New Music From Whitney Houston & Akon

Fallen 80’s pop diva Whitney Houston has teamed up with singer/rapper Akon for a new single titled “Like I Never Left”. The newly leaked track is a duet between the pair and is very reminiscent of the type of “apologetic” sounding music producer Ne-Yo said he had heard being shopped around for Whitney’s comeback CD. As many of you know, Clive Davis took Whitney back under his wing and has been plotting her return to the music scene for some years now. Whitney last topped the charts nearly a decade ago and Clive is obviously hoping new producers like Akon and Ne-Yo can help restore Whitney to her former chart topping glory. “Like I Never Left” however, will not be the single to do that. The song is album filler at best and featuring Akon on a track is so two years ago.

As a longtime Whitney fan I think it is a mistake to try and make Whitney Houston sound hip. Whitney has never been hip and never will be. She is an old school artist and needs old school (minded) songwriters and producers. Ne-Yo is up for that challenge- Akon is not.

Clive tried this hip tactic before by bringing in Rodney Jerkins to produce the majority of Whitney’s My Love Is Your Love CD and that resulted in Whitney’s lowest charting album since her debut in 1986. Instead of looking to make Whitney young and current they should simply look to make classic music that suits Whitney’s voice and style. Maybe that sound will come from a hot new producer/songwriter like Ne-Yo or Akon- maybe it won’t. Good music is what Whitney needs most- not a producer with a high profile name behind him.

This song is not a hit- not even a modest hit and I hope it isn’t the first single.

But enough of what I think- listen to it for yourselves here.


  1. The title track, My Love Is Your Love was hot and was written and produced by Wyclef Jean. He did great work with Whitney. Rafael Saadiq also did a great song for Whitney called Fine that was very hip and suited Whitney perfectly. I agree that the Darkchild produced songs from her My Love Is Your Love album weren’t all that great. I think NeYo will be the one to save this new album for her though. His songs are very classic in feel and anyone can relate to them. This sad sounding, please forgive me for my sins, song by Akon will not appeal to anyone, not even Whiteny’s most loyal fans.

  2. I like it, I have it to disagree about Whitney trying to sound hip, for everyone who loves Whitney loves her voice, and her voice sounds amazing, and I and definitely disagree that this is not modest hit, listening to current R & B there is no one out know that still can compare with Whitney other than Mariah, Alicia and Beyonce,. I think this is a great first single for her, and it doesn’t really matter about the producer, if you can sing, you can sing anything its all about the lyrics.

    Love it!!!!!!!!!!!


  3. This song snoozes and loudly. I knew when I heard Akon was gonna be on her album he would create something totally not fitting her. I admit the song does suit her but it is so generic. Nothing jumps out at you, not the lyrics, beat, medley… nothing. No this isn’t a first single and probably not even filler now that it has leaked. Whitney is a great singer and a great talent but all singers need to right material for their greatness to be recognized. I wish Whitney luck but I hope her first single is a sure fire get up and grab you ballad.

  4. Akon annoys me beyond recognition BUT I like this song okay. I thought it would suck majorly. Nope, it didn’t. Good luck to Ms. Houston 🙂

  5. I like Whitney too but the song does nothing for me. It’s just BLAH.

  6. I can’t even really be picky because I’m just so glad to hear her…God is so good because the devil was working overtime to take her gift from her and he couldn’t. Sing even if you sale 7,000 copies. The devil is a lie you can kick that habit and you can come back “LIKE YOU NEVER LEFT.”

  7. Sorry, but I must totally disagree with you. This song is without a doubt HIT material. It seems that you have taken your disdain for Akon out on Whitney. Give credit where credit is due. The woman can sing. She is amazing and sheds light on any producer’s work as well. She is just as much an asset to the producer as you perceive them to be to her. Stay off the haterade and just enjoy the fact that Ms. Houston is definitely coming back “like she never left.” It’s a new day in music.

  8. @ Nne
    man if you knew the way akon annoys the ish outta me you’d be afraid lol. that dude is…….words cannot describe the way he annoys me. and how the hell he gonna put that jail cell slam shut sound in whitney’s damn song. the frik-n-frak? lol.

    i hope she does well with her new music. i don’t want to call it a “comeback”. didn’t she release some music in 04 or something? and did some song with the isley brothers? all i know is she sounds great. i hope she can still hit those high notes….even with the “D” abuse and everything. i just wanna stay positive about whitney and hope she’s all well in every way.

    the song’s okay. but i know whitney has more to show us……’s all good.

  9. Actually, the song itself is not bad and I rather enjoyed it. However, Akon could have kept his mouth shut ’cause the song was doing just fine without him. One poster said, “The woman can sing.” Exactly! So was Akon really necessary? Hell no! But it is so very nice to hear Whitney singing again.
    Hi Ms. “diddy kong”. How ya doin’ ,sweetheart?

  10. The song is good, but Whitney is great. I listened to this song a couple of times and even though I am sure the song is enhanced by the studio, you can still hear her famous voice. If you are a “tru” Whitney fan you know this is a good song with her voice. Akon is not one of my favorites either, and yes I think the song could have done without him, but it is still a good song.
    If you are tired of hearing the same old rap and “wanna be” R&B songs, you should enjoy this song.
    I am so happy to hear that her voice is not destroyed beyond repair. I heard her hit a little bit of a high note, not completely like the old high notes but it was good for what her vocal cords have gone through.
    I will support her music forever, because I honestly feel like Whitney’s voice was a gift from God, and I am glad to her that beautiful voice again.

  11. I like the Lyrics and Whitney sounds great. I think its the music that I don’t like. All the best to her anyhow. We welcome you back Whitney.

