What Went Wrong With Ciara’s Career?

Ciara gets no love. The r&b dance diva who first burst onto the music scene back in 2004 is now finding her career teetering on the edge of obscurity. After having her 2009 “Fantasy Ride” album fall flat with both fans and radio, the singer decided to go back to her dance roots for her newest single “Ride.” Problem is the singer’s attempt to mesh her street and fashionista image into one appears to still be leaving the public cold. To make matters worse, the dance diva’s video for her “Ride” single has been unofficially banned from BET, thus depriving the singer of a much needed audience.

Chart news for “Ride” isn’t much better. After 4 weeks on the charts the song presently sits at #91 on the Hot 100 and #35 on the Hip-Hop/R&B chart. The song peaked at #79 during its second week of release but dipped to #96 in its third. All this had led to rumors of another single being released within the next few weeks, as well as an album push back- two things that have become synonymous with failure in the business.

So what is the singer to do? When did Ciara’s career take a turn for the worse and how can the chick who was once thought to be the heir to Aaliyah make a comeback?

I’m listening…


  1. I saw ‘Ride’ featured on the BET website the other day which was shortly after I saw a clip of Ciara confirming that they were not playing it. Anyway I hate to see her struggle like this when she is so talented. The girl can move with the best of them. But in reality she falls in line with alot of singers (both talented and not so much)out there who are struggling to be heard in any form.

  2. I think after her second album “Evolution Of Ciara” is when she just basically FAILED. I love EOC and thought that is was the beginning of a grown up Cici. Kinda like how Aaliyah made the comeback. After EOC, she became a bit too HIGH FASHIONED like she appeared despreate to get the attention Rihanna has by doing all that weird unnecessary stuff. Everyone wants to see Cici dance. The last good video I think she did was the one with Justin Timberlake. That cat suit and her dancing was like WOW! This Cici could be even better than the EOC era. Now it just seems like she’s confused! Doesn’t know which direction she wants to take. SMH. Is she still promoting her last album ‘Fantasy Ride?’ Or no?

  3. And one of my friends made a point. Amazing how they’ll ban Ciara’s video. Let’s see if they’ll ban Rihanna’s. =/

  4. Honestly,Ci cna come back b/c she has the skills and talent too.. She need to remember that She is cross over she dosent have to make her music do that. All Ciara needs to do, is release an uptempo, and she will be fine, I dont knwo if I can say this enough, its the fact that GOODIES, 12 step, OH, GET UP PROMISE, she made those song crossover b/c she was doing Ci, that ish wasnt on the radio it was different, and that why her comp. are having success. Rih found a sound that she can do, nobody else she stuck to it, she chnaged it like Ci did in the EOC, but she didnt lose the core. Bey does the smae every Bey song sounds like Bey, and nobody can do it like her.. Now while Ci was chnaging the sound somebody came in and stole her sound. Go with what you know it will never fail you. just like your right foot, it will always come after the left one

  5. what went wrong? she was trying to hard to be “extra”. period.

    @ TOY… why would they ban Rhianna’s video? was she gyrating on screen, drenched in water damn near naked? I don’t see the similarity at all.

  6. Ci-Ci is talented! Ride is hot but i think she should have come out with an uptempo first……..RIDE IS A BAD SEXTy FEEl Good song! BET NEEES TO PLAY THAT! SHE will be alright!

