What Does An Aging Female Rapper Talk About?

Many people are speculating that Lil Kim took a jab or two at up and coming rapper Nicki Minaj during a recent club performance. Because I am not inside Kim’s head I cannot say for sure who her comment was aimed at. What I can say however is that if it was aimed at Minaj- it was a bad move on the part of Kim. Why? Because Kim cannot at this point in her career compete with Minaj. Lil Kim is 35 years old and not only is she too old for the immature world of rap- but she is too old to be talking about the things that women in rap need to talk about in order to be considered viable artists. Just as Kim entered the game flaunting her body and spitting out sex lyrics that would embarrass even a porn star- Minaj is now doing the same. So what gives Nicki the upper hand? The same thing that gave Kim the upper hand 15 years ago… her looks and her youth. For women to exist in the world of rap today they must be young and willing to exude and sell sex in high doses. Kim can no longer compete in this area and quite honestly she should not want to. Rap is now a lil girl’s game and if Kim wants to show that she has truly moved on to the next level, she should attempt to re-enter the game not as an aging sex pot, but rather as a mature woman with words of wisdom to pass on to the yougins. Kim still has a thing or two she can teach these new girls, especially Minaj. Kim should tell the newcomer, who despite her popularity saw her first single tank, that if she doesn’t find a way to step outside the small vixen image she has created for herself, she will soon find herself in the same boat as Kim, Foxy Brown and all the other female rappers who thought selling sex would equal fame and fortune in the rap game. Oh it might for a while… but only until the next pretty young thang comes along.


  1. I am hopeful that MC Keys will change the Rap game for Female Rappers. The key is that the consumers must support her with album (CD) purchases and concert attendance. The consumers are the one with the real power. If they stop buying the ish, then the record labels will be forced to stop promoting the ish.

  2. I’ve always been a KIM fan, but hate how she always got to put down her fellow rap sistas. It is her insecurity that really turns me off. 🙄

  3. I agree. Kim is too damn oldto be doing all that now. It’s time for her to sit down and leave the sexual lyrics and expressions to the yungin’s

  4. i wish that they will all take a look at queen latifah and see that they can expand on their talent and work in other areas. i love your article and wish that lil kim will do some other things.

  5. I won’t even Dignify this post with an answer :loser:, Shame.
    Brownsista always having issues with the wrong person.

  6. Kim is now a victim of the way she came into the game. She allowed men to write her lyrics and shape her image into what they wanted. She then tried to live it out hence the fakeness and plastic surgery that ended up costing her not only her career but what little respect she had gained in the industry. The same fate awaits Nicki Minaj. Like Lil Kim in five years she’ll be considered too old to still be rapping about sex and she will be pusged to the site until the next idiot comes along.

  7. I figure is Jay-z can do it he 40. She can do it.

    @Attorneymom mc key is the issue. I watch her on youtube and she spit fiyah.

  8. @ LADY :iagree:

    Let them ALL battle it out.

    We have this mentality sometimes that there can only be ‘one’. One pop/R&B singer, one female rapper, one this or that who’s the best. How about us having MORE than one and that being an OKAY thing?

    I don’t too much care for Nicki Minaj but I recognize what she has to offer by way of ‘talent’ (at minimum stage presence); but we’ve got the old school divas, the future divas, the rock n’ roll divas…why must there only be one?

    If Kim wants to fire shots, by God let her. Let’s have a battle, like old school hip hoppers used to do and make it freestyle! and at the end of it let the two competitors fist-bump, acknowledging their respective talents with NO BEEF.

    Jay-Z is 137 years old and still going strong in the rap game. LOL. Why can’t our females do the same regardless of what they rap about?

    But I get what you’re saying. The content of her words. Perhaps with her allegedly signing to RocNation and along with the guidance of JayHova she will speak on things other than the sex stuff that propelled her fame in the first place. That’ll be a sign of growth for sure and folk might even pay attention.

    It kind of saddens me that folk think 35 is old…..EVEN IN THE RAP GAME 😆 Especially when Jay is 137 and still hanging in there LOL

  9. Yeah I have to agree with the poster who said a lot of this comes from the way she came into the game. But the mistake she made was not taking it, running with it, and reinventing herself. She was popular enough ten years ago or so that should could have gone in any number of directions. She’s no different than most rappers in that she lacked an eye toward the future … that’s why most of them don’t stay around. Jay-Z has been making the same album for ten years but knows how to work this system as a businessman and a media personality. Same for Queen … and Kim could have done that too. But she’s too old to be hating on Nicki Minaj, if anything she should be flattered. And I am sure Nicki Minaj is not thinking about her … she’s getting her coins now and selling records, which Kim has not done in years.

  10. @Lady & Kanyade.. cosign :iagree:

    Like it was mentioned up top, if Kim being 35 should change her direction in the Rap game, so does Diddy, Jay, & etc. Yea Kim sings about sex, but IMO her male counterparts don’t sing about nothing uplifting either. I have always thought that the stage part of the rap game is a limited career anyway. I think the rap artist can only get up on stage & talk about the crap they talk about for so long b/c after a certain point it’s just NOT cute. That’s why you see artist like Latifah, LL, & Lyte transitioning into NEW horizons… they get it. Heck even Dr. Dre has gotten it, I think all he really does nowadays is produce( plz correct me if I am wrong) but nevertheless I haven’t seen him do anything in a longtime *shrugs*. Dare I say it, even Snoop seems to be PARTIALLY getting the memo( yes he STILL does make albums, but NOT like he used to).

