Weekly Photo Roundup (Updated)

Meagan Good It has been a very hectic week you guys but I have finally found time to not only update the gallery but to also bring you some very exclusive images that you will not see anywhere else- at least until tomorrow- lol. As you all know it has been a very busy week in Hollywood for our celebrity sistas. Rihanna has been guest hosting TRL. Kelly Rowland had her album pushed back yet again, and word is Jermaine Dupri is trying to bring three- ok two, of the biggest names in music together- Janet Jackson, Mariah Carey- and some rapper name Nelly. But to get right into what this post is about, we will start things off with actress Meagan Good. The pic to your upper left is a few months old as I believe it was taken when she stopped by the CW11 Network to promote Stomp The Yard. Still, she looks absolutely gorgeous and remember, you saw these gems here first.

[Update] Many of you inquired about the Meagan and Jamie incident and thanks to Raylene, we have a few pics of them and the kissing incident that she spoke of in the Jewel magazine. Go to page 5 to see the newly added images.

On the pages below you will find more pics of Meagan as well as images of Ciara and actress Joy Bryant.


  1. Her breasts look less fake in these pics and that purple and pinkish makeup and dress she is wearing complement her skin tone well.

  2. I agree that Meagan’s breasts look less fake. I think she’s wearing way too much make up though, still a pretty sister. Love Cici but hate the outfit. Joy Bryant, cute as always!

  3. Your blog is just lovely. I saw you on mybloglog so I’m popping in to say hello.



  4. Joy is a breath of fresh air. She is stunning in an evening gown and down right adorable in tennis shoes and fatigues. She is truly a pretty woman with or without makeup.

    Meagan’s hair is always on point, I like that about her.

    Can’t say much on Ciara. I really like her and I am always happy to hear when she does well. But again, I am unable to recognize her without a caption pointing her out. Her face doesn’t stick out in my memory.

  5. All the ladies look beautiful. Poor Kelly, cannot believe she has been pushed back again. They have killed her album before it has even been released. An album getting pushed back again and again is a very bad sign that turns the public off.

  6. Meagan look very pretty in these pics I like that pink/purplish dress on her. Ciara is cute too but she still looks like a teenager. Joy looks cute and they are really doing my girl Kelly wrong.

  7. They all look pretty, Roc I agree Ciara does look younger than her age. Even though she’s only 21 or 22, still just a babe! :mrgreen:

  8. Tell me Kelly’s album is not being pushed back again. What is the reason this darn time 😡


  9. Kelly’s album is DOA. She doesn’t seem to have a real fan base and her name isn’t hot on the streets. She gets no publicity at all and dag, even Beyonce got the June cover of Vibe over her. It’s just bad all the way round for Kelly.

  10. Is that all? I thought it was some sort of deep throat, unexplainable and inappropriate kiss. It looks like he was just saying goodbye to her. Maybe Meagan is the one who keeps bringing this up because I still haven’t heard anything about Jamie Foxx discussing a kiss.

  11. : :brownsista: thats crazy how kellys album got pushed bak she needs to do something about that and i love her new hit song.

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