What She Wore: Brandy in Izmaylova

I am loving Brandy’s new do. As a matter of fact I am loving the entire look she sported at this year’s Narm Music Biz Awards.

Brandy attended the event wearing a black structured satin and leather cocktail dress from luxury brand Izmaylova’s ‘Edge of Darkness’ capsule collection.

She accessorized the look with fringe earring, gold bangles and a pair of Versace SS12 Platform sandals, which went nicely with her studded Valentino flap bag.

Brandy’s entire look will run you about $8,000. Luckily, NET-A-PORTER has the look for a lot less.


  1. The Best Brandy has looked in a long time. Natural hairstyles (curly-fro, braids, platts etc) fit her better. Her features are so unique and beautiful that a straight lace weave doesnt do her justice… at all.

  2. Very Beatiful Brandy!!! very Beautiful…. Iagree her beauty is so unique until she has to use a different affect for it to be noticed. and I say in this pictue well done Brandy… well done. Welcome Back!

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