Whitney Houston’s Home Not Sold At Foreclosure

Whitney's Atlanta Home Contrary to what you all may have heard, Whitney Houston’s home in Atlanta was not foreclosed on and sold on the steps of the Fulton County Courthouse.Whitney’s attorney and a Wachovia Mortgage Corp. official both confirmed that Whitney’s account is in good standing and that the singer actually has the house up the sale.Click here for full details.


  1. I didn’t want to believe it but Whitney is obviously having money troubles.Two homes both almost foreclosed on is a sure sign of that.I feel so bad for her too.This woman was rich as hell and apparently lost it all dealing with that no good ass Bobby Brown and his worthless unemployed family members.I hope Whitney’s comeback is smashing because she deserves it.

  2. Bobby Brown needs to have his ass whupped for allowing this to happen to his wife.I wonder who is going to pay his child support payments now that Whitney has sobered up? What a worthless piece of garbage this man is.Women everywhere should take note of what has happened to Whitney and let this be a lesson to you all.A no good man can ruin a good woman.Bobby took Whitney Houston from the height of fame to the depths of drug addition and now poverty.I’m just glad Whitney woke up before it was too late.:sad:

  3. The article says the house was due to be foreclosed on so some sort of deal was obviously worked out to save Whitney the embarassment of having her home publically taken away from her.She basically has two homes she is/was about to lose due to non payment.This is all really crazy because I can’t even see how drugs could eat up millions of dollars.What really happened to her money is what I want to know.It’s all just so damn sad.:thumbsdown:

  4. [quote comment=”1812″]What really happened to her money is what I want to know.[/quote]Dude they smoke it all, inhaled it all and snorted it all.We are talking about over 10 years of drugging here.The rumors of Whitney’s drug use go back to the mid 90’s which is just about the time her career started to fade.Whitney’s last true hit album was the Bodyguard with only minor hits following that and no real blockbuster tour to bring in the big bucks.Whitney didn’t write or produce her songs so she had no income from past records so touring is what put money in her pockets.

  5. [quote comment=”1809″]Bobby Brown needs to have his ass whupped for allowing this to happen to his wife.[/quote]Bobby is a pathetic excuse for a man.He caused this to happen so obviously he wasn’t going to be the one to run to the rescue and fix it.He ruined his career and Whitney’s cause Lord knows Whitney was once sitting on top of a gold mine and didn’t Arista pump out a 100 million dollar deal to her before LA Reid got the boot? Damn!!! Damn!!! Damn!!! I just can’t believe this is happening to the once great American Princess that is Whitney Houston. 🙁

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