  7. (laughs) I see Ciara is still getting shade. Her career will never fade. It’s okay to make mistakes because FAILURE helps you succeed in the future. Ciara has made her MARK, stood by her MARK, and is still standing her MARK. I know and believe this era will be SUCCESSFUL. So what if she had one FLOP album. That is the only FLOP album that she has. Ciara has made her own lane and she’s been doing her. That’s why she’s so EXTRAODINARY. Because Ci never felt the pressure to be something that she’s not. And why is Rihanna being mentioned in this post? A gimmick doesn’t need to be on a Ciara post. Ciara gonna DOMINATE this year like always and she NEVER fails. Screw BET. They banned “Ride” thought they were proving a point but hell they promoted BET UNCUT after 3:00 a.m. showing videos that DEGRADE women and DISGUSTING sexual refreneces/ yeah that’s the same network who supported that DUMB shit. But today they still playing Trey Songz “I invented Sex”, Beyonce’s “Ego”, Usher’s “Little Freak”, and Rihanna’s ‘Rude Boy” Hell they played every Ciara video for the past 6 years and and they banned ‘RIde” because they feel it’s too sexual. Well that’s thier problem. Ciara is the most underestimated ENTERTAINER in the game and that’s why she stands out from those GIMMICKS. Just like BET put Ciara at #25 at the TOP 25 BET DANCERS. They were throwing shade cuz they KNOW CI dominates their fav. But that’s okay in 07’ Ci showed BET they were messing with the wronng muthafucka at the 2007 BET Awards. Ci gonna DOMINATE it’s only a matter of time. She’s HATED on because no one can’t touch her when it comes to being a female entertainer. Ci is BLESSED to get where she has been and she ain’t worrying about this 4th LP flopping because JIVE getting their shit together. Yeah, yeah, yeah it’s a long ESSAY. LOL! I just admire this woman so much because I can relate to what’s she’s going through with my experiences. And I’m 17 years old and I have the ambition to BECOME A SUCCESSFUL YOUNG BLACK SISTA. yeah i said it!!!!! (laughs) CIARA PRINCESS HARRIS 2010!!!!

  8. 17 and online cursing like a drunken sailor.

    Your mama must be very proud.

  9. VIBE cover, October 2008.

    She posed nude/semi-nude. Fans reacted. She reacted by denying that those photos were the ones intended; she went into the shoot knowing, but denied (lied) and her fans never forgave her for that.

    This is what gave ‘me’ pause about her. If you’re going the sexy route. If you’re going to pull a Janet and completely cross-over with your sexy then OWN UP TO IT, don’t lie, don’t attempt to play the victim. She was absolutely gorgeous in those shots which were tastefully done. Just own up to your decisions no matter the outcome; you’ll have more respect from folk when you do.

  10. Ciara cannot sing and she’s not a star. Rihanna is not the best singer, bur she has star qualities
    You can find 10 singers on a block but you will be lucky if you find 1 star.basically she’s trying to be what she not.Rihanna adapt to the celeb life style with ease why ciara is trying so hard.one minute she wants to compete with beyonce the next is Rihanna she needs to fine what works for her and stick with it.

  11. After Ciara’s Goodies & EVOLUTION album I don’t know what happened after that! smh It seem like ever since she left producer jazzy pha her career flopped and I say this because they seem to have a good chemistry that blended well together

    @XEDOS I agree and definitely don’t forget about ‘JANET JACKSON’ Ciara was even talking like Janet at one point I was like wtf Is sh turning Into It just completely turned me off

    any way I through with figuring Ci-Ci out * doing my Kanye Shrug*

  12. oh and let’s not forget about her wack a** alter EGO ‘SUPER C’ when she came up with this bullsh*t I was like nooooo Ciara why you don’t need to do that…leave that s**t for Beyonce Illuminati a**

  13. Jus be smart and work HARDER. All she needs ONE HIT song and she’ll be alright.

  14. It is her weak vocals and inability to fill Janet or Aaliyah’s shoes. She came out hard with Goodies and had a few good hits. Now, she’s putting out weak song after weak song. She’s trying too hard to compete with Beyonce and Rihanna. She just needs to stop trying to be Janet, Aaliyah, Beyonce and Rihanna and just be Ciara. Maybe become a choreographer because she is an excellent dancer. Enough with the raunchy over-sexed videos. It is getting boring and tired.

  15. zy, what’s the difference from grinding and sticking things between your legs? Nothing! Rihanna is sticking stuff between her legs and having all kinds of sexual gesters in all her videos. Ciara should stop selling sex cause it dont work for her and let her talent do the talking. Her dance moves helped her more than the sexual overtures before.

  16. @ GWEN ya mad sis? Stay mad!! CIARA PRINCESS HARRIS 2010!!!!

  17. And to think Flabbey Pha is the person to help save her career I THINK NOT!!!!

  18. Poor thing, she waited to long to find a hit and just fell into ‘the another R&B singer whose strong point is dancing” category. You have to come with something and go hard, and own it.

