Whitney Covers Ebony Mag

Whitney Houston

Pop diva Whitney Houston is covering the latest edition of Ebony Magazine. The singer opens up about her daughter Bobbi Kristina, as well as her future plans.

Excerpt from interview:

“I shed a lot of stuff, a lot of unnecessary weight in the last three or four
years. I left a lot of old luggage behind, and when I did, the blessings
just started pouring on me, and the light in my spirit started to lift

Issue is available on newsstands today.


  1. I like that qoute she gave ” I left alot of old luggage behind, and when i did, the blessings just started pouring on me,and the light in my spirit started to lift again” only GOD can heal your spirit thats real talk

  2. She looks good on that cover! Go Whitney! I will be picking up my album – it’s today right?

  3. Did she perform on Good Morning America this morning. They said she was giving a free concert but I can’t find anything on the performance. Maybe it airs tomorrow.

  4. Go Whitney. She hasn’t had a off day since she’s been clean.

  5. I love the new cd. It is obvious that she worked very hard on this cd. Keep up the hard work Ms Whitney…..

    There is truly power in PRAYER….so please keep on PRAYING……and stay strong!

  6. ok i just seen her on Good morning america. I luv Whit, but she wasn’t sounded that good. She couldn’t hit nuthin. She should be a commercial on why u shouldn’t do drugs. The before and after.

  7. I saw Whitney and she didn’t sound that bad. The voice is definatly still there it’s just out of shape. And she also did a 3hr show the day before with Oprah. But the voice is still there it’s just being worked out.

    That vocal chord is a muscle and if you don’t work it out it will be out of shape. Plus she is out of shape. She hasn’t been on a stage and running back and forth like that in a minute. Why is everyone so quick to put this woman down. When Britany Spears went crazy the other media did everything that they could to hold her up. Let’s hold our sister up. She is getting back out there and getting that voice in shape. Stay strong Whit.

  8. She looks really pretty. Good for her. It was so great to see her upbeat and engaged again.

  9. Technically it was not the Whitney we know but I liked the way she interracted with her audience and they seemed to enjoy it too.

  10. im sorry 4 being a realist. Im glad she’s back and found her strenth in the Creator, but her voice is gone. That’s just a fact. She is a survivor, that’s obvious. im just hurt i can’t hear the back in the days WHit. THe media had a field day with Whit and Brit.

  11. i love whitney i still think she is the best and give her time she will get it together.so stop judging her and give her achance.its a lot of singers using drugs.but nothing is said about that.oh yeah i have her cd its the best

  12. I absolutely love the album also. And I think her performance was pretty good personally. I agree , people should let her get back n her groove. She’ll b fine! Why does the world thrive on being negative. If things r the same this time next year, I hear u, but 4 now. CHILL!!!! Support OUR girl. She was born AWESOME, & will always b. N my eyes anyway.

  13. for years i’ve been praying to know if whitney’s ever coming back. it’s like a dream to me. i suddenly feel like there’s nothing impossible, and now i believe with time she’s going to be the best that she once was. GO Girl!

  14. Wow its been seven years and i didnt thik this day would ever return, but you know what Whitney has just proved me worng and whom ever else that didnt have faith in her!! Whitney i love you more than words them self. I hope you will continue to keep him first and know that where theres a will theres a way!!!! I wish you tons of luck in the future and know that where ever the lord leads you your fans are right behind you with me leanding them!!! =] God bless and We look to you!!!

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