Beyonce Plays Cinderella

While shopping in London earlier this week, Beyonce was spotted looking super cute in a black cowl neck jumpsuit and a pair of Fendi Cinderella Runway Platform Sandals. The shoe usually retails at Saks Fifth Avenue for $1,140.00- though they are sold out at the moment. The singer’s jumpsuit however can be found at a very economical $221.00 via


  1. She is Breathtaking…Don’t like the shoes though. I would kill myself walking in em..

  2. I like everything except the shoes, that’s crazy.

  3. Such a beautiful girl. She looks very rested. Break is serving her well. These shoes have been all over the blogs. I know a few blogs said the bottom were actually a fishbowl w/a live fish in them and the pic they posted did look like ther was something in the bottom but not sure if that was a glare or not but I DO know I’d break my neck in those so you go girl………..

  4. @Tiffany

    Beyonce has always looked older than she suppose to. When she was 15, she looked 21.

    She likes to wear heels, maybe tennis shoes aren’t her thing..SMH

  5. I saw Beyonce in flat sandals once leaving an airport with JZ years ago. Haven’t seen her rocking anything but heels since. I don’t know how she does it.

  6. just had a shoe-gasm :bowdown: I always liked fendi

  7. Her hair is the BEST i have seen on her EVER! Her stylist rocked that. Her jumpsuit is too cute – but I hate those ugly shoes.

  8. Not crazy about the outfit, and the shoes are ok but she looks like she’s teetering in them; I love her hair that way though, it’s gorgeous 🙂

  9. Um…Don’t you mean Stripperella shoes? lol jk Mama is fierce! Love it when she rocks the big curly wigs. Hot!

  10. Love those Fendi shoes, Karl always know what he is doing 🙂
    Bey looks great, love the curls, and the jumpsuit looks great on her, just gorgeous.

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