Whitney Houston At Her Peak

In her heyday Whitney Houston was simply one of the most charismatic singers to ever grace a stage. Here she is at her peak performing at Arista Records’ Anniversary Special. Whitney performs an amazing rendition of “The Greatest Love Of All” and totally brings the house down. Watching her perform reminded me so much of why I loved her during the 80s. I think Whitney was to my generation what Diana Ross was to my mom’s generation. She was absolutely gorgeous and presented such a phenomenal image of Black women.

If you have never been a fan of Whitney’s… this video may just change all that.


  1. I love Whitney and all, but u know what, I am soo mad at her its not even funny…I tried not to bring it up, but i have to get it off…IMO

    Whitney is a coward, i watched her interview and she pratically blamed Bobby for everything. She sat down and was like i made mistakes but its was all bobby’s fault, he was my drug…You know what, i am the type of lady that tells it like it is…So sorry

    Whitney is a crazkhead just like those ones on the street corner, but just Millions more. Everybody is blaming Bobby, what about Whitney. She still denies using Crack and says it was Bobby who she was her drug. But we all know she was on crack. From the daughter of a Sperm Donor who was heavily on drugs, he made EXCUSES. He blamed his addiction on my mom leaving…..To me, Whitney is not a survivor, she is a survivor from Bobby(THANK GOD, SHE COULD HAVE DON ALOT BETTER) She is still playing the victim, and in Rehab, they teach u to own up to ur mistakes and IMO, she did’nt…Sorry to bring Negativity, but i know these types of people, i grew up with them my whole life. Call me biased, but it’s MY OPINION…Hopefully u respect it, like i will urs, cause we are totally different People..


  2. Get over her life. I think people wanted her to say hello my name is Whitney and I am a drug addict. To be perfectly honest she didn’t have to tell you, me, and no one else her business. You try to sit there and air out your dirty laundry and see how you will be. She owes no one an explanation of her life. Just like you owe no one an explanation for the bad decisions you made. The same goes for me. I have made stupid decisions and I have repented and therefore I owe no one an explanation.

    Stop living lives through these celebrties. Not saying you are doing but if you are stop. You sound like you have issues with your father. I have been where you are with a drug addict father as well and I had to accept that he was who he was and allow him to rest in peace. You have to forgive your father immediately. Not for him but you. Let it go.

  3. Oh I also meant to say that that is not gone from Whitney. When God gives you a gift no one can take it away and you can’t give it away. He gave it to her for a reason and he is letting her build it back up.

  4. dam now dat the whitney voice i miss not saying she still doesn’t have a good voice. I mean her “old” voice had power, versatility, range, nice vibrato everything. Was the BEST singer point blank!

  5. Whitney is 1 of those artist, like JJ, MJ, & Madonna, that no matter what, she will sell & still have millions of fans. Her albums will always sell b/c like I said she has that STRONG fanbase. However, that doesn’t mean that her voice hasn’t changed from years ago. Time & age will naturally change the vocals ( esp for singers) but w/ the combo of heavy drug use, you might as well commit vocal sucide. Whtiney still has a VERY nice voice, but it pales in comparison to the voice of yrs ago. I dunno if she will ever have the 80’s strong voice back b/c once you damage something like that it’s usually just gone, but just be glad that @ least she still has something left. I mean w/ all she did, she coulda lost that forever. YES it is a gift, but when the “man upstairs” sees you abusin what he gave you, he can easily take it away.

    As for her drug use, I didn’t see the Oprah interview, but I get what LMAO is sayin. NO, Whit doesn’t have spill her lifestory if she doesn’t want to, but she can’t put ALL the blame for HER bad decisions on Bobby either. Let’s be honest here, if u are a person who is NO where interested or involved in the drug scene, why would you hang w/ someone who is or let alone marry someone who is heavily into that. Like Chris Rock said that’s like a Christian marrying a Crackhead.. it just won’t work. I believe that Whitney had prolly dabbled a lil w/ drugs BEFORE Bobby, but was NOT heavily into it, but once she hooked up w/ him she just got MORE into it. I can’t sit here & believe that Whitney neva had the interest, but let Bobby convince her to join in.. maybe it’s naive of me, but hey it is what it is. In the end she was a grown woman who made choices to, they both share blame. But nevertheless I wish her the best.

