What Men Want

In the spirit of keeping things semi equal, this post is dedicated to the fellas. We want to know what it is you guys want in the bed? What would you like more of or less of? I admit that even I need to brush up on some of these skills. Its not that I dislike sex its just that between work, family and so on sometimes I’m too tired to be a sex kitten. However, in life there must be a balance. Plus all work and no nookie makes LJ an evil ass. So after some light research and speaking to my male confidantes, I have compiled a short list of some the activities they would like to see more of in bed. As always, this is a community, so please feel free to add your thoughts and or suggestions in the comment section. Don’t be shy. I’m not.

1. More Oral Sex Please

Apparently, a lot of men feel that we are not sucking enough penis. Who knew? (rolling my eyes) With that being said, if you are in a relationship with your honey give him some mind blowing head. Don’t wait till he asks for it, just simply take his hand and drop into position. You may even want to watch a couple of pornos and practice up on your skills. Is this one really a surprise ladies? Men always want more oral sex. No breakthroughs here.

2. Don’t Fear The Sperm

I was once guilty of this as well. Something about man ooze that used to gross me the hell out. The way it looked, tasted, smelled. I did not want it near my face, my body at all. In fact, I would rush to wash it off of whatever part of my body it landed on when the dead was done. Lucky for my current boyfriend, I got over it. Men like when you show no fear of their man love. They get a kick out your willingness to allow them to cum on your face etc.. My motto is you can get it anywhere just not in my hair. I’m just sayin….

3. Be More Active

Another complaint a lot of men have is that women are too submissive and lazy in bed. The whole, I’m trying to act like I don’t want it even though I know I do routine is played out to them. They want us to get on top and are sick of the missionary position. If you prefer the missionary position then find another way to be a more active during the sex. Try to move in motion with him. The benefit to this is that it might bring you some extra stimulation as well. Ain’t nothing wrong with that. The point is that sex is a two person (minimum) activity and they want to have sex with their woman not a bean bag.

4. Initiate The Sex

Men also dig when we initiate the sex. This is why sometimes I will just push my boyfreind in a corner and take the s**t from him. Needless to say, he like my aggressiveness. Men want to feel wanted just like we do. Wouldn’t you think something was up if your man NEVER asked for sex or even tried to get in your panties? Sure you would. Also, despite how annoying it may be to us sometimes, we like when they try to put their bid in. It makes us feel like they are still attracted to us and crave our attention. He wants to feel the same way. So get on it chick… Literally.

5. Do Some Freaky Shit

Every once in a while you have to remind your man (notice I said YOUR MAN. Please don’t go porno style for some loser who you are not in a relationship with expecting this to be the ticket to get him to take you seriously or lock you down. You might be sadly disappointed) of the treasure he has in you and there is no place better he needs to be. In summation, do some freaky shit. This needs to be some real penis pleasing, orgasm splashing, s**t. It needs to be so awesome that it is almost considered a treat but it is more like a reminder. A reminder that yes, you are still a freak and still his freak.

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BY: LJ Knight


  1. I am all for catering to my man and get’n freaky with it. But freakiness should not entail humiliation and allowing a man to ejaculate on any part of my body except my vagina is a form of humiliation. It sounds like something straight out of a porn flick. I wonder how many men would mind if a woman took her love juices and smeared them all over his body or face.

  2. Send your man sexy pics via text. But no face shots, just body parts. Just in case they get out there is no proof that it is you.

  3. Love the article and agree with you too HMMM. I don’t want sperm on any part of my body cause there is no need for it. I do love to do freaky deaky things with my man though.

  4. Chile

    1.He gets it enough
    2.HELL NO!!!
    3.???? Well excuse me???
    4.I do, but we are two hardworking people, if her wants it, he will get it when im ready..SORRY
    5.”I can spin around and keep the **** still inside, he love the freaky stuff, thats i’ll give em…

  5. umm, i agree with the others as far as letting him cum anywhere goes. i do not enough suck my husbands long enough to allow him to come in my mouth. not my when he can come inside of my cooch. sperm is just too slimy, and its just not going down. and i would like to know what you suggest as far as doing some “freaky sh!t”, cuz i’ve been trying to figure it out. I wouldnt mind trying the more aggressive route though, i’m sure he’d love that.

  6. @cicely lol. Well Well Well. As cum shot no where my face or mouth i think that is nasty. All the other stuff im already doing lol. Great article keep them cumming lol.

  7. They get a kick out your willingness to allow them to cum on your face etc.. My motto is you can get it anywhere just not in my hair. I’m just sayin….
    IN THE FACE! I don’t think so! I’m all for the freaky stuff even oral but I don’t want sperm in my face or mouth, sorry.

