Whitney and Fellow Diva Come to Blows

I guess now we know why singer Whitney Houston left the “Kelly Price & Friends Unplugged: For the Love of R & B” Grammy party looking a bit rough.

According to those who were at the event, Whitney and Stacy Francis, a finalist on the first season of American X Factor, got into a minor spat over… wait for it… Ray J.

Yep, according to tweets from Francis herself, Whitney got outta pocket because she thought Ray J was coming on to her. However according to Francis, she has known Ray for over 20 years and the two are simply friends.

So what does Whitney have to say about the altercation? Well according to Reuters, the singer is not returning phone calls about matter.

Guess they’ll just have to wait to ask her in person when she is expected to put in an appearance at Clive Davis’ annual Grammy afterparty.


  1. Whitney is living proof that many of these beautiful, classy and elgegant celebs that we see on the red carpet and in glossy magazine photos are nothing more than pigs with lipstick on them. These record labels dig these hoodrats out of the gutter, clean them up with high end styling, give them rules on etiquette and stage the rest of their careers for the illusion of perfection resulting in high record and concert sales. At the end of the day, its a hoodrat. Even her daughter has displayed hoodrat ways on Facebook. We can’t keep blaming Bobby. He’s been out of the picture for some time now. By the looks of things, he and his wife are pretty much a class act.

  2. wow black, progressive and faboulus sit your bourgious a s s down? who died and made you the queen of class to call people hoodrats. Bobby brown cheated on whtney several times and she was married to him and there was never reports of her coming for women.

    i know stacy tried whitney on ustream back in december saying some not so nice stuff about her and i’m sure that go back to whitney. stacy just went on twitter and tweeted fuck u b i t ch and whitney to a fan who was dragging her.

    stacy is a nobody going nowhere fast

    btw bobby family feeds stories to mediatakeout , enquirer and bossip on the regular about whitney whenever they need money, thought i’d hip you to that

  3. black,progressive&fabulous your stupid just like bobby brown and anybody else who believe this bull crap. bobby brown is a looser,broke and played out whitney is still working selling albums,and making movies what has bobby brown done lately. that’s why the media is harassing her cause she didn’t turn out like demi moore’s crazy dumb ass almost killed herself because of ashton kutcher left her. whitney is to strong and smart for that and people hate her because of it. shame on you dirty tabloids you’ll never be able to break the great whitney houston no matter how hard you try!!!!!!

  4. JOHN how do you know that any of this story is true you believe it because the media said so or because that stacy francis woman or who ever she is said that it happened. this woman is trying to get attention any way she can she is so desperate for fame it’s sad. if any of this was true other people at the party would have said something. this only happened in the media and stacy francis’s twisted head for a little bit of limelight. shame on you stacy who ever you are you need to get a life and leave whitney houston’s life alone.

  5. I had to say WOW too! I believe Whitney has always been that around the way girl from Newark. She may be hood, but I think she’s the most supportive and kindest superstar in the business, according to other singing stars!!! Plus, before we totally judge Whit, know that she’s not just hood, the woman is a very good business woman. Her ex-business partner Debra Chase, together they did Princess Diaries I & II as executive producers, Cinderella, Cheetah Girls and other projects. Few know how she always leverages her star power to make sure black crew members are hired. Regardless of how she’s shown out over the years, it can’t tarnish her contribution in my opinion. We just don’t know what many, many other celebrities do behind closed doors, their flaws, neurosis, addictions, etc.

    Now I agree with John, both ladies are too old for this kind of behavior. Stacy ate it up, it’s getting her some free publicity, so why not. Ray J is lovin’ it. Whitney doesn’t care what ANYONE THINKS!

    Any negative thing is going to be overblown in the media for the rest of Whitney’s public life, just the way it is!

    I hope Stacy chills because she’ll suffer more than Whitney regardless of who’s at fault. These publicized events or stints ain’t quite workin’ out right now, they’re backfiring!

    Heart + Talent + Good Business = Real Cool

    Whitney’s always gonna Whitney, love her!!!

  6. I agree with everything you said cynthinia except for calling Whitney Houston a hood that’s really disrespectful. and you believing that any of this nonsense actually took place you sounded smarter than that until you wrote that part shame.there is no proof that any of this happened it’s just the media’s word and stacy francis word and I wouldn’t believe anything they say. Kelly Price who was honored that night tweeted that non of it happened that it is all lies.so eat those apples to the people who believe all these crazy stories. and one more thing it’s nobodies business what goes on in someones personal life as long as they don’t hurt anyone else and can take care of business outside their personal life’s and Whitney surely takes care of that.

  7. Saying it did not happen is a stretch. I did not include the pics but Whitney is shown leaving scratched up with blood running down her legs. Something happened… no denying that.

