Whitney Houston Back in Rehab

Just days after Angela Bassett announced the entire cast of “Waiting to Exhale” would be returning for the sequel, we get news that its biggest star, Whitney Houston, has once again entered rehab.

According to Whitney’s spokesperson, Kristen Foster, the 47 year old singer voluntarily entered herself into an out-patient program for drug and alcohol treatment.

As many of you well know, Whitney has battled an addiction to various drugs for nearly 20 years (yes it has been that long) and as little as two years ago via the Oprah Winfrey Show, declared herself clean and sober.

Foster says it is unclear how long Whitney would be in rehab and had no further comment on the singer’s upcoming music or film projects.

Whitney’s musical comeback back in 2009 included a #1 album “I Look to You,” as well as a commercially successful- yet critically panned- world tour.

Get well soon Whit.


  1. I truly hope she does get well soon. It can’t be easy for her.

    SN: I never knew there was gonna be another Waiting To Exhale that’s kinda exciting.

  2. An addiction like that doesn’t go away in a heartbeat. At least now she has mutured and knows that she have demons and that she is willing to fight them. I love her and her music. She’s truly a legend.
    I saw her show and she rocked that stage! She still have it in her I know that!
    Get well soon, Whitney!

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