  6. @BEE

    Oh but it was’nt our business when everybody wanted to WHOLE truth from Chris Brown. I seen posters on this blong, on toya’s world, Ybf and Concreteloop. They BASHED HIM. Im not in her life, but my thing is, if u gonna tell it, tell it like it is, dont sugar cold it and Blame People..

    The point about “THE SPERM DONAR”, he always blamed My mother. Never himself, thats why i dont like what she is doing. How do u exspect her to fully recover unless she does it right.

    Plus i asked u respect y opinion, U DID’t. a simple, i dont agree would have been nice. So know ur opinion has been thrown…

  7. She sounds lovely, where all the big voices now

    all we got is Xtina, beyonce, J Hud,monica

    and we have the deal with the lip synching sensation britney, And the Goat Impressions of rihanna and the Mediovore stylings of Keri,Ciara and Ashanti…..LAWD and not to mention the screaming Reality star Keyshis Cole

  8. Ok, here is my opinion, which I usually try to keep to myself.

    But this is how I see it. Look at Whitney pre-Bobby and look at Bobby pre-Whitney, and that right there says it all.

    Bobby was already full of drama and myself, being 37 years old remember this like it was yesterday. People were shocked and didn’t believe she would be with someone like that. Bobby already had arrests and was a drama King inside of New Edition and already had multiple children by different women.

    Whitney on the other hand was without blemish. No drug problem, arrests, drama- nothing. Within a short time of being with him I saw everything about Whitney change. The beauty and class you saw in her (video above) was gone and her voice started actually taking a hit way back then.

    Whitney was weak. She was weak and took up with the wrong man. She followed him into the pit of hell he was already in.

    Don’t even get me started on how many times she paid his child support and saved his (and his parents) home(s) from foreclosure.

    Bobby never loved Whitney. She wasn’t even his type. Look at the women he had children with before and after Whitney- it says a lot.

    And check this out. Years ago during a interview with Donnie Simpson on BET Donnie let the cat outta the bag and Bobby tried to shut him up.

    Donnie and Bobby attended Whitney’s birthday bash at her home in NJ. They were wandering all through Whitney’s house marveling at her home and wealth. Bobby told Donnie he was gonna step to Whitney at seeing how she was living. Yes, Donnie dropped that live on Video Soul on BET back in the day.

    Bobby was trash, who used poor Whitney and darn near destroyed her.

    Sorry- had to get that out- lol.

  9. @Sista

    I get what your sayin. Your right Bobby did Whitney wrong MANY times, BUT who was to say that Whitney wasn’t as polished as we think BEFORE Bobby. You know I had to think long & hard about this 1 too, but REALLY NOT sayin that you may have some changes goin on, BUT how can a man bring you SO low, if you weren’t already dancing near the path he took you down.

    All of the times we saw Whitney, we saw the polished glam girl look, ONLY what her ppl wanted us to see. There was no interent & etc like we have now, where no matter how discreet you THINK you are.. you are NOT. So in other words, there was no way we could know what she did behind closed doors. Who’s to say that when she got w/ Bobby she felt she could FINALLY let loose, be her TRUE self. Now I am in NO way sayin that Bobby Brown didn’t just want to use Whit b/c I always thought he did… and STILL feel this way. I mean REALLY she was/ is the BIGGER star. But like I said somewhere down the line there had to be some common denominator beyond music that brought them together.

    P.S. I actually remember 1 of the bandmates from New Edition sayin that, you wouldn’t know it when u saw Whitney on stage, but beyond the camera she & Bobby were just alike.

  10. Whitney is potrayed as this little angel, just like Beyonce. And we know that beyonce is not pure like people claim she is. Whitney was like a undercover freak, that Bobby released..Bobby was a real A Hole too, gosh give me ten minutes with him and a boxing ring….YES

  11. This may sound odd but Whitney should have just pursued Michael Jackson. They were real tight, she was there for him during his trial. And when other MJ friends said that he had shut them out of his life, she told Oprah that he didn’t want her to see him, but he would talk to her on the phone. He atleast loved her that much. And by the pics of them together, I don’t care what anyone believe, I truly think something was there, they just had this thing about them in pics. But, anyways they would have made a beautiful couple, and possibly save each other from their demons.

