Whitney Houston In Talks To Collaborate With DJ Premiere

When I first heard Whitney was thinking about working with DJ Premiere I was disappointed but after reading his comments in Billboard I feel somewhat better.As a long time Whitney fan I was none too pleased with her last two albums and I blame that on the fact that her producers tried to make her sound too “hip”.Whitney is many things but hip is not one of them.Whitney is at her best when she is working with people like Diane Warren and David Foster.No one wants to hear Whitney singing about hanging out at the club because we know that just isn’t who she is.

Whitney’s career has been based on powerhouse ballads like “I Will Always Love You” and “Didn’t We Almost Have It All”.It remains to be seen whether she still has the pipes to pull off such songs, but Premiere seems to think he’s the man to not only put Whitney back on top but keep the sound her fans are accustomed to.

Check out the full story on Billboard.com and I guess only time will tell if Premiere can do for Whitney what he did for Christina Aguilera’s much heralded album, “Back To Basics”.

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