What Chilli Wants

TLC member Rozonda “Chilli” Thomas is looking for love and she is doing it the 21st century way- via reality television. The 38 year old singer will begin her quest on VH-1 (where else) March 28th when her “What Chilli Wants” show debuts. According to a recently released casting call, Chilli is looking for a man between the ages of 25-40 who has sex appeal, personality and the heart to date a major music artist.


  1. ^^^ yep and I can see it now, the most popular contestant is already in the works for their show (whoever that is) alrite vh1 this is getting VERY perpetual yet is still watch from time to time lol.

  2. These celebrity based reality shows are really getting played out. Just ridiculous.

  3. I really loved Chilli. And we knew she was out of the spot light for pretty long time. Some “talk of the town” kinda show really catch everyone’s attention even though it’s stupid.
    I wish my Chilli the best of luck anyway.

  4. I`ll never understand why brothas & sistas allow themselves to be exploited for the crumbs that they receive from these reality shows…

    Michael Jackson & The GOLDEN 80s 4ever!!! RIP MASTER SHOWMAN.

    Peace, in the spirit of my HERO, Malcolm X.

  5. I hope this does not hurt whats left of her image and star power. Where is your pride Chilli? I think once you’ve obtain a certain amount of success in the entertainment industry there are certain things you just shouldn’t do. Chilli this is one of them

  6. Chilli’s too good to do something like that. I hope she comes to her senses. I expect shows like that from complete nobodies who think they’re famous….not a member of TLC!

  7. Just get back with usher they made a good couple. I do not care i love pepa show.

  8. I was really impressed with the way Pepa’s show was done because it wasn’t the usual Flavor of Love style show with a bunch of contestants who get booted each week. Sadly I think Chilli’s show will be a return to that and I really do not want to see her that way; hugging up on and kissing randon men for ratings. New York looked bad doing it and so will she.

  9. There are rumors today that she and Usher are back to gether but IDK if that’s just to perform for the olympics or they have been dating again. these are just rumors, I have no idea if it’s true.

  10. Reality TV is killing TV…and not in a good way. I hope she can find whatever she’s looking for.

  11. like i said on the post of brandy getting a vh1 reality show….”NOOOOOOOOO NOT VH-1. NOT A REALITY SHOW………NOOOOOOOOOOOO!”
    like someone else has stated i hope her show isn’t like the one new york had. because yes, that show did make her look bad. i just hope she the tlc singer she is, isn’t rubbing up and getting crazy with some ole’ whoevers that they decide to put on the show.

    also like smooth criminal said, who do these people let themselves be shown in such a way for no damn reason. i’m sure it’s not that hard to find someone. geez.

  12. KANYADE-It’s not REALITY tv, all those love shows on vh1 are…fake.

  13. This is a joke rite?? Who is watching these shows?Who, show me the people please.

  14. @ #’s,

    You don’t have to tell me reality shows like this are fake. I know most are scripted. But isn’t ‘reality’ the technical term? Whatever it is, its killing music-tv. I blame Viacom.

  15. No more reality shows they are becoming very off-brand and just plain boring like for instance everyone wants to do a book. Can anyone be differant and set-apart sometimes it would be nice for once. My advice to her is to wait on her mate at times like this you don’t know what you will be getting pray and pray some more although i think dallas austin the father of child is a beautiful choice..

  16. Chilli is too good for that. However thats my girl and i will watch it.

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