    As for the Nikki vs. Kim issue, there is no denying that in the beginning she jacked Kim for the “look”(even tho Nikki added some werido to it) & I guess Kim just wants ppl to remember who brought that to rap. However, If I was Kim I wouldn’t worry myself w/ a person who hasn’t had much success besides being a featured artist & mixtapes. Also there is NOTHING wrong w/ have many, just come in w/ your OWN identity ( if that’s even possible nowadays).

    @Kanyade that’s the prob w/ ppl in Hip Hop, no one battles on the mics anyomre… it always becomes personal & then violence enters the picture. For the sake of the “changing times” I say do you & keep it pushing. No need getting into a big mess.

  11. I find it funny how NM can throw out her indirect or direct lyrics, but when Kim does it, she’s labeled washed up and old. I don’t think everyone remembers 5 star chick remix, who was she talking about, speculations Trina and Lil Mama, but it was okay. Rewind the memory clocks to the Roxanne Shante & The Real Roxanne battle, MC Lyte & Antoinette, Nelly & KRS-One, LL & Canibus, wait some of you may be to young to remember or to ignorant to care. Point is battle rap among emcees male or female, young or old, is a staple in hip hop. You guys are so desperate for a flashy female representation you settle for trash. Go ‘head Kim fire your rifle!!!! Another thing, everyone’s talking about NM took Kim style and ran with, where did NM take it. Last time I saw Kim she was on Dancing with the Stars, did a couple of movies (no matter how trash they were), worked with MAC alongside Eve, who were throwing shade at each other at one point.

  12. I think Kim is just upset because Nicki is biting her style so hard and acting like the thought up the whole thing herself…Has Nicki even acknowledge that Kim ‘inspires’ her?

  13. I agree with Kanyade about the age thing. I think after you get to a certain age, you need to progress/mature lyrically, image and career wise, but her age is nothing to me. I just wish she hadn’t of ruined her looks with all the plastic surgery, and :bootyshake: will only take you so far no matter how old you are.

  14. I think that is a really good question. She looks just as silly as Jay Z’s old behind still trying to look like he is in his 20’s. I just think after a while with rap you just get to old to be going back and forth around the stage bobbing up and down and talking about nothing.


  16. I LOVE KIM. for now and until Kim comes out and publically announces that her lyrics were jabs at nicki then who cares, im not gonna get all hyped up and judgemental about something that doesnt hold any true substance. and if she did say it WHO CARES!!!!! She can talk ish just like the fans, media and critics can! so SHUT UP BITCHHHHESSS! LMAO

  17. I think Nicki Minaj is another Lil Kim and the only thing different is that she’s bi-sexual. In all honesty if you’ve heard any of the songs Nicki Minaj first did when she came out, her whole demeanor is somewhat different to me now. Her music sounds stupid and none of it will be considered classic rap or hip-hop. Even though Lil Kim may have been big back then, she is still one of the few female legends of hip-hop. And she’ll be considered the Queen as long as female hip-hop lives. There will be no “competition” between Lil Kim and Nicki Minaj because Lil Kim will lyrically murder Nicki Minaj. Seriously? Who has Nicki Minaj dissed that’s worth talking about? Lil Mama doesn’t count. That was a waste of time and a major fail.

  18. I disagree with this article a little bit! SEX is still selling big for people in their 40 so Kim can do very well do it. Its people in their 30’s that sex appeals to in a HUGE WAY! WOMEN can forever be sexy!….I will agree with Nikki will appeal to the younger generations however, Kim can say exactly what she wants about Nikki…she paved the wAY…..Nikki has copied KIM’s style Completely………As you can tell I’m no hudge Nikki fan…Lil Kim fan 4-Life



  21. Wow! Just looking at her shirt makes me understand why our men disrespect us and marry/date women of other races. Brownsistas, we are more than the sumof our crotches. SMDH! :bag: <<—Embarrassed to be the same color of this trash!


  23. I feel that Lil Kim could possibly make a comeback. If Jay Z can rap until he’s darn near 40, why cant she? Im sure she has new experiences to rap about (since her prison release). Perhaps she can convey that advice via lyrics.

    As for Nicki Minaj…I wish she would just :stop:
    She doesnt rap about real life experiences as other female rappers have. She’s a gimmick on legs…smh

    I have confidence in up and coming Baltimore native KEYS. Although she started out with a Nicki Minaj “Diss”, she recently released her mixtape and it is quite impressive. Check her out on YouTube!

  24. @Kanyade :iagree: and yes Kim too old now for some silly battle like this. Instead it should be flattery or a compliment,in the least to say. Dont beef back n forth when u been in the game this long. C’mon now. SOmeone has to be a woman about it.

  25. Ok so Kim is too old but Jay Z 40 somthing, Nas 40, MJG, Bum B, Too short, Jeezy (THIRTY’S), Mack 10, 50, Ice cube, Diddy again DIDDY, Snoop, Lil John they all are OLD AS JESES but Kim same age as Jeezy, Rick Ross and you all love them.

    I say Kim DO yOU thats you job is to be a rapper do you. THESE men rapper are coming out in the game at the age of 45 and no one says shyt but a women do it and take stabb at Nikki who real age is 28 that’s a problem. SAD man! Make those hits and DO YOU!!!!! Let the haters hate.

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