Whitney Houston Files For Divorce From Bobby Brown

When Clive Davis first announced Whitney Houston was working on a new album and a comeback, I knew it also meant Whitney would soon be divorcing Bobby.Though no fan of divorce it is my personal belief that Bobby Brown made, yes made, Whitney into the lowly drug addict we saw first hand with our own two eys on his discgraceful “Being Bobby Brown” television show.Hopefully kicking this man to the curb will be the first step to Whitney getting not only her career but life back in order.

“Grammy-winning singer Whitney Houston has filed for divorce from her husband Bobby Brown, her publicist told The Associated Press on Wednesday.

Publicist Nancy Seltzer declined to reveal where or when Houston filed the divorce papers, and said the singer had no statement to make.

“I can just confirm that she has filed for divorce,” Seltzer said.

Houston and Brown, who married in 1992, have had a sometimes tumultuous marriage, and rumors of their breakup have surfaced often over the years.

The couple have one child, 13-year-old daughter , Bobbi Kristina. ”


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  1. I am so happy for her.Whitney has finally seen the light.Watch Whitney be back on top anyday now.


  2. She should have been kicked that lying ass dirty no good dog to the curb.

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