What Are You Worrying About?

We live our lives in one continuous cycle; a continuous cycle that brings us good days and a continuous cycle that brings us some bad days. Life brings us joy and excitement. Life also brings us sorrow and pain. And for certain, life always brings us our fair share of worries.

What are you worrying about?

My sister tells me that I worry all the time about things that I can’t do anything about. And I admit, it does feel sometimes like I’m carrying the world’s burdens on my shoulders. And as of late, I’ve been worrying so much about my little brother, y’all just don’t know.

Some of you can take a look around and you can see that so many of our young men have lost their way in this world. And my worry is that my little brother doesn’t become the man that I know he can be. I worry that he loses his way…..

So, the question today is, what are you worrying about?


  1. If I was to start writing about all the things I’m worried about I may never stop. From my grandmother’s health to my own, my problems seem to be never ending. The minute I get one problem under control, 2 more pop up outta nowhere.

  2. I agree with Sista about personal problems. I know I should think positive on a lot of things and know that somewhere else someone is going through something worse, but problems seem never ending for me and it’s frustrating at a lot of times. UGH. I pray I can get my mind under control and just take a break from it all. =/

  3. I think realizing life is cyclical; the good and the bad, go around and come around again and again…I think knowing that gets you halfway over.

    Trust, ladies, I know where you’re coming from. I’ma say a lil’ prayer tonight for the ladies of BrownSista. Just be encouraged and know that this too shall pass. It will get better.

  4. Nothing i can think off at the moment, but when i am worried about something i just lay down somewhere in the dark for one hour and talk to god, until i feel better.

  5. I, too, worry about my little brother. So much potential in the world, but so caught up in society’s dramas (back-stabbing frineds, baby mamas, stereotypes, I can go on and on). I wish I can live his life for him and make the right decisions that I wish he would make. But I know I cant’… So I worry.. A LOT 🙁

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