what you know for sure.

Happy Monday Brown Sistas.

Whether you’re 18 or 88; we have all learned a thing or two about life and living. We all have had those days when we’ve either feel trapped, lost or misguided but still you made it through. Otherwise you wouldn’t be reading this post. *Wink Wink* Here are eleven things that GT knows for sure about life.

  1. Your attitude towards life will either make you or break you.
  2. Trust your intuition. It’s real and it works.
  3. When it comes to our bodies; men don’t care about half of our perceived flaws.
  4. Action speaks louder than words and that includes inaction.
  5. A person is only good as their level of integrity. When you find people who follow through on their word; they are rare gem.
  6. Everyone needs a friend that will tell you the truth; even when you don’t wanna to hear it.
  7. Take your job seriously; but not yourself.
  8. Hints do not work; ask for what you want.
  9. Get rid of the cheap clutter and the “I might find a use for this someday” mentality.  If its gathering dust you won’t use it.
  10. Stuff is not your legacy. It may only be a quarter or a dollar; but is it really worth the time or the hassle?
  11. *You can’t measure talent cause talent is subjective. Drive, passion, persistence, focus, determination, preparation and a whole bunch of other factors determine outcome.
* Wanna know what GT thinks about celebs and talent? Click here.
Share your lessons. What are some things you know for sure?


  1. 1, Forgiveness is more pwerful than a grudge
    2, Never love ur spouse more than u love youself, because when they die who do u have to live for?ur spouse complements u but does not complete who u are.
    3,Sex does not make u a man.
    4, laughter is the best medicine
    5, Keep a close network of friends u can trust 2-3 people. The more friends u have, the more chances u have of getting a spoiled apple.
    6,Never judge ur happiness my someone elses definition.
    7, U learn more if u travel and expereince other cultures and ways of life. The hood is NOT the only place in the world.

  2. I love #11 especially as it pertains to the celebs on this board. However, it applies to us all. These are great. Love #1, too. 🙂

  3. @WPC i love what you said can not say it no better. I love #1 from you do not hold grudge that would eat you up just be happy.
    1. Do not put a rush on a relationship let it just happen.
    2. Be patient.
    3. Go for your dream and goals do not let nothing hold you back.
    4. Be grateful for what you have.
    5. Yes travel around the world .
    6. If you can not love yourself who going to love you.
    7. Be you do not be nobody else.
    8. Spoil yourself once in the blue moon if you have children.
    9.Do you when you suppose too.
    10.Just live life it tooooo short.

  4. Okay I totally believe in (inter)national travel but let’s not get carried away with suggesting that if you don’t travel, then that’s a problem. We have to remember that traveling is a luxury and not all people (particularly people in the “hood”) can afford it. Therefore, it’s wrong to subtly criticize someone for not doing so/being able to. The act of learning takes many shapes and forms and contrary to popular opinion, you can learn anywhere, including in the hood. Furthermore, take it from me, international travel doesn’t necessarily make you more cultured. When we visit foreign countries we have to keep in mind that we’re experiencing that culture through a touristic point of view– or as some call it “drive-by culture.” In other words, we aren’t necessarily getting the real deal ourselves.

    Just had to let that out. As for the list, loves it!

  5. ^^^^^^^^^
    I did not say international travel. im talking about travle as a whole.
    There are many people I know that have never even leftr brooklyn.
    U can can go all around New York and other places without leaving the U.S.A

  6. 1. Always stay TRUE to yourself
    2. Never judge/ speak ill of others b/c you never know what situations life may hand you.
    3. Live life for you & not by the standards of others.
    4. We all have purpose in this life.
    5.What may be good for others may NOT be good for you.
    6. Be patient
    7. It’s ok to laugh
    8. Don’t take yourself too seriously
    9.Be humble & stay grounded
    10. Love yourself- when you do that, you won’t allow anything but the best in your life
    11. We all make mistakes, but LEARNING from them is the TRUE point behind them.
    12.What God has for YOU, it is for YOU & no one else.
    13. When you get these things together ^^^^ EVERYTHING else in your life will fall in place from you & your career on down to your luv life & your family.

    @ Unaltered Beauty… co sign

    GT I enjoy your quips on life …. plz keep up the good work 🙂 .

  7. @WPC… you too have also made a great point about travel :iagree: :brownsista:

  8. WPC yes i agree too. There always someone to mess it all up lol . If you live in albany new york u would love to travel once a month if u was born and raise here. Im alway is the city brooklyn,bronx,harlem,manhattan where it goes down after midnite. I have been to va, maryland, north carolina, texas, connicut, ohio. But i need to go to the westside see what that all about and i want to travel overseas. Yes it take time and money but i would be in those places soon if god willing to keep me here.