    Why are the fans blaming Bobby Brown? Whitney has already admitted that she did drugs prior to him. It’s said and done at this point, both have moved on.I’m happy that both Bobby and Whitney are moving on.

  12. Her voice is gone now….I hope she can gets it back! It hurts me to think she had such a gift, such a beautiful voice and she just destroyed it with some BS…

  13. I love Whitney and really glad she’s still here! I know some people feel she blamed Bobby. Well, you do, sorta…when you give your all to a relationship and it horrifically fails and the man, gets up, moves on with his life, not having to have or spend a dime, coupled up with a new, younger, very attractive woman and a new baby makes a lot of women mad as hell! It happened to me and I blamed the man for my tremendous set-backs (the suffering, the people and things I bypassed for having him in my life, young and stupid!) until I FULLY RECOVERED! Healing is a PROCESS!

    Also, we don’t know how Bobby’s camp was going to spin their relationship in the process of him making some loot.

    Whitney said enough, my best friend smoked cracked for a number of years and I only hope she’s really through. Her story greatly mirrors Whitney’s, she was Imani, Naiomi, Tyra and Beyonce all wrapped up in one beautiful package from the inside out, but she didn’t think so and had herself a real loser, whom I came to love and understand his angst too. He said he would leave her when she got ugly, even with all the drugs, she’s still beautiful, just God!

    During those years I couldn’t be apart of her life and I couldn’t stop her even when she was pregnant and smoking. Whitney, Michael and others fighting addiction can only receive help when they are ready! What we can do is to let them know we still love them and remind them of who they really are, some will never stop using, others will die and some will rebound.

    Our sense of self, value and insecurities attracts us to people of the same likeness, but different content!

    Give Whitney a break, she’s only human as she stated before, “singing is what she does, but it’s not who she is.” Anything that can be taken away from you is not who you really are, period.

    We’re beauty, passion, love, courage, integrity, generosity, empathy, compassion, wholeness and fun at our best and many of these essential qualities elude the masses, rich or poor and why the Obamas have such mass appeal, they seem to truly have it all!

    P.S…sorry, I know it’s kinda long…

  14. you guys are quick to talk about keri hilson keri is a great singer stop hatin beyonce has a voice but she had one good solo album the best singer today is jazmine sullivan but all people seem to care about is people who sell sex and dont talk about rihanna she can sing all three of her albums prove it

  15. @LMAO Get over it and worry about you!

    Whitney is only responsible for Whitney not satiifying the general public.

    Now, Whitney is still incomparable.

    BoreYawnSay is tired! Its time for her to rest.

  16. It’s Beyonce, and yes i am a stan. If she is so tired, why do u keep mentionaing her…LOSER!!!! but this is about Whitney, well fight at the next Beyonce post, cause i know yo arse is gonna be their

  17. @LMAO you are just whom I was speaking about. Get a life you don’t know these people personally so stop taking stuff personally. YOu don’t know what Whitney says at her AA meetings. No grown asz woman is going to sit there and tell no one everything that she and her man went through. She gave you enough. You a so called Beyonce stan and she gives you nothing. Get a life and let them live theirs.

  18. i could have sworn eddie murphy came out years ago and said whitney was on cocaine when they dated. so i definitely don’t believe bobby was the root to all hell for whitney. also SISTA blemish free, whitney was “the” artist of clive davis back in the day that was just the image he created for her and you obviously believed it.

  19. “She was absolutely gorgeous and presented such a phenomenal image of Black women” Sista.

    I presently find Whitney absolutely gorgeous looking post stuggles & all.

    I never will get why some people insist on having ONE Black woman representing ALL Black Women as if we are one of the same. Yes, I know there is a limited number of Mainstream Black women celebrities. It’s still not an excuse. We are all individuals.

    I see you are distancing Whitney’s so call bad behaviors from this phenominal image of Black women
    :-). She’s one of the same. Some people LOVE when celebrities struggle in life. OH, it makes them more REAL they’d say. However, when the struggle is not up to their standards, they want to distance it from their ideal image of the celebrity…unless it will help them prove a point.

