Rihanna In Concert, Beyonce Walks

Rihanna In Concert It was a slow weekend folks. So slow the only thing I have to report is Rihanna’s concert performance and Beyonce being photographed walking down the street. And if I can just take a second to just get real here for a moment, does anyone here ever get tired of just looking at random pics of celebrities doing such mundane things as walking down the street or eating at an outdoor cafe? Lawd knows I get tired of posting such things. I mean, how interesting can someone walking or eating be? But I digress. I am here to let you all know what your favorite celebs are up to and if that only includes them walking and eating, then I guess I had better give it to you. So we’ll kick things of with Rihanna, who performed at the Molson Theater in Toronto on Sunday night.

Rihanna looks nice, blah, blah, blah-her boobs looks huge, blah, blah, blah-these pics are sure to keep the implant rumors alive and well, blah, blah, blah.

You know who is on page 2…


  1. Most people only come for the pics. We already know the basics. I come for the pics and that’s it. I like your commentaries too but I think they are too few and far in between. 🙂

  2. I love the commentaries too and hope you write more of them. But like Drew said, people want pics mostly. Most blog are frequented by women who mostly like to look at other women and bad mouth them. Heck, I like to do that too. It makes the day go by faster 😆

  3. Rihanna’s breats look like they are trying to escape. I don’t think she has had breast implants though. Your chest takes weeks to heal and she has been in the spotlight non stop for months now.

    Beyonce is boring and Jay always has been. Beyonce needs to get her fashion groove back. That is what the public loves about her. We want to see what she is wearing.

  4. I am so bored with Beyonce. I mean seriously, why do people treat her like she is a goddess. What has she down that is out of this world to deserve so much attention. People cater to this sister because of her looks (is she really a sister, last I heard, she was having an identity crisis). When did being pretty classify you as being the most talented female on the face of this earth.

    And Rihanna is going to be a here today, gone tomorrow type of artist.

    Geese, what happen to the days of praising an artist for what they are, great artist and out of this world musicians with outstanding talent and those songwriting skills that make you stop your car in the middle of the highway because they were that deep and those superb singing skills that made you cry because you felt it in your soul. Not praise them and call them talented because of their looks and image. What happened to the days of good music and artistry.

  5. I like reading the commentaries and viewing the pics of all of the celebs. As far as the pics above, Rihanna looks great (as usual) in that outfit. Too cute! She must be wearing a push-up bra and I don’t see anything wrong with that. Beyonce seems to have lost her groove (the mile-long hair is back). She doesn’t look bad, she just doesn’t look good in these pics. I must point out that she has flawless and glowing skin!

  6. I like the way you guys post the pics here. They usually accompany some type of story which is more interesting that just the pics. Some blogs only post the pics and that is wack. Those are blogs that generally don’t have many comments. I hope you don’t stop posting them. I especially love the pics when Black award shows come around. I love the fashion element, checking out what everybody is wearing. 🙂

  7. Ri RI looks crazy in that outfit. HATE IT!

    Bee looks amazing. She trimmed down again and I love the black hair. LOVE IT!

  8. I agree with Cree, some blogs just post meaningless pics without giving a comment on them. Atleast this site don’t. I like Beyonce and Rihanna is cool but I do understand Anonymous Sista point. I usually like it when blogs like this have people are doing something interesting, wearing something interesting, or at awards shows. I never did care for commenting on a star that doing something so unimportant. Then again if I didn’t like a certain post, I never should of commented on that particular post right? lol.

  9. be lloking extra beautiful as usual and rhianna doing her thing!

  10. bee looking extra beautiful as usual and rhianna doing her thing!

  11. I heard Rihanna got implants but she looks choked up and her feet looked twisted in this outfit. Stop trying to be a rock star girl cuz u ain’t… Pink is a true Rocker but keep trying 2 find yourself…

    Beyonce looks fabulous as always just wish she would dump Jay-Z, he’s 🙁 Fail…

  12. Beyonce looks cute with the dark hair but I have to say, I like her better with the blonde weave/wig. I would encourage her to change back, and fast!

    Jay Z is one ugly man, but he’s sexy, confident and rich. So, it all evens out…

    Rihanna looks good, but she can’t sing. She should ride this punk “thing” for a long time because it’s working and people have bought into it.

  13. I don’t think Rihanna got implants, I think she has a good push up bra (like Janet Jackson wears). She is doing her thing. As for Beyonce, I’m sorry, she don’t look nice in these pictures, she looks like a sleepy solange. She’s knock-Kneed


    (OFFICIAL STAND UP GIRL)$$$$$$$$$$

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