When Will You Declare Your Independence?

Most people in the United States celebrate the 4th of July, but do you know exactly why the holiday is so important to our country? Do you know why/what you are celebrating?  Each year during the celebration of the 4th of July, I take a few minutes to actually READ the Declaration of Independence. I read it not only to educate myself, but to inspire myself as well. I won’t recite the entire document; however, I would like to take an excerpt to share….We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable rights, that among these are life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. I love this section of the document because it reminds me that it is my God-given right to be happy. That no one is ‘better’ than me, that I have the same opportunities as any one else. It is my birthright.

The Declaration of Independence speaks of how Great Britain was ‘abusing’ the United States and how citizens of the U.S. had grown tired of the abuse.  Ask yourself a few simple, yet profound questions  about ‘self toleration’.  I think you just might find that you are allowing and maybe even enabling more people to abuse you than you would like to acknowledge. The questions are:

1. What am I tolerating?

2. What is frustrating me?

3. Where am I being ordinary?

4. Where am I suffering?

5. Where am I blindly following a routine?

6. What am I avoiding?

7. Where am I stalled, stuck, or stopped?

When I asked myself these questions, I found that my family, my so-called friends, my employer, my landlord, and even the media were all bossing me around. Know what else I realized?  I WANTED MY INDEPENDENCE!!!!!! Not only did I want it, I RE-CLAIMED it!!! With each day that passes, I take back more and more control of my life. I am now self-employed, I own my home, I minimize my interactions with family and friends. And I have no time for media-hype. These are just a few steps I have taken on my road to Independence. I find myself singing….follow the yellow brick road, follow the yellow brick road, follow, follow, follow, follow, follow the yellow brick road. These well marked golden bricks will take you closer to your true self and in finding your true self, you will find your independence.

Happy Independence Day,


  1. Very inspiring article Jacque. It is sooo right on, ’cause I JUST declared my independence on July 1st from my boyfriend ’cause although he is mostly a great guy, he started changing the last 3 months of our relationship and started treating me in ways I could no longer tolerate. My newfound singleness and Indpendence has been THE MOST REJUVENATING experience I’ve felt in a looong time. My focus on my craft as an artist and entertainer is back, and I’m embracing all the things I personally denied myself while my ex and I were together.

    Beyond just the romantic independence, a few months back things with my family were beyond horrible and I was forced to move out and faced homelessness. Now….I have my own apartment, working a job a love, and my relationship with the folks, etc is healing and healthier than its been in over a decade. Lord, I love this article, and I LOVE the blessings of Joy and Peace that I currently have in my heart and soul.


  2. This is a great article. Thanks for posting.

  3. :bowdown: :bowdown: :bowdown:
    This is seriously something I needed to read. RIGHT ON TIME!
    First off, its beautiful that you, like me, care for more than just
    Surface material. For instance, too many people look at holidays like the 4th of July, not as Independece Day reflecting what millions before us had to struggle, fight, and overcome. But instead as a day off of work, time to throw on some music have a cookout, and get pissy drunk. [So much so that the 4th of July is the 2nd highest -after NewYearsEve for drunk driving accidents and related deaths!] I certainly appreciate a Sista who doesnt follow the crowd and who cares to learn not only more about others, but also about HERSELF.

    I’ll wrap this up! lol Answering and reflecting on these questions are absolutely imperative for me at this point in my life. As a young woman struggling with family, ‘friends’ or there lack of, figuring out what direction to take career wise, spiritually, etc.. and of course Love. All the while reminding myself to be AT MY BEST AT ALL TIMES in order to ensure the life I want and deserve. It definitely takes a toll, all this darn thinking! But its necessary. I’m learning more everyday to stay in the present and enjoy life, to focus on myself and what makes me happy, and to simply cut out all the bullshit. These questions will definitely be a quick reference guide for me to focus on whats R E A L.
    So again, I THANK YOU.

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