Weekly Picture Roundup

As always at the end of every week we like to post various pics that came across our desk that didn’t get used in feature articles during the week. Today’s batch is really a treat as we have a new photo shoot by Halle Berry taken at the Four Seasons Hotel last month, pics of a reclusive Sanaa Lathan and great shots from Vanity Fair’s Hip Hop issue last year. Starting things off is of course Halle below…

Next up we have one of my favorite actresses- Sanna Lathan. I would love to post on this sista often but so little is known about her and unfortunately she has no official website or fan sites that I know of. Anyway, here she is attending a Women’s Network function hosted by Jessica Alba earlier this week.

Finally, I came across some great images from Vanity’s Fair Hip Hop issue last year that had Beyonce on the cover. Below are beautiful shots of Eve, Lil Kim, and Mary J. Blige. Notice how utterly stunning Mary and Eve look with those gawd awful tattos covered up.

Updates Below

Beyonce continues on with her tour and touches down in Sydney to give her fans a taste of the Beyonce Experience. All was fine at the airport…

But when the sista took to the stage- well see for yourselves…

Last up is Free and Monica who were seen at The Atlanta Film Festival’s presentation of VH1’s “Last Days Of Left Eye”


  1. Free is about 1,265,397 years old but she looks so darn good. :lol2:

  2. Halle never did anything for me and I always thought she was a tad overrated in the looks and acting department.

    Sanaa is the typical pretty around the way girl.

    Sometimes Beyonce looks thin and other times like in the pics with the dress on she look thick as hell.

    Free is my future wife.She’s is such a MILF 😎

  3. When you downsisze your pics you lose quality and that is why Beyonce’s pictures don’t look so bad.I saw the high resolution pics on HR Haven and the lipstick is just terrible and nasty looking.Bey is my girl and always will be and she is a trend setter but this new look she is trying is beyond tacky.I’m going to need her to :stop:

  4. We’ll my favorite actress halle berry looks beautiful and always will be. Beyonce looks cute performing in the second pic but those bangs need to go. Me, myself and I video her her hair style looked cute but there not. Sanaa Lathan looks gorgeous she another great actress, Mary, Kim and Eve look cute. Monica look fly with her short hairstyle and Free looks better with her darker-brown hair color. :brownsista:

  5. I’ll say it again. I hate Halle Berry.
    If only we all aged that well. The woman looks darn good and I ain’t mad at her.

    Beyonce is a performer. That’s all I have to say.

    Love Sanaa. She always looks great to me.

    I could do without Mary.

    Free looks good with the darker hair.

  6. Halle is simply gorgeous!

    Sanaa is pretty

    Free & Monica – ehhh they’re ok

    Bey – I’ve always like her hairstyles and flawless make up but the last few weeks she’s been looking really drab – that first lacefront looks like a cheap cornerstore wig. The second one is a little puffy but ok. Her make up :thumbsdown: she’s too pale & her choice of lipstick these past few weeks have been horrible.

  7. Sanna Lathan is hands-down the most underrated actress in Hollywood. She deserves so much more attention from the media and can act circles around most of the women in the industry. Not to mention how naturally beautiful she is.

    Halle is gorgeous but in these pics she just looks average – maybe it’s the hairstyle.

    I didn’t recognize Monica at all because she looks so old. I guess I keep picturing her as a teenager.

    Eve, the dress is nice and the background perfect, but I hate her hair.

    Lil Kim would look better with less makeup.

    Mary J is classy. She should cover her tattoos more often.

    Free looks better now than ever.

  8. Beyonce ahould lose the lipstick. Other than that, she’s still hot. Except the third picture – OMG she looks just like her mother in that pic! Not just a younger version of her mom, she looks as though Tina Knowles put on that dress and took the pic for her!

  9. I totally agree, Sanna Lathan is a very underrated actress.

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