Whitney Houston Makes A Rare Appearance

Video Removed


  1. “Jeremy”, what did I tell you? Whitney is now making all the right moves that it takes to get her life and career back on track. Oh, and by the way, where is my thank you? I did you a big favor when I bestowed upon you my wise counsel (“EDUCATE YOUR THINKING”). And if I may remind you, it is polite, customary, traditional, conventional and a proper observance of decorum and decency to thank a person who has gone out of their way to do you a favor.

  2. Whitney looks GOOD. Even her breasts look good! 😆

  3. HELLO Whitney !!!! I’m so GLAD to here that you’re coming back to us GREAT NEWS LOVE YA !!!!

  4. That’s my girl she is getting back on track. I can not wait for the album to come out I am going to buy it the first day!

  5. Look at what God can do when you let him. Once she got that big ole ugly fat out shape think he is a superstar off her back. While she is getting her life back on track doing what she does better than anyone in the game that ex monkey on the back is trying to still drag her down by coming out with a book that only negative people who want to hear something bad will read. Whitney continue to take the high road.

  6. Whitney looks all breasts in that dress! Hope things are going well in her life and that she stays on the wagon. She can really sing so with Clive at the helm there’s no reason her album won’t be great. Looking forward to it. I still love some of her earliest stuff like Saving All My Love For You and Greatest Love of All.

  7. So good to see ms. Whitney looking good! I can’t wait to hear the music. Thanks for that throwback video!

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