What Do You Love / Hate About Your Body?

Ladies, when you take your clothes off and look into the mirror, are you happy with what you see looking back at you? Are there certain things in particular about your body that you love of hate? If so, what are they and why?


  1. Good question!

    I think I like my breasts but not so much my thighs of my butt. No matter what I do I cannot get them toned. I have more more dimples than I care to admit. 😆

  2. lol funny. i LOOOVE my breasts too. i love my lips. i love my eyes, my hands, i love me and i accept me more than i think about how much i “love” me. I am God’s creation. something i dont like is maybe my teeth, i have a situation that i have no control. i have an infection and so they are discolored.

  3. I love everything except my stomach, I have a bulge, I got rid of it once but now that I’m finding harder and harder to exercise it’s back and really bothered by it.

  4. Hate is a strong word, I don’t necessarily hate a part of my body; I strongly dislike my feet, They are huge, Most people say it’s because i’m tall, But i don’t care, I need a resolution Lol, Beside that My tummy needs toning ASAP.

    I love my skin, I’m very Dark 😀 like midnight ^^,Love my lips, My hips, My butt, My hair, it’s thick and natural,and i love my Legs.

  5. I LOVE my CURVES! I would love bigger boobs, and not these mosquito bites, BUT I’m still learning to embrace them (since implants/surgery are pretty much out of the question)…

    I cant say HATE, but I Strongly Dislike my hands and feet. I’m short and petite, with curves/hips for days.. but my fingers are long and belong on a taller person! lol

    Plus flat feet run in my Family, and I hate it. But oh well!


  6. I won’t say ‘hate’ either, but am disappointed at my breasts;
    They are very uneven..
    ( A cup – C cup)
    Even so, I still refuse to get any surgery done because I’ve come to believe that God wanted me as is for his reason; which definitely makes me all the more humble.. 🙂
    Other than that, great chocolate skin that I love! Great smile! Legs for days!

  7. I absolutely love how the creator molded me. Everything from my strong and proud nose, my soft full lips, my large DDD breast, my thick thighs and lovely calves. I dislike nothing about me because the Heavenly father makes no mistakes. I may not be perfect but I’m made in his image and I love what I see.

  8. Hmmm… I would change my stomach. After having kids it has lost its elasticity. It’s flat but it jiggles. No matter how much I work out it just wont get hard!

    Other than that I love my body!! Hell I love my body even with my jiggle-belly! LOL… It came for a good cause, my son and my daughter.

  9. i personally love being curvacious but i do not like my stomach!


  10. My confidence changes daily, Like one day I feel like no one can tell me nothing and Im loving what I see when I look at me. But sometimes I feel…like im not pretty enough like my stomach isnt flat enough. So I obsessingly workout everyday. But still I cant see my results as everyone else does. Its like I dnt know how attractive I really am unless somebody tells me. Its kind of embarrasing for me but I feel comfortable speaking freely here for some reason

  11. Just as I’am created by GOD, I was created to have options in my life and to make choices for myself. With that being said it’s very interesting how others pass judgment about people when they feel good about themselves. I make no excuses about my life, what I choose to eat, excercise and how I live. I’m in great health spiritually and physically. Let’s clean up our own yards ppl before we step into someone else’s.

  12. @ screaming-Whispers I do pray that you find comfort in your self the way you are. It’s negative images in the media and negative comments that cause individuals to feel as if they are not good enough, thin enough….. They tear you down to build themselves up. reguardless of an imperfection, Love yourself and dont let someone else’s standard of beauty justify who you truly are.

  13. I have no choice but to love what God has blessed me with as far as my unchanging physical features (eyes, ears, lips, nose). I cant change any of these things and why would I? If God created me this way it was for a reason-To be and look like ME!!! Any other physical feature like my stomach, arms, thighs, etc-I have no reason to dislike because I, along with all the others on this blog, have the opportunity to do something about it! No one should be upset with the way they look as far as weight goes because there are too many ways to tighten the stomach, thighs, arms etc.
    Self love is important. Love you just like God created you; its the only you you get! You cant expect someone else to completely love you if you dont completely love yourself first!

  14. I am seriously hating my 6.5 month post-pardem abs and stretch marks! I’m doing Zumba for the abs and thinking of getting Trilastin for my stretch marks. I also hate my feet and the gap between my two front teeth. I could go on, but I dont want to sound like I hate myself. Lol, working on it.

  15. I hate my but it is too flat. I would kill to have a nice but I guess I am just going to have to get the shots…lol

  16. My stomach is the problem. I love everything else. So i better start going back to gym lol.

  17. I love me, some people would say that I shouldn’t complain but I am human, and we all have something we dislike about ourselves no matter how anyone looks at us. I have issue with my stomach even though I am a size 4, I have two beautiful daughters and I have these stretch marks that get to me, on my stomach area only it looks like cottage cheese…However I have noticed that as my daughters get older ages 15 and 7, that they are starting to disappear, I am doing sit ups and hopefully this will be my solution.

  18. BEE,

    I was so like you about hating my limited “bottom.” My ex even joked about how he would like to transfer some of my large breasts to my little behind. Now he’s gone (thank goodness) and I’m almost 40 and working out and loving myself. So my booty’s a little higher thanks to squats and I’m happy.

  19. I´m a photomodel 5 ´7. I have a small curvy body with a beautiful big natural breast. I have small waist, sleepy eyes and lovely dark skin. But I hate my legs because they are too masculine. My calf are huge! Like Ciara legs. I hate them so much that I sometimes wish I could cut my legs off. I also have some scars on my body that are very difficult to heal. I have this keloid scar between my breast I feel very embarrassed showing them. I try to do yoga to reduce my calf muscles and I´ve also stopped running because of it. I dance alot and I love walking.

    When I was 12-13 years old I used to do track running in school and in the evening I will run 5 km almost every day. I think this how I developed my calf muscles.

    My biggerst dream is to be 5´8.


  20. I feel like everybody else I love what GOD gave me! I to weight 240lbs and I weight 145lbs. I look damn good every is portion right and is were it needs to be!

  21. Would gladly trade in my feet, high instep, large, flat, kinda flintstone-like.

    If I could get a do-over, it would be my skin, the hair grows inward, not a good look at all, but very shapely.

    Most of the other stuff, I got over because I realized I didn’t make myself, God did, so it’s good!

    I remember in my twenties, going on job interviews and an interviewer (for cosmetics and retail jobs) might say, well you’re this, that and attractive, so I was always grateful to be attractive, regardless of any seeming flaws!

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