  12. I agree with Diddy, the “jail cell slamming door” is so street and tacky. Inspite of her drug history and schizo behavior she is still considered a class act and doesn’t fit with her glorious past. I also don’t like to hear Akon give a shout-out in the intro.

    Otherwise, I actually liked the song. It isn’t spectacular but it is good lyrically and sounds like Rn’B and not hip hop.

  13. Ya know, I am a huge Whitney fan and have supported her at even at the lowest point of her career. This song is SIMPLY A TEASER and is not scheduled to be featured on the album. This is a leak and a nice, slow groove that shows Whitney’s fans (without begging) that she realizes what she went through and the affects it had on her relationship with her fans and that she now sees that she turned her back on us.

    I’m not big on the cell door slamming either, but I love this track, and it’s very infectious. I think the fact that the hook is so sweet and “haunting” (in a good way), that it will become an unintentional hit. Also, this song was recorded over a year ago with Akon. Her voice was still recovering…imagine what the other songs are going to sound like. 🙂

  14. I like the song. She doesn’t need Akon. I think if she took his voice out it would be a hit.

  15. “Fallen 80’s pop diva?” Who exactly are you writing about? Surely you are not referring to legendary award winning actress, writer, producer, model and vocalist, Whitney Houston? Life hit her in the same vein that it hits anyone of us. But, Whitney has a body of work that will last beyond her career and even her life. No one has ever been able to do a remake of her song worthy of recording or listening. Her voice is a national treasure and her delivery is unparallel by the host of wannabe’s that emerge over the past decade or two. Methinks you should rewrite this article and resubmit it.

  16. I agree with Pearls…. I don’t like those “ghetto” shout outs in the beginning of songs unless its someone we don’t know.

  17. Whitney shoudln’t be hip? Why are you complaining about My Love Is Your Love? Far from being a low point, that’s my favorite Whitney album of all time. The music is great and most of the dance remixes from that album still get a bit of play in clubs. If Mariah can sound “modern”, Whitney certainly can, and she’ll do it better too.

  18. I love me some Nippy!!! I can”t wait to hear some more.

  19. I couldn’t leave this comment on the Alicia Keys’ “Superwoman” thread, but I wanted to mention, for those that liked that song, that they might also appreciate Janet Jackson’s “New Agenda” or Maya Azucena’s “Warriors”.

  20. @ Ujima
    thanks for the info. I stopped watching MTV and BET at the turn of the century & I rarely listen to the local radio stations, so I am a junkie for new-to-me music.

    I never seen or heard of Azucena until I read your post. Just checked out her website and I LOVE HER. OMG! Her spirit is so big. From what I have heard so far, she seem to possess the level of artistry of an India Arie. She will definitely be on my top 5 new-to-me artist list at year’s end.

    “Warrior”….”I’m a lion no longer on your chain. I bite. Feel the pain.”

    Love it!

  21. Not crazy about Akon so I don’t know how this song will do. I would like Whitney to come back all by herself, you know…..w/out these young wipper-snapper :0

  22. @ Ujima
    i absolutely love Janet’s song “New Agenda” and that’s not because i love public enemy but the song as a whole and the point behind it. wish i could find some more of that now…..that’s another story for a different day. lol. i haven’t heard of the other woman you talked about but i will surely check her out.


  23. I like the song. It is very nice and mature. I just hope that Whitney does not try to compete with the hip hop crowd or the young pop tart starlets and stays true to her self. Her true fans will support her music.

    I loved the day when singers actually sang and dominated the record scene. Now it seems like the big record executives only want to promote artist that portray violence and sex. They don’t want to promote music with substance because it is deemed boring when at one time, ballads ruled. That is okay, Whitney has a place in music history as one of the Worlds best vocalist and has music that is classic and timeless.

  24. Please stop trying too make this woman a hip-hop artisist. It is just not her. I just want her too make some classic ballads and make some Whitney music. She does not have to fit in or conform to this new crapt. If she is going too make some new kinda sounding music then she should go the Jill Scott or Ledisi route. Not this way. That is just terrible. Her voice sounds great but the song is so beneath her.

  25. @Des said I hope you are right. Just maybe to get back use to hearing her voice on the radio.

  26. I like it a lot, I’m hoping for a good music to happen for Whitney this year….

  27. “there is no one out know that still can compare with Whitney other than Mariah, Alicia and Beyonce,. ”
    That was a lie, Believe me i’m a mariah , and alicia keys lover, But MIss Houston voice Is one of the kind , No one can compare to her She sound great, I hope by the time the album come out the “i will always love you” whitney will be there Because if whit DEcide to go Pop-R&b Believe that she will make it her own and shut down the “competition”, without a single hips move…
    I cried when i heard her, I’m so happy she pulled trough the misery that bobby jones character put her trough i just want her to drop ray-j loud mouth and that’s about it …. Whitney is back , Booty shakers please sit down!
    ASk somebody

  28. To diddy and NNe:
    Akon is still traumatized by what happened to him in jail, and the boyfriend he left there
    Lmao he is annoying as well as T-Pain but those are our brother ROTFL what can we do ?

  29. ““Fallen 80’s pop diva?” ” who in the hell said that ?

  30. I like both akon and whitney, but it shows the difference in class of singers. Whitney does not sound her best, but she still over poweres Akon on this track. I like the lyrics and music, but it seems if this was a duet, it should have been with someone of a stronger voice. Maybe jonny gill, John legand, just someone with a deeper voice. this song really grows on you. I think it should have just been a solo song, where she could really get into it. As much as i am ready ot hear some new whintey I still thinks she needs another year to gain some strength back. I tihnk they are so busy trying ot get her career back , she hasnt had time to heal and just process it all. this is a nice song but guilt laden lol. get over it then sing like you want to

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