intellignet black woman regardless to what shade she is would not want to date your illterate behind. Black is beautiful and the blacker the better and maybe your mother is ugly and you came out ugly don’t take it out on darker complexion black women. I applaud Stan :bowdown: I believe he is a man but one with good sense unlike little dumb boys like you. I don’t know any mature men that like beyonce only ignornat, slave mentallity, brain washed N—as because real black men don’t. As a matter of the white race can have a slave mentally little boy like you. Go and Fuck yourself on a slow night. Beyonce is garbage and that’s all to it and so are you :loser: . As a matter of fact you can go to hell with your warped personality. You are a loser and a disgrace to the black race and I hope someone catch you on the street and beat the shit out your dumb ass. :loser:

  45. Hey Jude, I bet your one ugly a$$ dude. LMAO!!! :lol2: Do black women a favor and marry a white chick. It’s no way I would even want to be in the same room as you. People like you stir up ill feeling btw light and dark skinned sistas. I’m a light skinned woman, and I got really pissed at your last comment. There are some unattractive, dumb, light skinned black women out here and you mean to tell me you would take them over a beautiful, educated dark skinned woman. Clearly you are a loser that probably pays for prostitutes. lol. Beauty is in the eye of the beholder, and your opinions are so outrageous that I was forced to comment.

    AND, why does everybody hate Bey so much? You are adding to her hype by commenting on it. If you don’t like her, stop buying her records and gossiping about her. Without buzz and gossip she’ll eventually disappear (at least for a little while).

    On that note, I’ll give this post a rest and do something to support some of our other Black artists. There are some talented sistas out here and I’m determined to shed some of my POSITIVE LIGHT on them without demonizing Beyonce. She is not the devil, but even I admit that I’m tired of hearing about her.

    — Jude kiss my :booty: Better yet don’t, cause you’ll like it too much. I don’t need a stalker. Clearly you are a little bit coo coo. :stop: Go post stupid comments somewhere else.

  46. WOW Jude!

    All I have to say is All Men don’t like Light skinned women. I happen to be light skinned but that comment is not true and Not all men like Bee. My man think she cute and have a nice body but that’s it. He honestly is DEAD Sick of her and at times HATE. Please Please don’t think if you have a baby with a dark women it will be ugly, because my man is brown and my Daughter is yellow as hell. So think about what you say next time before you write it. COOL!!! Good luck to ya!!! πŸ™‚

  47. I believe there are many insecure,jealous,petty woman on this site…bee’s doing bee. yall all hyped up o’er a chick who has $$$$$ more than any one on this post. If you not feelin her keep it steppin don’t add negativity to her game. when i’m not feelin a particular celeb i pushes right past the posting. if you are secure with self there won’t be any hating on another beautiful woman of color…GO BEE!!!!!! :hater: :brownsista:

  48. :stop: Hold up wait a minute just because someone is not posting a comment on Beyonce’s behalf does not mean that they are a hater, insecure, or jealous. Maybe that’s the way you feel when you think about an artist you are not a fan of :loser: . And just because Beyonce has more money than most people posting does not mean that people are not allowed to have an opinion about her. Only ignorant and superficial people use money as a means to determine who someone is. What ever happened to decency,morals, respect, and dignity? Opps more than likely you probably don’t have any πŸ˜† . This is a message board a place designed to make comments on all posts. So if someone is offending you by talking about Beyonce then take your own advice and don’t read nor comment on what they have said. You can say what you want but that does not make it true and putting people down and labeling them is not going to make them stop making comments about Beyonce that you don’t agree with. If it was not for people like the ones you put down on brownsista Beyonce would not have all that money. So you need to check yourself and stop hating on women on this board that don’t feel the way you do about Beyonce. I am sure there are women that are posting that are equally or more beautiful than Beyonce that’s also doing excellent for themselves :bowdown: . In conclusion you just showed us who the real insecure, jealous :mrgreen: , hater is and that is you :hater: .

