Whitney Hosuton To Debut At #1

Whitney Houston Whitney Houston has a lot to smile about. According to Hits Daily Double the singer’s new album “I Look To You”, is on schedule to sell anywhere from 250,000 to 275,000 copies. This will be Whitney’s highest debut ever and I believe her third album to debut at #1. A lot of people wrote Whitney Houston off but the singer has definitely proven that she is still a viable force to be reckoned with in the music industry. If Whitney can now follow up these great first weeks sales with great live performances (GMA & Oprah), I think there will be no stopping her.

Read about all of next week’s movers and shakers below…

“I Look to You Looks Like 250-275k, As Second Release Day Matches First, Cyrus Next

September 2, 2009

Whitney Houston’s comeback is complete.

Her Arista/RMG album, I Look to You, taking advantage of its Monday release date to be eligible for this year’s Grammys, will debut at #1, with a robust sales figure of 250-275k.

That’s based on two-day sales reports from those among our crack group of retail reporters who haven’t yet paved paradise and put up a parking lot. Her second day, Tuesday, which would have been the normal release date, proved every bit as busy as the first.

Miley Cyrus’ seven-song Wal-Mart exclusive, The Time of Our Lives, which leaked before street date to the tune of 60k+, debuting at #2 on this week’s chart and foreclosing an expected diva duel, will nevertheless remain the runner-up, with a total between 140-150k for the Hollywood Records release.

Atlantic R&B star and former Grammy nominee Trey Songz’ Ready is up next at between 100-115k.

Other expected chart debuts include Epic’s Chevelle (35-40k), Polo Grounds/J/RMG’s Pitbull (30-35k), Silver Arrow’s the Black Crowes (30-35k), Reprise’s The Used (25-30k) and Verve Forecast’s John Fogerty with his Blue Ridge Rangers album (12-15k).

The market was up 2% vs. last week, down 19% vs. same week last year and still down 15% year to date.

In other news, John Slattery’s black-faced rendition of “My Old Kentucky Home” as ad agency chief Roger Sterling from last week’s episode of Mad Men is not the #1 download on iTunes. But it should be.”



  1. when she sells 720,000 like Mary or 463,000 like Mariah then we can jump and shout. These numbers are not a comback to me respectable but by no means anything to jump up over…

  2. oh and as far as her performance on GMA its clear to anyone with ears that her voice is shot.

  3. YAY WHIT IS BACK!!!!! I just saw it on GMA website……I think she looked GREAT and she had soooo much energy! A lot of folks are talking about how she sounded which I think is a little unfair because the fact still remains that being close to 50, drug addiction, and being gone for over 7yrs etc. she STILL sounds better than 99% of the chicks in the game right now……I don’t think they are trying to sell 10 million albums or have a #1 hit (considering this was her 1st performance, no video has been released for singles and she has done little to no promo besides listening parties etc..) I think this whole album and promo is just to get her re-introduced to us again and build up her confidence…

  4. Boy please, back off the greatness.

    Did you hear Mariah squeal through Michael’s memorial? What was her excuse???? Her voice been shot a long time go!!!!!!










  5. ALSO since folks want to compare her to Mariah….Let me remind you of Charmbracelet which was suppose to be her comback album (rebounding after Glitter). She released “Through the Rain” which was mess and sold like it was a mess lol!! but then she came with the Emancipation of Mimi and shut it down. This album is more for HER than it is for US. They just want to get her back in the game.

  6. Those will be decent numbers for Whitney. 200k is considered a lot these days when most people get their music for free on-line.

  7. I don’t think they are considering the electronic numbers yet I think those are the actual people that went into the store like me and bought the cd.

  8. A snooty Mary J. Blige fan… you have got to be kidding me. RON ain’t never posted her before but comes around to talk ish about Whitney, a woman whose sales dwarf Mary’s, even though Mary has put out more albums than Whitney. Seriously dude, you need to fall back cause you a fly trying to fight an elephant.

    God bless both sistas, but Whitney is no fly by night artist who can just be dismissed as a flash in the pan. She has earned her place and not you or anyone else is going to disrespect that. We just ain’t gonna let that happen bruh.

  9. I’m shocked to see a Mary fan getting out of pocket but Mariah fans are up in arms (what is with these insecure fans taking things so personally). Whitney is getting good press now and even though her voice is strained and not what it used to be, she can still put on a show. The press is welcoming Whitney back while Mariah is steady being pushed back and her singles are being panned. You are only as good as your last success story and Mariah is struggling right now. A #1 is Whitney’s validation and she still sings live while Mariah has decided to go the lipsynching route. Shot voice or not, Whitney Houston is never going to lipsynch and pose on stage while her backup dancers do all the work. Whitney is back and Mariah’s next album won’t produce any hit singles and she will fade away until next year when releases a new album.

    As for Mary, she doesn’t count. She is insignificant to music right now. She just making music to keep her name out there. She hasn’t actually made any good music in years.

  10. It never ceases to amaze me how crazy fans of other artists spend so much time and energy on artists they claim are insignifigant and not as great as the artists they care about.