  9. I know you didn’t specifically say international travel which is why I wrote “(inter)national” travel in my previous message. I defintely understand what you’re saying but at the same time, yeah, we can all say that traveling doesn’t necessarily mean visiting exotic locations but I’m afraid that the term “travel” is more widely accepted as traveling to a different city/state or country. For example, let’s say I’m from Brooklyn and someone were to ask me, “Hey, where have you traveled to?” and I respond with something like “Manhattan or the Bronx” you better believe that they’re going to respond with “oh” as if to say that’s not impressive. More than likely, they’ll follow up with “have you been anywhere out of NY.” People take traveling to mean exotic, distant locations. As I previously stated, any form of traveling or experiencing culture, as you stated, usually requires miscellaneous income which everyone doesn’t have. I love traveling and I think it’s great but forgive me if I think it’s wrong to categorize it as some sort of highlight of life when everyone doesn’t have equal access to it. As cliche as it may sound, you can still live a a wonderful, fulfilling, eventful life if you know how to make the most of your situation even if Brooklyni s the only place you’ve been. I just felt like your previous post came across as stating that not traveling is a choice which isn’t always the case. That’s all.

  10. 1. Not everyone is going to like you, so stop trying to make them.
    2. No matter how many times you fail DON’T GIVE UP!
    3. NEVER think you are better than someone else who may seem to have less.
    4. Respect your elders (even the old drunk man at the corner store).
    5. Stop worrying, it’s a waste of energy and time (still working on this one).
    6. When you find your true love don’t take them for granted.
    7. You can pick your nose but you can’t pick your family…so love them.
    8. Determination and Hard Work TRULY does pay off.

  11. 1. Stop using white folks as a measuring stick for beauty…and yes…I have white friends…
    2. Travel is key to having a broader prospective…I live in NYC and you’d be surprised at the Black Folk who don’t leave their neighborhood.
    3. I know it’s hard. But you’ve got to learn how to ignore the haters and focus on those who love and support you.
    4. I love GT’s #11
    5. Education is the key to being a well adjusted individual.

    Love it! GT be on point with hers…

  12. :iagree: I just do not have the financial means 2 travel 2 exotic locations. Im trying 2 though!

  13. 1. Alway keep GOD 1st in all you do.
    2. Count your Blessings & start thanking God for what you do have & stop complaining about what u don’t have because there is always someone going thru worse than you are.
    3. Love yourself 1st before you can love him.
    4. Be true to yourself
    5. Don’t settle
    6. Get off your butt & work hard for the things you want.
    7. Respect yourself…and your elders.
    8. When life knocks u down to your kness…what a perfect position to pray.
    9. Don’t live your life to please others.
    10. Have faith in God, for thru Him all is possible! :brownsista:

  14. -Avoid spending beyond your means.
    -Always pay back those you owe.
    -Learn some foreign languages.
    -Learn about various cultures & customs.
    -Treat others the same way you would like to be treated.
    -Admire & love your body everyday. There is always at least one feature you Love.
    -Compliment others. I sometimes feel blue; then, someone I know / a stranger would compliment me on something. It would brighten my day lol.

  15. I Know for sure that when it will be time for me to leave this earth I’ll have accomplish everything i wanted to and i’ll feel blessed

  16. nothing is forever
    never tell anyone anything you don’t want to get out
    you make a mistake once after that its just bad choices
    you can never fully recover from an addiction (sex, drugs, smoking, alcohol, etc.) it’s an every day battle so don’t start
    if you’re a parent with whorish or immature behavior your child is judging you and harbors a deep seeded hate for you
    quiet people are crazy
    nice people can’t be trusted it’s all a fasaud (sp)
    everyone has more than one personality
    people who say they don’t gossip are the biggest gossipers
    church goers are some of the most judgmental and ignorant people i’ve ever met i don’t even think they believe in the word they continue to commit the worst sins six days a week and jump up and down on the seventh day for show
    most people love to play the blame game
    some people are lucky and some are not
    some people create their own destinies and some are just taking up space
    you know right from wrong no one needs to tell you
    most parents neglect their children and don’t even know it
    if your house is dirty shame on you
    abortion has become the new birth control
    we are all here for a reason
    idleness leads to addictions so get busy!
    a man will have sex with any woman or thing
    a woman will do anything for money
    there’s someone badder smarter more beautiful than you
    people will treat you like crap if you let them
    people will love you if you let them
    black men have it easy
    white women have it easy

  17. Travel.
    Go to another state.
    Go to another time zone.
    Go to a museum (most are free!!).
    Do something because you want to and to hell with what anyone else says.
    Ask someone how they are doing and listen to what they have to say.
    Buy yourself some flowers.
    Step outside your comfort zone.
    Do a Breast self exam once a month.
    Get tested for every STD so YOU know your status. Repeat every six months.
    Buy Black erotica.
    Learn how to change a flat tire.
    Take your health seriously.
    Go to the dentist.
    Read a book for fun.
    Go to a wine tasting.
    Give yourself a facial.
    Give yourself a pedicure.
    Spoil yourself.
    Splurge once in a while.
    Put in an old school CD and get your groove on.

  18. God is the beginning and the end of everything, without him we are nothing
    Be thankful to God for all he has blessed you with

    Always make time to pray, we sometimes get caught up when we happy but God needs to be the center of our lives

    I wish all of you love and God’s blessings

  19. Lots of good points on here! Shouts to Harlem Chic for #1 🙂 For mine, I’m going to paraphrase Joel Osteen:

    Make Everyday a Masterpiece
    When you find yourself worrying about the little things or becoming agitated, ask yourself “Is it worth losing my joy over?” Since most of the things we worry about never come to pass, embrace the present moment. This day is a gift.

  20. Wow…I really love all of your comments. Reach one teach one couldn’t be any truer.


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