Whitney Houston’s New Single Confirmed

Whitney Houston Rumors of Whitney Houston’s return have been swirling for years. Now, Diane Warren, the songwriter behind Houston’s comeback single, has the goods. “The song is called ‘I Didn’t Know My Own Strength’,” Warren told an audience at the Experience Music Project’s annual Pop Conference in Seattle on Friday. “Whitney’s back. Big time.” Warren said she wrote the song specifically for Houston. “I tried to get inside her head,” Warren said about the track, which Houston performed at Clive Davis’ Pre-Grammy Gala on February 7. “Strength” will be featured on the 45-year-old singer’s seventh solo album, and will be produced by famed hitmaker David Foster.

The still-untitled project has been speculated as a 2009 release, but that date is not confirmed. During her on stage talk with the Los Angeles Times’ Ann Powers, Warren also spoke at length about her long and incredibly successful career, including her No. 1 singles for artists ranging from Aerosmith (“I Don’t Want To Miss a Thing”), Celine Dion (“Because You Loved Me”“) and Toni Braxton (“Unbreak My Heart”).



  1. Yes lord!!!

    Bring back the natural talent. Whitney I am rooting for you! :bowdown:

  2. Whitney keeps letting me down. Showing up at the Grammy’s, slurred speech, Ray J in tow. I still love her but she gotta show me something worth rooting for.

  3. :iagree:

    Just when you think Whitney has it together she makes an appearance somewhere and you are reminded that she is/was a drug addict who fell from grace.

  4. WOWWWWWW @ Waymen lol. That was funny. Yes she in or she out. Do not have time for whitney either. Them drugs took over her like crazy. I do miss Bobby Brown show. She was a hot mess on that show. Is she still messing with ray-j since he was looking for love.
    @Mario im back.

  5. Great and I hope this time the single and album really is released :thumbsup: Whitney I will always love you no matter what the people say you are the best thing to grace the music industry since 1984 :bowdown: . And regardless to how some artist are over hyped, over exposed, and over rated not one of them can even come close to scratching the surface of breaking your stats and succeeding your success. :bowdown:

  6. ^^^Mariah Carey has broken some stats and has succeded anything Whitney has done 10 times over!!!

  7. Hmmm well Diana warren is one of the most acclaimed songwriters in the world so she’ll probably have a good song stored for whtney. However I do feel like Whit is slightly overrated; she can sing so well but like many other artists she was always a label’s puppet. I’m not a big fan but I do wish her luck; this “comeback” will either solidify or annihalate her status as a legend.

  8. @ Goodness, Mariah Carey is not over rated, over hyped, or over exposed. While she may have broken some of her records Whitney still was the first to break Elvis and the Beetles records go figure. So that’s a lie Mariah has not broken Whitney records 10 times over and I knew someone would come back with an ignorant over exaggerated remark it never fails on this blog 😆 . Like I said Whitney is still the best so get over it :bowdown: .

  9. I will wait this one out before I get my hopes up. Whit has been releasing an album for the last 5 years.

  10. Can’t we just celebrate this woman. Some people don’t make it out of that alive. There was nothing wrong with her at the grammies. When you are constantly looking for negativity that is what you will find. I will continue to pray for her like millions of other people have prayed for her.

  11. *Applause*. I can’t wait. I saw her on the grammys and she still has a great voice. Need more vocal stamina but she hadn’t performed in a while and when you have not use your voice in a while, it’s the vocal stamina that has to built up. Other than that, she still has a great voice, still has the instincts that a great vocalist has and she will make a big comeback because she’s focused. A focused Whitney is a great album waiting to happen.

  12. You can’t go wrong with Diane Warren. Go Whitney! :brownsista:

  13. i really really hope she does come back to her former greatness. i miss Whitney 🙁 “I have nothing, NOthing, NOTHINGGG, if i don’t have you. youuu my darling you” COME BACK QUEEN OF THE NIGHT!!!

  14. Hey Bs Fam
    I’m exited! Whatever whitney does musically I will support, to all my sistas i will not be on here for about a week, My due date is April 26 and my husband is about to drag me to the clinique if i don’ t get there willingly so Love to all of you and i’ ll see you later :brownsista:

  15. @Dark Sista congratulations I will miss your comments. Wish me luck as well I am expecting too.

  16. Congratulation Dark sista!!!

    Whitney is my all-time favourite artist and Im looking forward her next album!!! She ‘s just the best vocalist i’ve never heard!!

  17. Finally some much needed talent is comming back..was really tired of hearing these no talents broods ..Cant wait miss whitney..that is def one album i will be getting….

  18. Finally some much needed talent is comming back..was really tired of hearing these no talents broods ..Cant wait miss whitney..that is def one album i will be getting…. :hifive:

  19. Well good for Whitney. Yes her voice has been damaged thru the yrs due to the durg usage, but the girl can still blow. Will she do as well as she did back in the 80s & early 90s, that’s another question. But I hope it works out for her.