    RON, Mariah Carey has never gone Gold in the first week, whereas Mary has done it twice and will probably do it again this year? Does this fact make Mariah any less of a great artist or Mary a better artist than Mariah? I think not. You see first week sales are just that FIRST WEEK SALES. They are no indicator of how well an album will sell overall. Mariah’s last 2 albums sold more overall than Mary’s last two albums, here and abroad. Mariah is a selling powerhouse and so is Whitney Houston. Whitney’s sales are out of this world and yet she has only released a handful of albums. You can’t knock Whitney for Mariah or Mary because Whitney has long since proven her greatness and she did it the old fashioned way.. she earned it. You all want to tear Whitney down so she won’t be competition for Mariah or Mary but guess what? Neither one of them are in Whitney’s league. Whitney is a Legend.

  11. Mariah maybe sold more album copies in total just because she made more album,this is Whitneys sixt!! and she sold almost the same.. No one is like Whitney!! She is The Voice.. for Mariah is said to be next Whitney not opposite..

  12. I’m so happy that Whitney is back and the cd is awesome!! With or without the voice Whitney Houston is a bad bi*ch.

  13. Let’s not put 2 legends against each other, tho, even Mary puts Whit on a pedestal. We all know Whit is untouchable, so why the debate. Mary is an icon in the black community in her own right. i luv em both.

  14. You are right guys.

    I am a hard core mariah fan. But other people should’t treat whitney like that. She deserves respect. And is indeed a legend.

    Hope her latest album be a comeback.

  15. I love that Whitney didn’t lipsynch and had the courage to come with great vocals or not. I’m glad she’s alive!!!

    It’s impossible to compare Mariah, Mary or Whitney, all three artists have truly did their thing, big time in their own way.

    I believe Mary has come out with good music, especially, “The Breakthrough” and “Growing Pains” had some good music. She’s not sad Mary, so her music has changed and not as exciting to some…reduced drama.

    I agree with the person who said that this album was for Whitney to get her confidence back and she will. She looked like she was having fun and that’s what life is all about at the end of the day!

    Too many good artists who don’t sell as well is the real problem. I love Whitney and sooooooo happy she lived to sing and talk about it!

  16. Another thing,

    Whitney has international appeal. She is 95% #1 around the world.

    Mary can only claim national (US) success, while Whitney’s has breadth!!!!!!!

  17. I sat down for the first time today and really listened to this cd and it is a really nice cd. This is definatley going on the ipod.

  18. I don’t even care about the numbers I am just happy that she could straighten up her life, not only for herself but for her daughter and family. She is still able to be doing what she loves. I think that is what her album means more than numbers, the numbers will come if she has good music.
    On a side note Letoya Luckett has another #1 album on the R&B charts, she came in #12 on the Top 200, not bad for messed up promotion, now her new management needs to get working. Good for both girls.

  19. @ D Money

    We can jump and shout right now. Whitney has done drugs for years, and she has been out of the music scene for a while. When you consider all of that and the fact that things have changed so much, this is something to celebrate. I’m happy for her.

  20. It doesn’t matter that Whitney voice changed due strain and other non related issues, you see there is something special about Whitney. Her music speaks volumes, her lyrics are heartfelt and uplifting, it’s her charm, strength, and resilience that people can’t forget. Whitney I love you… god bless!!!!!

  21. Congratulations and welcome back Whitney!

    MJB is a solid performer. No need to hate on her or do silly comparisons.

    Mariah Carey is crap.

  22. congrats whitney wish you much success on this album! everybody is/was talented in their own right most people do music right now for the fast money and because they have nothing else better to do but i believe whitney truly wanted to do this album from the heart.

  23. Congrats Whitney, her voice is deeper and more rhaspy, but still beautiful.

    The only thing Whitney needs to do now is hook up with a rich white executive producer. lol

  24. That million dollar bill is a very nice song. I can definatly hear them banging that in some clubs.

  25. miss whitney came back with maturity not gimmicks or hype just normal standard promotion,it realy shows she has grown and secured with her brand….i’m so happy with her album cnt wait for her world tour last saw her when i was only 10 it wud mean a the world to me to see her and appriciate her as a grown woman.

  26. Whiney might have came back but her performance of her new song “I LOOK TO YOU” was terrible I think it was on GOOD MORNING AMERICA. It sound like she was straning through the song and asking for crowd participation to much…..but anyways the lyrics to the song is positive though

  27. Welcome back Whitney I got my copy of the album and it is really nice. I agree with the above poster Whitney has that start quality. She is very special and you can’t help but to think back to when she first came out and blew up the scene. 7 consecutive #1 hits and she surpassed the Beatles record. And now she’s back hopefully to pick up where she left off. Rock on Whitney I will always love you!

  28. ermm theres nothing to be PROUD..Mariah 2005 comeback album(the Emancipation Of Mimi) sold 404,000 in the first week…even mariah 2008 album E=MC2 sold 448,000 in the first week….

  29. What does Mariah have to do with Whitney’s comeback album NAZ? Ermmm, nothing! Some of you are so silly and childish and spiteful. Stop being mad because someone else is having good fortune.

    God bless Whitney and may the sun continue to shine on her and her career.

  30. I don’t know why you people bring MJB’s name.
    – I mean, common. – am from the middle east.
    And arround here, nobody knew Mary till she sang be without you.
    And we don’t even care about her anymore.
    But if you mention Whitney or Mariah, now these we call “Singers”
    But Whitney is like the Huge thing arround the world.
    We love Mariah, but common. Did you listen to her latest music?
    Touch my body and others? They are jokes. It’s like Miley’s level.
    She needs to produce good music.

    But Whitney always produce the best high level original songs.

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