What She Wore: Kelly Rowland’s Maxi Dress

Since joining the U.K. hit series ‘X Factor,’ singer Kelly Rowland has been a one woman fashion revolution. From micro-mini’s to this season’s hottest trend, the maxi dress, Kelly has been stylin’ and profilin’ her way all over London.

My favorite Kelly look so far has definitely been the Diane Von Furstenberg Ethyl Print Maxi Dress she was seen sporting while leaving an ‘X factor’ audition taping.

Kelly’s white, brown and blue ensemble is part of Von Furstenberg’s Spring/Summer 2011 collection and retails for the somewhat economical price $545.00.

Kelly paired her dress with woven Givenchy wedges for $1,190.00 and a matching Mia Dégradé’ Leather Flap Bag for $2,300.00.


  1. She looks beautiful. I want that entire outfit !!!…except I would pay that much for a bag and shoes… thats just absurd

  2. whenever we see celebs rocking these expensive clothes at premiers, parties, awards, etc. the majority of the time, these clothes are on loan. their stylists get the hook up, and then the clothes go back to the designers are stores. watch bravo’s rachel zoe project. and to think the everyday person spends more than their income trying to look like a star.

  3. i love the entire look. don’t love the price of it, but love the look 😉

  4. Beautiful look on a beautiful sista! No way in hamburger I’m paying that much (even if I had it, I would’nt – I need scholarship money for my Girl Scouts!!!). BOHWE you are spot on about the loan and the fool-hardy attempts of some everyday people spending an entire paycheck on one outfit to look like a star…heck I just got a beau-ty-ful maxi dress from Macy’s for $35 – and Imma look like the star I am when I wear it!!!!

  5. Go Kelly, she looks amazing! She has a new look and a new sound and I’m loving it!

  6. That would cut my savings almost in half!!!! Dang! Must be nice to be RICH!

  7. She is just a beautiful woman no matter what she is wearing.

  8. Kelly tries too hard, she should go sit down under a tree somewhere and catch some shade.

  9. Kelly tries too hard? I think be barely tries at all. She should be a on full publicity blitz by now but she is not.

    Beyonce stans are just so mad Kelly has a hit single ans Beyonce does not. If Kelly was still flopping but they wouldn’t be saying a word.

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