    @Darksista.. congrats on your new arrivals :brownsista: .

  20. @Dark Sista congratulations on your new babies!!!

    I will be buying the new Whitney Houston album whenever it drops.

  21. Drea, I don’t think she will ever gets those years back. But….that’s ok. The best thing for her to build what she has which is still great. 😆

    real Talk, I love Whitney but she is not the best. First it is with Rachelle first, then Ella, then Billie, probably Aretha before you can talk Whitney. And I do know she has the best tone in the history of mainstream modern music but these 4 women are the biggest influence when it comes to female vocalists. I am not knocking Whitney, it is actually a shame that she fell off like she did because she could have been the best. But in terms of her being the best female vocalists who debuted in mid-80s-to early 90s, I agree with that.

  22. You know what scratch that, Rochelle is the best of the mid 80s to early 90s. 😆 I forgot that she debuted in 90. Amazing how great that era was. WOW!!!!!

  23. @Curtis Whitney was and is one of the best. Along with those women you mentioned. She wasn’t nick named the voice for no reason. The more she sings the stronger her voice will be. In her worst days she sounded better than all of these new artisist in their best days. I can’t wait I will be the first to get her album and I can guarantee when she goes on tour you won’t hear rumors about her not being able to sell tickets.

    @Dark Sista: Congratulations. I wish you a healthy and happy baby. :bowdown:

  24. Love the title of that song. I look forward to hearing it.

    Life is a journey. We all walk through valleys. We have glared at Whitney as she lay face down in the mud for a long time. I long to see her on another peak of muscial success.

  25. @Dark sista congrates on them babies. We need to see pictures.

  26. love Whitney and I hope she makes a HELL of a comeback! She’s legandary :bowdown:

  27. @ Curtis I like the other women that you mentioned as well. But how can you tell me that Whitney is not the best it’s called an opinion. And in my opinion Whitney is the best :bowdown:

  28. Bee, that was wrong(I can guarantee when she goes on tour you won’t hear rumors about her not being able to sell tickets.). Leave her out of this. 😆 But I agree with you, like I said, I can’t wait for her(Whitney) to do her thing and for her album to come out.

  29. Dark Sista, congrats to you and your husband :thumbsup: . Enjoy your little bundle of joy 🙂 .

  30. I am really excited about Whitney’s return. She has a classic voice, I just hope that it’s just like it was. I love the song “Heartbreak”. Come on back Whitney. We should all celebrate someone who got clean and straightened their life out and didn’t let drugs or a failed marriage ruin them. Let’s celebrate that!

    Congrats Dark Sista! I pray for a safe delivery of your twins! :brownsista:

  31. oh yes! whitney cant wait for your album gal, you are amazing.

  32. @Curtis: I was not speaking of any one person in particular. I am not obsessed with her. I was speaking of all these new artisist right about now who’s having trouble selling tickets. Everything is not about her. It is not a coincidence( I hope that’s spelled right) that Maxwell after being away for eight long years does not come out with his album first, but, a tour and then sell out. It is because cream always floats to the top. He needed no gimmicks, no half naked girls on the stage gyrating and simulating sex, and no pulling a person on the stage simulating sex it was just he and his band and two back up singers. That is what I was referring too. EnVogue is coming out with a new tour before the album those are not by accident. This new batch of artisist is doing so terrible that they are going and finding artisist from the late 80’s and 90’s just to have some decent music. I think they also need to find the old producers as well. But no sweetie it was not about her at all and with me it never is.

  33. @Voice what’s up girl. You haven’t been using your witty humor am I am missing it. And that last part was said with a really high voice :lol2:

  34. @Bee i seen maxwell in concert mmmmmmm. That is talent right there. I love that man. He almost made me mmmmm lol.

  35. bee lol im comming im coming its just that them people say the same thing everyday so it gets played out thats why i skip posts ya heard 😀

  36. Good points@ Bee. But Maxwell does have a strong fan base, especially female fan base, so that helps him. If you have a big fan base, even if you don’t sell a lot of records, if you tour, the people will come. Unless you REALLY have fallen off.

  37. @Voice that’s true girl. It is the the same stuff everyday. I stopped posting on certain post as well. It’s just the same stuff over and over. Your opinion if you disagree is termed hating which I think is just so silly. Kind of like that Perez Hilton fella on that young runner up of Miss America. She gave her opinion and he has called her every name in the book.

  38. But Maxwell did sell a lot of records when he came out. He has a huge fan base and he will sell a lot of records because of the age group of his fan base. Young people don’t by cd’s they just down load them or burn them. The average age of his fan base is probably 40 and we will go out and buy his cd. And it does not hurt that he’s sexy asz hell. :bowdown:

  39. :bowdown: lady you are the best of the best I have always had faith in you , I know what kind of strenth is in you and it don’t matter and I SAID don’t matter what people say I know you will take back your crown

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