What She Wore: Keyshia Cole in Jimmy Choos

Singer Keyshia Cole visited 106&Park yesterday to promote her new single “Enough of No Love,” reality show “Family First” and album “Woman to Woman,” which she revealed will finally be released in October.

Keyshia was accompanied to the set by husband Daniel Gibson and their young son, who remained back stage.

On why she chose to do a new reality show with her new family, Keyshia said it was basically a way for her to work and yet be with her family rather than away from them.

On another note, did you guys know Keyshia hired a new stylist? The singer was accompanied to the show by Oloris Swank [the woman standing next to Daniel with the blue hair], who Keyshia says she brought on to give her a new look for the “Woman to Woman” era.

And though I can’t say what Keyshia wore on 106&Park was all that different from her previous looks, I can say how much I loved her Jimmy Choo Teazer Ostrich Feather Satin Sandals.

Keyshia’s look reportedly revolved around the shoes and she went through several wardrobe changes before settling in the zebra print mini you see below.


  1. I think the shoes look like Pomeranian puffballs LOL and I think they look better with the pants here.

  2. NOT A GOOD FIT!!!! Keyshia is really pretty but the outfit hair and shoes its just too much!!

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