    At the time when Rihanna came on the scene she was also being compared with Aaliyah like Ciara. However, with Ri Ri’s record label, their switch from the Aaliyah image to the bad girl image happened to open her up to Pop fan base which are largely a young generation who soaked it up, their visual. With Ciara she went from Aaliyah image to grown and sexy image but stayed in R&B lane which is dominated by MJB and consist of everybody else. R&B fans are deeper and not really into the gimmicks. In my opinion most R&B singers have the same look, but few have the same sound. I don’t believe Ciara’s sound hasn’t matured, and Ride proves that. She need’s to stop partying with the Kardashian’s and hit the studio.

  19. Typo
    *I don’t believe Ciara’s sound has matured…

  20. Ciara appears to be an alpha type female who is afflicted with the inability to deny resources, this is why she’s always labeled “copying, trying too hard, everywhere, all over the place” etc. etc. Once you understand this you will understand her career and life choices.

  21. What happened to her, Is what happened to many other artists, The industry decided to shut down and only give a chance to the weirdest and most outrageous, Make no mistake if it wasn’t for their fans rihanna Mjb Keyshia Cole Alicia Keys and beyonce would be kicked out the pictures too, They are already calling gaga the best entertainer of this generation and she just got here, Even Christina aiguillera can’t get any type of play, This industry is whipping out sisters like they are out of style and instead of taking a stand they are trying to blend in with the blond weave, and rockstar personnas and what not!

    The youngings are taking over and it’s only a matter of seconds before any one you consider “Hottest in the game” is shown the door out too 🙁

    Sad States of affair, and B.e.t is NOT helping

    I’m sorry i’m ranting and not giving great arguments, I’m just angry that People spend so many times, calling people “Haters” and worrying about what who’s wearing that we don’t even see the bigger Picture…

  22. Kanyade:

    With all the alter egos madness Ciara’s lie should have just been that a simple lie, We already heard people claim song they never wrote,Steal dance movements, Outfits,LooKS, weaves, Sounds And on and on…

    Matter of fact Janet and madonna are the only one i know who own up to their grown and sexy , Ciara is not the first to lie, Why is she facing retaliation for it?

  23. YOKESSM- Why is it that almost every single thing you talk about refers to Beyonce in a bad way? Let it go whatever it is. And the sad thing is you talk about her and the rumors like you’re 100% correct. We know you hate her so why waste YOUR time posting nasty comments? And of course you’re gonna say “because I can” or “it’s a free country” but it’s just stupid and dumb. Wasting valuable time on women you depise.

  24. FIRSTLY she released that single (Ride) too soon. Singers should release an album maybe every two to three years… make the audiene eager to listen to you. And that super CiCi -ish gots to go!!!She should stick to truly being herself and focus on that. Once that is settled everyone will believe her.

  25. @ YOKSSEM,

    To be honest, Ciara was barely on my radar until I heard tell about this whole VIBE cover fiasco. I used to be a ‘stan’ for VIBE magazine, so hearing them get trashed for choosing a cover (see also the drama that time with Mary J. Blige and her December 2005 cover) that the artist presumably didn’t want gave me pause because it’s obvious (given the other images for the spread in addition to the cover) that ‘nude’ (though tastefully done) is what Ciara wanted, is what VIBE wanted, is what was agreed upon.

    When she denied ALL (and I don’t know the specifics except that she denied not wanting that/those image(s) to serve as the cover) I took a step back.

    If you are going to be sexy; if you are trying to change your image (and denounce rumors about you having a penis…which is what I think came up with this shoot and the reasoning behind it) then be sexy! change your image! and OWN TO IT!

    It’d be a little different if her ‘cover’ situation had been like Mary’s where the image chosen wasn’t flattering, but all of Ciara’s stills from that shoot were gorgeous and as I said tastefully done.

    This is where I ‘really’ took notice of Ciara and where in my humble opinion, I think this scenario, the outcome distanced her from her fans or potential fans.

    That’s all I’m saying.

  26. I may be wrong but I think the public is tired of fashionista’s. There are a boatload of them out there and they really don’t bring much substance. Ciara was popular before because she was the girl next door with catchy beats and smooth dance moves. We can envision ourselves hanging with her or being just like her. Now, she looks all manufactured and Mattel like the rest. Its time to go back to the basics with jeans, sute shirts, etc… All these singers-Beyonce, Rihanna, Gaga, Xtina, Britney, Miley-are starting to look alike. The thrill is gone.

