What Meagan Good Kraves

With the remake of “Stomp the Yard” underway with a whole new cast, Krave Magazine decided to go back and catch up with the original gang- Columbus Short (DJ), Meagan Good (April) and Brian White (Sylvester). Check out exclusive images sent to us by the photographer Kate sZatmari. – as well as a few excerpts of Meagan’s inyerview.

Meagan on her dream role:
“I would really like to do Aaliyah’s life story. I was an am a huge fan of hers and think in a way she was like our Princess Diana. She was classy, beautiful and carried herself with such respect for such a young age.”

Meagan on what type of movies she wants to produce:
I’m a very spiritual and non-judgmental person. I want to produce films with spiritual undertones- films that don’t force any issues down your throat or lay judgments on specific situations or roles.

Meagan on being repeatedly mistaken for a “video girl”.
I’ve been in the industry since I was 4 years old. People do often mistake me for a video even though the first video I did was in 2003, 50 Cent’s “21 Questions.” Initially it was just something fun to do and though I did make a few cameos on other videos I decided to not do it anymore. Unfortunately when it comes to films I began to be bowed in as an actress in terms of how people would see me. It’s hard to break out of a market and I’d like to be in all markets.


  1. I like these shots of her, especially of er in the silver dress w/ the pearls.
    She has a very nice figure.

  2. I thought I’d never get use to her short hair, BUT, I love it in this shoot! And I love Brian and Columbus as well. =D

  3. the pic with her in the black jacket and recklessness is really hot.

  4. I like all of her photos there very classy…..but I don’t see her portraying the late Aaliyah…hmm we shall see?

  5. because first of all she Is brownskin ….and most likely they are going to find someone who looks like Aaliyah or who’s fair-skin and can sing

  6. @$ignature Barbie I mean they might. Angela Bassett is brown skin and isn’t a singer and still landed the role of Tina Turner. LOL. All they need is make-up and a lot of training on dancing. =)

  7. I can see Meagan doing Aaliyah and son’t think she needs to be able to sing or look identical to Aaliyah. Adding on to the Angela Bassett take on things, she neither looked like Tina Turner nor could sing but landed the role anyway because she could act. Actors don’t need to be carbon copies of singers to portray them in movies- that is what makeup and wardrobe is for.

  8. @TOY @CHRISTINE lol yeah y’all are absolutely right I didn’t even look at It like that….Angela Bassett did play a hell of a roll for Tina Turner….

    Maybe I’m sayin’ this is because I am a big Aaliyah fan as well….(changing my opinion) I do think that Meagan Would do a great job If they ever portray her in a movie

  9. Shes beautiful and i can see her portraying Aaliyah……but i dont like that short hair cut……

  10. The short hair looks nice in photoshoots. Just not on the red carpet or out and about. She just wear it as a photoshoot wig…like alot of other celebs do.

    I like Meagan and never thought of her as a “video girl”,even after the videos.

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