  8. Ugh, i guess i can agree with this post. #2 is prepostrous. lol. i dont think i can get down with my guy cumming on my face. i just cant do that lol. I suppose i should step my “cookies” up in the sex area seeing that i am sort of shy. but i need some suggestions for the being more active and freaky shit claims…

  9. and lastly, “what the hell do u want me to do?” lol. my guy just told me to be more active the other day, like forreal what do u want me to put on a show?? hahahaha

  10. @ Chile: you have a lot of “no’s”. You gone be somewhere cryin when a woman with a lot of “yes’s” snatch him from you. The year of the lazy woman is gone.

  11. #2 is crazy, however, true!! I go to any lengths to please mine and that means me doing that one. I don’t like the taste, but he don’t know that. The question is, for all yall that said “eeewww, and it’s gross”, would yalls man be wrong for goin to a white girl to get it? That’s y they are takin our men right from under us, cus we tell them what we won’t do. If your man like somethin or tell you somethin turn you on, you better do it, often, and with a smile sistas. Just my thinkin

  12. “Better do it” @doree…thats a bit extreme sounding. You may go beyond measure to please your man, but that doesnt mean do something you are not comfortable with. This society is so damn sexual, men want you to do the same things the strippers n hoes do. and if you dont they going to a white girl who would do it. everybody aint down with that. its ok to be freaky, but lettin a nigga skeet skeet in your face or mouth is just plain nasty lol. to some, not all. im not judging, its everybodys personal business i just thought number two is crazy lol

  13. @CICELY I agree that ejaculation splashed on a woman’s face or any part of her body Is a sign of humiliation like they control or somethin’….but when you said what if women smeared the juices all in his face we pretty much do cause they come up lookin’ all wet from eatin’ the coochie lol

  14. well we all know that good ol’ saying….WHAT YOU WON’T DO ANOTHER WOMAN WILL….or A MAN “hint-hint”

    *sidenote* ladies and gentleman on some real talk please PROTECT YOURSELF’S SAFE SEX IS GREAT SEX…there Is to many diseases out here In the world today to just be oral-sexing It anal-sexing It or just any kinda sexing! 🙂

  15. what if women smeared the juices all in his face we pretty much do cause they come up lookin’ all wet from eatin’ the coochie lol


  16. I get so tired of hearing sistas say that. I wonder how many men live by that philosophy. So what if another woman will do something you won’t. Good. Let her do it. Too many women engage in sexual acts they don’t want to simply because they want to keep a man. I have several girlfriends who have slept with other women and had threesomes because their boyfriend of the moment wanted them too. Each of them regretted it and wound up feeling shameful and embarrassed.

    As for the comment about white women taking our men from up under us, that is a fallacy that just won’t die. Black men are not running to white women in droves for wild untamed sex. But even if they were I say go ahead. Let the white girls take the cum shots to the face and I’ll keep my dignity and self respect thank you very much.

  17. Ughh everything is sex, sex sex, sex!!
    All my ex-boyfriends broke up with me because I didnt want to have sex. Is there anything men like about women, other than sex?


  18. Sex should be an act pleasuring you and your partner, it is also a reciprocal act IMO, if i suck, you will lick! You shouldn’t have to do things you don’t want to do just to keep someone who (half of the time) doesn’t deserve to be kept,If he loves you he will work with you and maybe find a gentle way to turn you out! However i sneaker at the holier than thou attitude of some chicks, Swearing up and down they don’t do such and such, But you can catch them in the club getting breast fu-cked by a random Guy, The day women start being honest with themselves, We will take a major step in the right direction.

    Ps: Every man want his woman to be his Whore in the bedroom, If you can’t fulfill that need , find yourself an other man, or be prepared for him cheating all which a way, Personally i can’t remember not being sexually satisfied and pursuing the relationship

    Pss: Yes relationship are about more than sex, but when one area is lacking it is human nature to concentrate on it Until it pushes us to the Inevitable Yokessm pack her shit and move on,If i am satisfying you, i expect the same

    Psss: Sorry if i offend anyone.

  19. *sigh* some of you really need to pull your panties out of a bunch. how in the hell can sperm being ejaculated on you be a sign of humiliation? you guys must allow too much porn mentality to influence the way you think about sex with YOUR MAN. we’re not talking about some random ass dude, we’re talking YOUR MAN. frankly, if he’s putting his face in your crotch and you cum… you’re cumming all over his face and your juices are all over him as well, so exactly how is this not equally “degrading”? i wish women would understand that if you and YOUR MAN are pleasing one another and are doing so out of love and mutual respect… degradation cannot come into play. let go of the mental block ladies.

  20. *sigh* This article is just plain disgusting and Mind numbing!

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