  27. I’m with Sophisticated lady and Kanyade, Stans think that people are jealous of their favorite artist, but truth is, They are not all that, Even the grammys are facing a backlash after giving rihanna a grammy and beyonce 17 and t pain and them and lil wayne, they probably going to give one to nicki minaj too loool the truth is all these people are just faze no matter how hard the pill is to swaLLOW its truth

  28. ^^^bey can sing so she deserves her grammy’s, as for the other artists u mentioned not so much.

    and what backlash is the grammy’s getting? just cause some people are jealous their fave didn’ win don’t mean the grammy’s will stop.

    as for ciara, she needs to try something new and quick.

  29. The chick can;t sing worth a lick and wants to get some love. Ummm no. She can dance her butt off and is pretty but as for being talented a vocalist, nope.

    Peace, Love and Chocolate

  30. Ciara can’t sing. She never could and she never will. People are tired of her no talent self. The only thing she can do is dance and that cannot sell records alone. Times are hard and people are not thinking a bit harder on who they should spend their money on.

  31. Ciara can’t sing. She never could and she never will. People are tired of her no talent self. The only thing she can do is dance and that cannot sell records alone. Times are hard and people are now thinking a bit harder on who they should spend their money on.

  32. Free: I Totally Feel where you’re coming from

    17: Must we do this Again?
    I talk about everybody I’m Yokessm, If i feel like something is wrong and i wanna say it, I do Baby :)When you reach that point in your life where you can state your opinions and still be who you are,and confident, and love yourself more than a singer, Then we can talk 🙂

    I talked about a whole bunch of people, It’s the entire Industry i am against and your “home-girl” Just happens to be the epitome of “Hollywood Bllshtness” , Never the less i never get only on her, I get on everybody (Rihanna, Ciara,Lady gaga), yet the only thing you’ve notice is that i mentioned her name and you accuse me of hatred.Unlike you Little troubled boy I do not allow people i don’t know to tap into my emotions, Whether she lives or die, I won’t feel any [which a]way toward her she is just a singer.

    Why do you keep addressing me anyway? You think i hate the reason why you wake up everyday (Her lol) yet you keep provoking me into telling your little two snaps self off and hurting your feelings very masochist (Ish)…

    I never went to a fan site of these girls to denigrate them,Never.Never talked about her personally i don’t know her, I only know the singer Beyonce.

    As a matter of fact I only read and comment Brownsista,and it’s usually once a day Maybe Twice, Why are you worrying about MY time? And how much do you believe in your beyonce if you feel the need to “Call me out” Daily [ tho i am Barely In here] and defend her ?

    I must be telling the truth Thus, Hurting your cute little rainbows feelings, Ask me if i care 🙂 Truth Hurts sweet

    Ps:The word is “despise”
    Pss: I think you’re an idiot and every a time we encounter, I serve you great Dinner
    Psss:Wait until you speak with all your little stans friends and come up with something aside from the obvious squat you say

    Psss: Kiss it


  33. Ciara will be fine because the industry has changed! Music is too accessible and only a select few will do the numbers. Others will combine marketing efforts. New artists signed will have what is called 360 deals, where the record company doesn’t just make money off of record sales, but various artist-related revenue streams, from concerts to merchandising (licensing). Right now Lady Gaga is the industry standard, this is the model record companies have in mind as they introduce new artists, her 1.5 year rise to superstardom and crazy sales. Established artists are fighting the 360 deal and understandably so, why Jay-z and Madonna struck a very lucrative deal with Live Nation, it’s the future of the music industry. The record execs aren’t concerned with urban artists and aren’t going to put much money into their promotion. Alicia Keys, Usher, Beyonce, Mariah, Mary are industry vets and come with their own in-house machine with really strong brands. Artists like Ciara is building her brand from scratch, she still has incredible leverage, still, even with dismal record sales and charting. She’s a part of the future, “singles” are the focus and selling cds is the goal. She just needs a breakout single and I believe she’ll get it…as long as she doesn’t wait on her label and build her own in-house machine. If she doesn’t get back on the top of the charts, well, she can do like Jessica Simpson and launch a product line, produce films, start her own label (i.e. Akon), hone her acting skills, come out with a lingerie line, partner with Adidas for her own workout gear (available at walmart or target) to go with her WII dance workout along with her own dance show like Randy Jackson, promoting her line, take 20 kids from the worst hoods in the country and have a dance camp in London with black brit teens and create a reality tv show, endless opportunities to build herself a 400+ million dollar brand like Jess and beyond!

