What She Wore: Keri Hilson in H&M Patterned Silk Dress


Keri Hilson’s love of H&M appears to be steady despite the singer no longer representing the company as she did back in 2011 as their Brand Ambassador.

The Pretty Girl Rock singer was spotted recently wearing a Conscious Exclusive patterned silk-blend dress by the company, which retails for a wallet friendly $299.

Keri rocked the gorgeous ensemble for the International Leadership Awards, which are presented and hosted every year by former Atlanta mayor Andrew Young.

Keri was once a recipient of the award herself, and noted the importance of acknowledging today’s young entrepreneurs. “Kids have so much coming at them these days,” she told Hip Hollywood, “It’s important to let them know that hard work and perseverance eventually pays off.”

Keri’s own hard work and perseverance will reportedly finally pay off as well if recent rumors are to be believed. Word has it Keri has almost finished recording her third solo album, her first since 2010’s No Boys Allowed.



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  1. Beautiful dress…that I could make for less than $300. I’m cheap. But it’s beautiful. She can afford it, but not I. I was expecting to see her box braids. 🙂

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