  20. Whitney was the BEST singer of any generation that’s how i see it, and she came out and told DEEP things about that relationship, so people should be thankful that she did that whether she was crazy prior to that or not.

    and people think the only way you can make good music is if you’ve struggled in life perfect example (mary j blige)

  21. “Whitney neva blamed Bobby 4 nada. She was a women bout errything.”

    Did u watch the interview

  22. I heard Whitney say that she smoked marijuana laced with coke. Doesn’t that amount to the same thing? I appreciate that she was honest without exposing what didn’t need to be said. She admitted that she did drugs to the point of not being able to participate in life. What more do we need to know. Hope she is getting the help she needs and that Bobbi Christina is being supported emotionally and psychologically because watching your parents get into the stuff that Bobby and Whitney did can scar a kid for life.

  23. I used to love me some Whitney. When we(me and friends and family) would have discussions about music, they’d go in on Whitney to make my sister mad and I’d jump up and help defend her because her voice was that amazing to me. I’m listening to IWDWS right now. LOL. But after her performance on Oprah, the voice is gone. I will always love the old Whitney Houston, and I look up to her for getting out of her situation, but vocally, I’m gonna stick with in alot of ppl’s here words(a less classier) act with great vocals and stage presence.

  24. Why did I not read all the comments before I posted? How did I know that a certain name was going to be brought up?

    @Tanya Whitney may be able to get her voice back. I mean, Julie Andrews had a botched surgery on her vocal chords to remove nodules over 10 years ago and she is slowly making a comeback. I LOVE JULIE ANDREWS!

    @Tee As for the only good singer being Jazmine Sullivan, that’s your opinion and no one can knock you for it. But I like people who branch out from the typical R&B formula, b.c I like all types of musical genres. I listen to folk, R&B, Alternative, heavy metal, jazz, blues, and even some country. I seriously dislike when my younger oldest sisters say they don’t listen to “the mess” i listen to b/c it isn’t black.

  25. @ lmao i`m very disappointed with whitney houston too for playing that role of “he-did-me-wrong“ blah blah..i mean it took 13 years to get it together? you did drugs before bobbi brown but now that you have a new album and all..its bobbi browns fault??? she`s an idiot and she makes another fatal mistake which is refusing to own up to her mistakes , i`m a fan but i`m not a “sugarcoater“…if only black folks will embrace the truth all the time we might be better
    the people handling whitney`s career worked overtime to portray her as this can-do-no-wrong-angel( insert clive davis here, the fuy who discovered her) but there is a detail that we forgot whitney is a hoodrat( i dont care how many times her family went to church) she`s almost like older version of monica

  26. The lady got hooked up to the wrong people and wrong man. >>Her desire will be to her husband, I won’t say where that came from but some of you may be lucky enough to already know.
    Do you actually think she went and asked around for her first hit of cocaine, no, someone had to have presented it to her, and I will bet it was someone she trusted in.

    This lady is a fiercely loyal person who stayed way too long, and believed in the “general good” of people way too much.

  27. I honestly have never been a big fan of Whitney, despite her great voice. Despite all of the industry efforts to dress her up, she always came across to me as rather common. And personality is big part of the attraction to any celebrity for me. That being said, admittedly she had one of the greatest voices ever. I find the whole Bobby debate a bit silly, it is a well known fact that water seeks it’s own level and birds of a feather yada yada yada. Let’s hope that her past experience has taught her some valuable life lessons. I wish her well.

  28. What is wrong with black women. Here it is this sister is trying to get her life back together and we can’t find anything good to say. I don’t know who looked at that Oprah performance and can say Whitney can’t sing. Her voice sounded amazing. The vocal chord is a muscle and if you don’t use it it will be out of shape and you have to work at getting it back in shape. It’s just like when you haven’t worked out in awhile and somedays you have good ones and somedays you have bad ones. She also had vocal surgery like three years ago.

    Some of you must lead perferct lives and have never made a mistake because you judging the hell out of her. That is amazing too me. Some black women just want to tear each other down. I think it’s a relfection on how you feel about yourselves. You go Whitney good thing you don’t need some of these looser to repent to. Thank God she repents to an all forgiving God. Because some of you all will have everyone in hell.