    As sepiastar repeatedly says about under-performing artists and sales…”we don’t buy and support our artists”…even when we like it or them…I agree with the comments about “it” all sounding the same…we’re bored with the music scene…but, when artists do put out good music…we no longer care…we’re just not good fans…and, there’s a bootleg man on any given corner or strip mall within our reach!

  34. Ciara and her fans suffer from her very own grandiose sense of entitlement, one very rare and very weird, unfortunately Ciara & Stans are unaware of the fact that it hangs her like a noose and will continue to.

  35. the problem with a lot of r and b artist is their eagerness to crossover and become mainstream leads to their demise. They alienate the very fans who supported them and made them big, by changing the sound to appeal to the masses. Sometimes the masses are just not interested, and the original fan base found someone else to take their place and moved on, so when they try to come back, it’s kind of like a too little to late. The bottom line is that Ciara should have stuck to her 2004 sound, and she would have been alright, r and b would have held her down, and she could have still been moderately successful. Look at monica. she stays in her lane look where it got her.

  36. she needs to drop that sexed up image…..she doesnt have 2 do that all her videos she putting out now r xxxx-rated

  37. YOKESSM- See that’s what I’m talkin about again, you talkig about me like you know me. Your jokes were pretty funny, but I wake up for ME every morning, I’m just entertained by artist, but people like you are like a fly in someones ear and just gets so annoying. Also i’m not a “rainbow”, at least I dont think I am.that means gay right, no I’m not that. But I guess “real” men can’t have a point. You’ve NEVER talked about her personally??? you sure. And it’s called a typo I’m sure you’ve messed up before. Maybe you haven’t since you’re perfect. But EVERYTHING comes back to why do you have your mind on multiple people you don’t “care” for? Because that reasoning sucks!

  38. Nevermind YOKESSM- I don’t feel like reading another essay. Finals were enough. Get some rest though because it seems as if you need it.

  39. Personally, I never thought of Ciara as the heir to anyone not Janet not Aaliyah or anyone else she’s been compared to…. sad to say, it looks as if “Ms Goodies” has fallen into the trap of sex sells which has in turn had an adverse affect on her musical career and just a personal opinion her integrity as an artist.
    There is nothing wrong with showcasing maturity and growth, however it’s all about the presentation. Ciara should try a little authenticity as opposed to what is said to sell albums…. in other words to redeem her career Ciara should try this….. Staying true to herself…. BE CIARA.

  40. I know I am late, but here are my 2 cents:

    1st off.. Ciara could never really sing. I mean @ times it seemed that she couldn’t do the choir hum. I cam remember 1 time where Ciara sounded decent & it was b/c she was singin a MJ song, I believe. It was during 1 of the tributes after his passing. The reason why she got away with it was b/c it was 1 of the songs where MJ did like a falsetto & that seems to be her best pitch. Plus it didn’t hurt that she was sitting still while singing.

    IMO she had so much success in the beginning b/c she has some pretty good beats i.e “promise” ( which is my jam by her btw) “1 2 step” (great dance song). All of the songs which were big for her had slammin beats that made you bob your head. There is no doubt that CiCi is a great dancer, but that’s where the buck stops. I can remember her being on the BET Awards a few yrs back singin “Promise”, she was KILLING it in the dance department, but was sounding like a dead dog in the vocals( which sucked b/c like I said “Promise” is my jam from her).

    It’s true that the industry is ever changing, but whats happening is, if these ppl are goin in w/ half the talents, they are being weeded out. Rhianna isn’t the greatest singer either, but her inner fashionista is what is REALLY carryin her. ( plus havin some decent beats doesn’t hurt either lol). You better believe that if she didn’t have that Rhianna would be on the oust. Look @ Ashanti who sounded better than both, but still didn’t have the strongest voice, she is now in the world of will they ever come back b/c she had half the talent & nothing else to carry her. Yes Ciara has some other things cooking, but they just don’t be strong enough to put her back out there. Who knows, she may make a comeback, I mean stranger things have happen, but don’t be shock if you just see her lingering in what has been & what may never be.

