Wendy Williams To Host Game Show

According to the Associated Press, talk show hostess Wendy Williams is set to become a game show hostess as well. Scheduled for an April 18th debut, “Love Triangle” will find Wendy playing adviser to guests trying to choose one relationship over another. The show has been described as a cross between a game show and a talk show and will be air on the Game Show Network.

Wendy, whose daytime talk show “The Wendy Williams Show” was just renewed for a third season, is also acting as co-producer of the show with her husband Kevin Hunter.


  1. Sounds like something Wendy is made for. I don’t know about GSN though. It is mostly shows from decades ago. My grandparents watch it,

  2. I’m not a regular fan of the show but congrats to Wendy. She’s proving she has longevity in this business – radio, talk show, now game show!!!

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