  49. Well I am going to put in my 2cents and say this… I am not mad at Beyonce ….Beyonce? …Beyonce?

    And I am just venting here. I am mad at how easy us sistas are making it for our men to stray away to women of different races. We need to get out stuff ALL together. I BIG UP the sistas in school getting their education and raising their kids on their own. I am talking about the desperate ones who run after “no good” men and put these “no good” men before themselves and their children. The ones that have all of the attitude and NO sisterly love, the ones who dont know how to pick up a book and read SOMETHING! The ones that think FAT/LOUD/GHETTO/is sexy. And then looks at a woman who has her shit together and call her a bitch who thinks she is better. Too many in shape, educated, “Know when to shut up and let her man be the man” women of other races come in and Woo our men away. STOP hating on sistas who is successful! Go on a diet! Get an attitude adjustment! Sexy is not skin and bones but who in the hell told us that overweight and sloppy was? There is nothing sexy about high Cholestoral/high blood pressure and diabeties. And another thing WRAP-IT-UP we are dying! Sistas we have to look at ourselves and fix us before we go pointing fingers at someone you dont even know. So Beyonce told a few fibs. How many lies have you told in your lifetime? High and mighty HIPOCRITES get your shit together and defy all these sterotypes about us. I am doing my part everyday and it pisses me off when see us carrying on this way. I work in an all white environment and I do my part to stay in shape, be intelligent (or at least act intelligent), dress appropriately just to prove brothas and others that there is much more to sistas then what most have come to expect from us. Its not about skin color! Its about how you carry yourself. If you are a dark-skinned sista-brown-skinned sista-light, medium, indian, islam whatever. Don’t let no one tell you that you are not beautiful. Sell yourself as though you are a Queen regardless.

  50. The fact still remains that Beyonce is a liar. It is what it is and sure other people have said things that are untrue. But Beyonce is constantly telling lies and putting her foot in her mouth. I think you are as much of a hypocrit as the people you are labeling. Maybe you support liars and theives because it makes you feel better about your own faults. You want someone to lick the crack of this devils behind. There are plenty of women out here that are far better than Beyonce. Please don’t believe the hype. You probably are a better woman than Beyonce the fact of the matter here is it does not take much to be a better woman than her. Noody has to down play their opinion of this demon. If you like her fine if you don’t still voice it. Is Beyonce the Messiah? Not dream big if she is then the world is dummed :loser: .

  51. I could careless about Beyonce because she is going to be alright regardless. I am talking about the sistas who need to do some self-improvement before they tear down someone else. Beyonce is not perfect but for the most part she is positive role model for young women with a dream. There is room for all of us to shine if we do our part. When you are successful, you feel good when others are successful.You said there are better women out there then her. You sound like an immature kid. How does believing that make me feel better about myself? Contrary to what you think, I am not going to put down one sista to bring another up. That is our problem, We are not suppose to make it.

  52. Dale my first comment went over your head. You went straight to the drama when i was trying to send black women a message. Does everyone think like you? Weed through the good stuff and go straight for the shit.

  53. Black sista apparently you are an immature and ignorant kid. And frankly my dear I could care less about Beyonce myself. And no one is asking you to put another sister down to glorify another. If that’s he case you should tackle some of the Beyonce stans that put other successful people down because Beyonce is not their favorite. However, if you want to speak to someone about self improvements start with yourself and your warped personality. Does everyone think like you HELL NO! So I think my comment went over your little peanut brain. I was not trying to make you feel better about yourself by saying you probably are a better woman than Beyonce. Wow now that comment went over your head it was just a statement that you read too deeply into. News flash there are a lot of successful people that don’t find Beyonce appealing at all. No Beyonce is not a great role model to young black women and girls. And of course the system does not want you to make it however just because it appears that someone has made it still does not make them a role model. Reason being is when someone constantly lies, steals other peoples material, steps on others, gets sued, and sells sex to make it then that’s not inspiring. That’s showing young black women and girls how to be as dirty and low as possible to obtain all you want in life. That’s also being submissive to what the system wants a black woman to do in order to make it. Apparently you skipped over all the good stuff in your black history and went straight for the bullshit fantasy which brain washed you into still submitting to the white supremacy system. Truly successful people don’t have to do that. Based upon your comment you need to spend more time reading about your black history and not the watered down version that has been clipped and nip tucked then handed to you in your school system. So you need to check yourself before you make one more ignorant comment on this board. Next time I hope you come with the facts rather than some smoke screen fantasy of Beyonce. That’s the problem some blacks are so desperate to push any black person in front of their children and culture as a role model just because they have millions or the media has brain washed you into believing they are something they are not. If some blacks would take the time to research artists that are pushed in front of them then they would not find a lot of them suiting as a role model and that includes Beyonce. Perfect example O’Jay Simpson I am pretty sure in the highlight of his career there was someone just worshipping the fact that he had all this fame and fortune around him and he made it. However, O’Jay did not become this monster over night. If the general public would have done their research on him then he probably would not have as many people looking at him as a role model. And of course no one is perfect but too many excuses are being made for some individuals just because they are black. And blacksista apparently you are one of those brain washed black little girls in society that think you know a little something then come to brownsista and make such ignorant comments. Enough is enough and if you don’t stand for something you will fall for anything.

  54. Dale you are a genius. You can determine my personality by just reading a couple of lines! You really need to stop reading those tabloids (it shortens your attention span).

  55. Blacksista try taking your own advice. Please try picking up a good book that will expand your attention span and knowledge. Also while you are at it try using just a little common sense and your posts will be a whole lot more intelligent.

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