  41. I agree with “xedos” the most; the fact of the matter is that some people are STARS and some people aren’t. Idk if Ciara is a bonafide “star” yet, but as far as I’m concerned, she’s been out long enough to prove herself (which she hasn’t really done). She’s falling into the lane of Paula Abdul: great dancer, mediocre vocals, a couple of hits and not much else. We’ll see though…

  42. @ZY Rihanna was grinding against some mans private parts is what I was getting at. Ciara was dancing by herself. No similarities but they are both a bit too sexual for TV.

  43. `Ride` Video for me, came with low taste outfits and dance move.Plus the music left nothing but the `so-so` feeling.No other new tracks from her moved me since `Love Sex Magic`, and I think she`d better stick to that formula for awhile. Don`t be too ghetto.

  44. She needs to have her music NOT LEAK!! Its happened with her last two albums!

  45. Attitude is everything. Attitude will make you and Attitude will break you…

  46. i have a question for some of you. if she “goes back to her roots” and “stops with the over sexualized image…”, would you buy her music?

    it seems as if people say things just for the purpose of making an argument. she is not doing anything that hasn’t been done before. and she did not betray anybody with her sound. “her roots” (original sound) WAS NOT WORKING, that is why she switched over to the other side. like someone else said when the whole Rhianna phase begun with the GGGB, every body forgot about Ciara, that is not her fault…so she had to do something to garner the public’s attention again, and what did she do??? she got naked for you! now you are complaining. if you love the artist you buy the music regardless of what she is doing. that is called support. how are you waiting for her to “come with it” when she needs you to help her do that? she cannot rise up without you…
    i’m done.

  47. @TUTU
    I am a fan who will definitely support my favorite artists and have super strong loyalty. I just bought Toni Braxton and Monica’s new albums and will surely buy Janet’s up coming one no matter what the albums are weak or good.

    But we have to admit that the artists need to make a strong impression first, and then the loyalty would come. For Cici’s case, I have to tell that “Ride” is too weak to be first single. I believe that Cici knew this since her “Fantasy Ride” was pushed back by her first single that was too slow. But She still do the same thing with her new album.

    I am a fan of Ciara, not a die hard one but always love to listen to her new tracks. But she needs to give something that arouse us fans strongly stand to support her.

  48. TUTU- I agree.
    And the whining gets extremely tiring.

  49. Cici is a talented singer and dancer BET needs to sit down they don’t know good music videos if it kicked them in the a**. I don’t know if you all noticed they have been repeating videos on their countdown from like 3 years ago hello someone needs to do some actual work around their not judging poor cici’s video b/c it’s sexy please and taking it off the air they are wack!

    She’s a good singer, and great dancer, her last album Fantasy ride was actually awesome. I don’t know why some of her fans deserted her? All she needs is one Big Single, but radio & media is so fickle nowadays and only like a certain type of artist “LOOKS” to succeed. We are all at fault as well because we all buy into it. I am buying her album when it comes out – I’M SUPPORTING 110%

  50. TUTU…

    Thank God for your post…this is it in a nutshell…when was the last time Madonna had a fire hit out?

    But, her last concert tour out grossed Beyonce, Britney Spears and many others…why?…her loyal fans…we are just a different species…I used to work at a venue and would see white people not only support their favorite artists and bands but bring their kids to introduce them to the music…we are too much into…”what have you done for me lately”…I buy the cds of the artists I like, even if I’m not thrilled or impressed with the initial singles…i.e. Alicia Keys…this latest single has been the first one I’ve really liked…but, I am a fan, through thick and thin…you have to remember that A&R decides the single to be released…when you skim down the cd, that’s usually where the best songs are…Britney Spears at her worst, with weak vocals has done extremely well…Ciara got caught in a dilemma, staying relevant in a “who cares” industry…I just believe if you don’t give up and take it to God, you’ll be pleased with outcome (whatever it is), if you endure for the night!


    TUTU, you’re so right!

  51. I agree that she should take it to God because you can be the best there is and do all the right things, but if God is not in it and does not send you the right people it does not matter if you sell your soul to the devil, it ain’t gone happen for you. she needs to do what mary j. blige did, do some soul searching and let God do it for her his way and she will just fine because she won’t be trying to gain the whole world to people who are fickle and will leave you for the next best thing smoking.

  52. YES Surabi excellent points, and Kutipie you’ve got it.

  53. LOL, God giveth and God taketh away…
    Shouldn’t have gotten naked for fans, should have kept her clothes on and told the truth for Jesus. LOL, newsflash folks, fans don’t decide one’s destiny.