  8. saying that it did happen is a stretch show the pictures if it’s true and maybe people will believe you sista. even though that wouldn’t prove that Whitney Houston was in a fight with anybody. so I’ll just believe Kelly Price and the other people who were at the party who all said it never happened than believe a sleazy tabloid website who’s desperate for juicy gossip so people will go on their site.

  9. FYI: I adore me some Whitney and don’t like posting anything negative about her. I don’t get kicks out of posting awful looking pics of her, which is why I didn’t. But somebody got crunk with somebody and Whitney left looking a lot different than she did when she walked in.

  10. thank you sista very much for showing me the pictures of Whitney’s so called bleeding leg and the little scratch or cut on her arm and for proving my point exactly that this is nothing but a sleazy tabloid website like a lot of other sites out there. Stacy Francis is lying and so are you brown sista. I thought I was getting ready to see blood pouring from her arms and legs and all I see is 2 or 3 drops of blood that she could have gotten anywhere do you even know if the blood is hers could be her daughter’s,sister in law,brother,friend anybodies doesn’t mean it’s her’s or Stacy’s and that they had a fight.if having 2or3 drops of blood on somebody or a scratch on your arm means you have been in a fight than I got into a fight with my baby cousin who’s 5 years old.he accidently cut me on my arm when I went to give him a hug he had a sharp air plane toy in his hand.and just today I bumped into the end of a table cut the side of my leg and I had more blood on my leg than Whitney Houston did and Whitney suppose to have gotten into a big huge fight she should of had way more blood than me.this is a sad day when people take something so silly like a cut or a scratch or 2or3 drops of blood on an arm or leg and make it into a huge story like a fight. it’s so childish and immature that’s what you do in high school not in your adult life.I’ll tell ya the media and Stacy Francis need to grow up and try to be role models for the young people today. now I know where kids learn to online bully they learn on these so called grown up sites. please you adults you need to grow up it’s getting way to crazy out here you have more important things to worry about o.k let kids worry about cuts and scratches on people adults talking about this stuff is not news it’s just stupid.

  11. Why would a grown a$$ woman like Whitney be trifling with Ray J and getting all out of control over him?

  12. if you haven’t read what I said I’ll tell you again the gossip is not true. Kelly Price and others who were there at the party all said it never happened. wouldn’t you rather believe them than believe the so called media and one woman who is the only one telling this story while the rest of the people who were there are saying it’s all lies please wake up people act like grown ups.

  13. In light of Whitney’s death many people will want to play dumb. Sadly some, like the above poster, aren’t playing.

    Whitney loved the bad boys and said so herself. Ray J was a modern day Bobby minus the drugs.

    He was a low life hanger-on who used Whitney for attention and sex.

    You see him slinking away in the background nowhere near Whitney. Clearly he was trying not to be seen.

    Rest in peace Whitney. Its all over now.

    {Make better choices in life, ladies.}

  14. Whitney was a COKEHEAD and a has been old hag whore.You dead now girlfriend. Your train wreck life all over. You lost it all and could not even sing anymore. I don’t respect you and I don’t know why anyone would.Do feel sorry for Bobbi Kristina but not you.You were just a pig in lipstick Whitney.

  15. Davita what a nasty thing to say im pretty sure you have someone in your life has or is hooked on drugs, When God delivers that person from any addtiction wheather it be over eat, drinking pop etc. you will be delivered. I feel for the entire Houston/Brown family. You act as your happy that someone lost their life ….you need to check yourself your SAD

  16. If it is determined that the scratches on Whitney’s arm and leg was from Stacy Francis, then she needs to be checked. Ms. Whitney Houston was a legend, an icon who deserves respect.

  17. Davita: You’re just young, dumb, and stupid and don’t know any better. Whitney Houston was a victim of Bobby Brown’s determination to bring her down from her pedestal by introducing her to drugs. A woman in love will follow her man no matter what direction he leads.

  18. Do you honestly think in Whitney’s heyday she would have dated Ray-J? Whitney began dating Bobby when he was on top of his career. He wasn’t the Bobby of today. His career was going up, and real popular.

    Whitney also dated Eddie Murphy, hanged with Arsenio Hall, and a football player. These men were at the top of their career.

    She fell in love and married Bobby Brown, when his career was still flourishing. When his career began to fade, she was still with him because she was in love. And at the end of the relationship she was destroyed, and wasn’t the same physically, etc. Do you honestly, believe had Whitney been the Whitney prior to meeting Bobby that she would have been with Ray-J? I’m sorry but no. Whitney needed companionship, and Ray-J gave that to her. So, how can Ray-J be at fault for giving her companionship, when other men in her industry probably didn’t view her as they once did.

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