  29. Im not perfect, the difference between me and Whitney is im not no victim. Im not gonna play the victim to get symponthy and make Bobby the A Hole, which just looking at him and u can tell…Whitney is 45 years old and im 19, and i more woman than she will ever be. Until she becomes a woman than she aint right in my book

  30. It kills me how badly some people want to particularly make Whitney a CRACK addict rather than a COKE addict. I attribute this to pure racism that tries to make CRACK users (primarily Black) out to be so much less than COKE users (primarily White).

    If she said she did COKE then so be it. I don’t care which drug she did. I simply care that she made her way out of it and is on the road to recovery.

    Black people really need to check themselves sometimes.

  31. Black people really need to check themselves for real!!!!!!!! When Whitney was on top, everyone was on her. Now that she has come out with honesty, we want to tear her down. It’s as if people can’t make mistakes. As black people we should be supportive and embrace her as a black beautiful woman who never had to shake her butt or degrade herself to get album sales. Back in the day Whitney BROUGHT IT and IMO she came back and BROUGHT IT again. Get over it. Shouldn’t we just be happy for her?

  32. @LMAO I am going to pray for you. I knew you were young before you even said it. You have a lot of anger in you. I wish you could just let go. But I don’t think Whitney really cares what you think of her. Everyone has to heal at their own pace and in their own way. But you need to let that anger go that you have because it will make you sick and age you way before your time. You were not in that relationship you don’t know what happened in their household.

    Just like you weren’t in the relatiionship with your parents. There are things that happen between two people in a relationship that other people including their children just doesn not know about.

  33. Just stop saying as african americans we should support our blacks, because as sad as it is, it will NEVER happen for all/any races to support each other. I’m all about supporting people I believe in but… it just wont happen there’ll always be a couple bad apples that spoil the bunch.

  34. As black people we need to upgrade our standards and stop selling our children to money. fame and celebrity, I’m sorry but had withney receive the proper home training she would have known much better than to mess with busted -ss bobby brown, my sister constantly post on this blog i just read it break my heart when i see what kind of idol some people have here and what kind of people they get ready to defend, rihanna,ciara,beyonce,ashanti i’m glad those chicks are makign a great living but anyone who makes an entertainer a role model need to jump off a cliff we don’t need anymore ignorance on this side of humanity i think african americans and noticed i’ve PRECISED AFRICAN AMERICANS are packed on ignorance for about 2 more millenium ENOUGH!

  35. @ voice
    Your not perfect neither is anyone else on this earth, but I believe you think otherwise. Who are you to say she hasn’t had the correct “home training” or upbringing? Every female on this earth doesn’t have to be brought up the same way you were, in order to have morals, “respect” for themselves, knowing who to date, etc. Im telling you some people really need to stop judging and leave it to God himself because that’s his job, and he will do it to you more sooner than later.

  36. Voice Gurl, dont even try that..SMH we can just go to old Beyonce posts and read your ignorence

  37. @lmao she never said it was bobby fault. she said she was being a wife. She said she was smoking before she even married him. She said that he was more of an acholic. so what are you talk about

  38. @voice, lol proper home training??? Her parents were into church. Her mother is the one who help her pull out the mess. I’m not pointing the finger at you, but I HATE when ppl say “if people received good home training” A person has a mind of thier own. Gone do wat they want. My parents was wonderful. I graduated from college and my sister had a baby at 17 by a loser. The home may play a role sometimes, but i think a person has the final say so of wat they WANT to do

  39. No one was in her home. @Voice you say “home training” so I assume that means you had good home training, so that means that you have never done anything that your parents told you not to. You don’t know what this lady was taught and what pains her mother probably put her knees through praying for her. I do agree we need to stop looking to celebrities as role models. They are human beings who happen to be blessed witht he ability to entertain. That’s it that’s all.

    But stop assuming you know what people have been through or are going through. I feel sorry for anyone that has to come through such things in the eye of the public. Because people can then forget their own mess and start focusing on someone else. We should pray that she continues to have the strength to seek out God.

  40. She simply owned the stage. I love it! I’m glad she overcame her struggles. MAy GOd bless and keep her.

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