    When God gives you a chance and you don’t serve him with that chance… -and don’t say God has nothing to do with this because Ciara stay talking about all the things she gets to do being “blessings” and considering her stint being around Bishop, I know she should know better than to people please, instead of trying to please God.

    Again, entitlement issues, who told you you needed to be anything but what God said is my question and Ciara knows better, that’s why she’s struggling.

  54. There are a several factors that messed up Ciara’s career in my opinion.

    1. As Kanyade posted above me, the naked Vibe cover and her later claiming that she didn’t want those photos used…didn’t really seem believable.

    2. Choosing “Go Girl” as the first single for Fantasy Ride. The video was AWESOME, but the song? Not so much. And I as a fan can admit that.

    3. The direction of Fantasy Ride. The album and the promotion for it just started going all over the place. From the Super C alter ego to the video with Justin Timberlake, to her rockin a haircut claiming it was her hair and later saying it was a wig…a mess. Which sucks because the album actually wasn’t that bad.

    4. Moving to LA and hanging out with Kim K, Lala, Paris, etc. I knew it had gotten bad when it was hard when you forgot Ciara was in the pic with Lala and Kim K.

    5. Bandwagon fans. You know, those fans who support you when you’re hot, then jump ship when you aren’t.

    Didn’t mean to type so much! But anyway,maybe Ciara will have better luck with this new album, even though things are off to a rocky start. I love the song “Ride.”

  55. I didn’t think Ride was a strong enough song for a first single anyway.

    Lol @ Yokessm and 17150918… Its so hilarious to see you two go back and forth bout an article. Lol WOW.

  56. @Cynthinia – You are so on point!!

    We have all of these various ideas but the bottom line is SUPPORT the artists!! If not, black music will continue it’s decline and our multi-millionaires that provide jobs, employment opportunities, and career growth for African Americans in the industry will become non-existent. Then we’ll be complaining about why there aren’t any African Americans executives, managers, etc in the music industry.

    As far as Ciara goes, she needs to realize one thing – Janet Jackson, Beyonce’, and even Alicia Keys have songs about EMPOWERMENT. You can have a sexy image but make the females feel empowered and not just sexually charged. People can complain about Beyonce’ but she consistently delivers an empowerment song, even from the Destiny Child days (Single Ladies, Irreplaceable, Independent Women, Say My Name). Janet’s music has touched on racism, homophobia, female empowerment, domestic violence and she still would give a sensual banger (Any Time, Any Place). Sexuality was not the ONLY definition of Janet Jackson. Ciara is a phenomenal dancer but if she desires longevity, her music needs to EVOLVE. Goodies was an empowerment song and it resonated with females. That’s all she has to do and make sure she delivers the message over a fierce beat and the fans will respond!

  57. I haven’t seen the Ride video but if BET banned it (considering the shit they let air)there must be a problem.As far as her career,it may not be the end,she’s still young and all she needs is the right song.




  59. I honestly think she lost a lot of respect and fans after moving to LA and promoting this “Hollywood” image. I think a lot of people see her as fake and uninteresting now. Her friendship with Kim Kardashian doesn’t help either, especially with all those fake azz kissy friend photos. On top of that, Lloyd called her out as becoming rude and superficial. She’s lost respect because it seems that she doesn’t have a strong personality beyond the “Hollywood” image.

  60. Nothing happenned to her career, People moved on, You bring up beyonce and rihanna but beyonce album sales have NOT been improving since Dangerously in love, Which means that her fans are the only thing keeping her alive that’s all, rihanna understands that now which is why she is trying all sorts of music because fans (as deranged as they are) will buy anything(expecially the insecure ones) just to feel related to you,Ciara ashanti and them, I feel sorry for them i do, But i am tired of the black barbies of the industry and i don’t mind losing another
    peace ou cici

  61. Ciara CAN sing. she has a weak voice but she sounds nice.. its the SONGS that are bad. she needs better material. the songs aren’t commercial enough to be hits

  62. Rhianna,Beyounce,Gaga Poison for young minds and growing seed just live in ignorance and keep poisoning your children = Robots

  63. I think when she started talking that mess about Beyawnce that is when she started to get shade look what happened to Wendy Williams when she expose Puffy for being a faggot. Look what happened to JaRUle for messing with 50 and where is Fat Joe.

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