Whitney Dances With The Stars

Whitney Houston gave an absolutely fabulous performance of her single “Million Dollar Bill” on last night’s Dancing With The Stars finale. This performance actually brought a smile o face as Whit, her dancers, and most of all the audience- were totally into it. This is the song I hope she performs at 2010 Grammy Awards.


  1. I missed the performance, it’s wasn’t that good and she knows it, great background singers, I think the perry sisters, but she’s coming along, hopefully, in time her vocals will become stronger! I’m just grateful she’s alive and free of the demons that held her captive for so long!
    The apparent joy on her face and the love her fans have for her is a beautiful thing!

    My Leo Sista is quite courageous!

    She needs our continued prayer…each step forward is one more step out of the dark!

  2. Totally agree with CYNTHINIA I love Whit though. (Anybody else except me feels like Mya was robbed?)

  3. Clearly u missed the second performance she sounded a hot mess…she has lost it

  4. Whitney hasn’t lost anything. She still has a beautiful voice. She is getting it together and you can tell with each performance. I think people just enjoy putting her down. Thank God she knows no weapon formed against her shall prosper. She gave a fabulous performance.

  5. It’s not personal attacks Bee!
    The woman is a testament to strength, willpower & survival!
    But she didn’t sound good at all!
    Not saying that she ever will, because she’s clearly triumphing over her personal battles…
    But she sounded bad. Why can’t we just accept that?

  6. Yep- I do think Mya was robbed as was Lil Kim last season and Laila Ali before that.

    I knew she wasn’t gonna win based on the show’s history.

  7. Whitney is wonderful and beautiful. I am one of Whitney’s biggest fans ever. However, I will be honest and say her singing was not all that good on DWS. But I do agree as Bee said I can tell she is working on her vocals to regain herself. I am glad she is back and hope she continues to prove all of the naysers out to be LYERS because as her 2nd track on her album says, ” I Ain’t Got Nothing But Love For You”.

  8. Maybe they are not personal attacks for you but when you say that someone has lost it or is washed up I do believe that is a personal attack on them. I saw her performance on youtube and she sounded great too me. She just song I Wanna Dance With Somebody differently than she normally does it. And from someone who has seen her in concert several times she hardly ever sings with the chorus. She always adlibs.

    I think the problem is we have been so use to these singers over the past year singing exactly like the record because that is how the pre-recorded track is done. She is a live snger and she adlibs. I don’t think you all seen that performance because if you did there is no way that you could have said she was bad. Go watch that on you tube.

  9. @Bee, Ok, I’ll give you that…I didn’t read the comment you were referring to until now…

    I don’t think she “lost” it either…she damn near did, but she’s fighting to regain it. She’s on the right track & and with time, she’s reach the point she should be on vocally.

  10. okay i do agree her voice isn’t the old Whitney, but that is a redundant point- we all know that, just like the point of her overcoming her personal struggles, we all know that. Now, lets not exaggerate tho, she didn’t sound horrible or “not good” her voice just wasn’t fabuloso. AFter you hear her classics like “I will always love you” -okay 2 many 2 name-LEGEND But fortunately, she has a naturally gifted voice, regardless. At least she wasn’t doing that talk/singing nonsense like the ama awards(that is so annoying 2me) She is just so much of a legend that you don’t mind if her vocal techniques aren’t superb-you just happy 2c this icon back. ANd she’s 50 looking gorgeous.

  11. I just hope she lets that beautiful prominent voice rest so we can get a taste of the “old” Whitney.

  12. @12345-sorry we will neva get the “old” Whitney voice back-that’s a done deal, but let’s just hope we something close 2 it.

  13. She sounded terrible. Maybe she needs to take a break from all these appearances/performances or she wont have a voice left

  14. I enjoy seeing Whitney back on the scene. She is not able to reach her higher registers tight now but that can come again with vocal training. Her star still shines brightly and she excites her audience everytime. Good for her.

  15. One more thought, Whitney is doing something that no one else does these days (other than JHud and AKEys) and that is SING LIVE. I think with these performances, it was more the sound than her vocals. The sound was bad for both performances.

  16. I personally do not enjoy Whitney’s current singing voice. Instead of singing through most of her songs..she talks and struggles through and the her current singing voice is not good to me..I hope she gets some vocal training and builds her voice back.

  17. @ tanya, i agree
    @ red lipstick dont 4get beyonce
    @ sista and 17150918 yes mya should have won, she received perfect 10 scores @ almost every judgin near the end, how could she lose ?

  18. I saw her sing the first song and she sounded good to me! However I am a devout Whitney Houston fan and no one can take away her God give talent.

    I agree that her vocals are nothing like they used to be, but I am praising God for her attempt at recovering from her drug use and that horrible marriage that was pulling her under every day she was married to that piece of a man.

    Bravo to her for having the courage and following the guidance from God to make another attempt at singing again.

    Keep up the good work Ms Houston.

  19. Some people these days cannot appreciae a true performer when they see one. Credit must be given when credit is due. She was never a singer that had to come on stage partially dressed in order to captivate her audience like some of the wanna-BEY singers today.

  20. Her voice is gone.
    You can’t smoke crack for years and not have any damage in the throat area.

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