What’s Your Deal Breaker?

It’s the year 2011 and Jerry Springer is still on TV?!  Yeah, I couldn’t believe it either but after flipping through a few channels I stumbled across a show I’d never heard of, Deal Breaker, hosted by the one and only Mr. Final Thought.

Earlier this year, I interviewed a few fine bachelors about love and relationships and one question they seemed to enjoy most, “What’s your deal breaker?”  Their answers ranged from the fine brown skinned bald headed guy who said a woman without wet wipes was a problem to the blonde hair blue eyed man who said a fine woman without a brain…and boobs was most certainly a deal breaker.

Much like the bachelors I interviewed, the basis of Jerry’s show puts people in a position where they ultimately decide to walk away from someone simply based on a few things they simply can’t live with or without.

I for one cannot judge.  My friends often laugh at the memories of guys I decided to no longer date based on one or two things they did that drove me crazy.  Remember Eddie Murphy in Boomerang?  You know, when he’d pull the sheet back to check out his latest companions feet?  Well I’m not that bad but I’ve definitely had my moments.  I once stopped dating a guy because he smacked his mouth during dinner so loudly that I couldn’t hear myself think.  While his smacking drove me insane, the fact that I cut him lose because of it drove my friends even crazier.  Other than that and other small details, he was actually a good guy.

So it leads me to ask, do you think people are simply too picky with all of these deal breakers or do you have a few that would make you walk away as well?

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  1. I once passed on a guy because he had a Boost Mobile phone. It immediately made me think he may have bad credit.

    Silly… I know.

  2. Any man that approaches me with a “pimp like” mentality is a DEFENITE GTFOH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    I loathe the wanna be “Bishop Majic Don Juan’s” of the world. I don’t understand it and I WILL NOT deal with it. PERIOD!!!!!!!!!!

    As you can see, I am very passionate about that one………

  3. Abuse, bad hygiene,ignorance,lack of self worth,disrespect,

  4. A dealbreaker for me are a man with kids. As a single woman with no children, I want a man who is the same.

  5. poor hygeine is a deal breaker (whether its bad breath, dirty clothes etc)

    also someone who is unkind/mean/talks trash is a pet peeve of mine.

  6. I have to HAVE a man that speaks in complete sentences…i am not your ma and no you cant talk to me for a sec….I dont have a problem with a man who has children that lets me know some1 finds you tolerable and loved you enough to bring forth life, but he cant have multiple baby mothers…..

  7. A man that approach me in a thug/ghetto way. Cut it out, talk to me like I’m someone to be respected and as your equal, but realize that I’m a lady. Be soft, sweet, gentle, yet masculine.

  8. I think deal breakers should be habits that are harmful to someone versus personality quirks.
    Someone who constantly degrades, for example, or one that physically harms people.

  9. I’m not sure my entry all the way made sense so I’ll re-explain what I meant.

    Basically, I think a person should only be left if they are harming someone. I think personality quirks like laughing loudly or having belongings scattered all over their house are things that should be looked over.

    As long as the person loves themselves and others habitually, I think quirks should be accepted.

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