1. Gabrielle Union is the epitome of a beautiful brown sista :brownsista:

  2. Sanaa Lathan’s breasts are holding on by a wing and a prayer :lol2:

  3. Melanie looks good, baby fat and all. She always was a pretty girl.

  4. Beautiful all around. Thanks for the images 🙂

  5. Love the pic of Sanaa … She is so pretty !

  6. Gabrielle Earrings “SUCKS” they were very cheap looking and did not belong with the dress.

  7. All of them looked very beautiful, I especially love Amerie’s beautful hair and dress, I loved Sanaa’s dress too. They are all the epitome of beautiful brown sistas. :brownsista:

  8. All of the women look beautiful. Especially Gabrielle and Sanaa and MelB.

  9. Nice to see Meagan picked her breasts up for this event :lol2:

  10. meagan is pretty without her makeup…. i loove sanaa…just gorgeous..gabrielle is always pretty…mya is cute..and so is amerie…

  11. :iagree: Yeah they all look good, especially Amerie and Meagan Good.

  12. sanaa looks like she has breast implants! :confused:

    :thumbsup: all the ladies look nice.

  13. Hey I love the gallery. I have been looking for a HQ tasteful gallery of our brown celebrity women and I am so glad that u are here. Keep up the great work.

  14. Do you have any more photos of Kimberly Elise? I would really to see more of her. Thanks

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