Whitney’s NYC Listening Party

Whitney Houston’s U.S. Listening party was held last night in New York City. Hosted at The Allen Room, which is located inside the Lincoln Center, the intimate affair attracted a diverse crowd which included actress Vivica Fox, singer Alicia Keys and comedian Steve Harvey.

However, it was Alicia Keys and Swizz Beatz, who attended the affair together, that got the most attention at last night’s event- and not for the reason you might think. Swizz and Alicia are actually the writing and producing team who are responsible for the song “Million Dollar Bill”, which is said to be one of the standout tracks on Whitney’s new album.

MTV was on the scene for last night’s event and you can click here to see what they had to say about the audience’s reaction to the single, as well as several other songs that were played at the party.


  1. GO Whitney, i have lost all respect for A.Key, she is such a hippocrit. She is so flow black wemon moving foward, helping the black race, but was’nt yo in a 4 years affair with another black womans man…LMAO so much for unity…SMH

  2. Uhm, it’s called minding your own business, LMAO.

    Anyway, I can’t wait to hear it. The album release is suspense building. I hope it is a career turn around.

  3. I still love Alicia’s music but the knowledge of her affair with Swizz may turn off some of her female fan base. Remember how Sasaa Lathan said rumors of her having an affair with Denzel Washington hurt her career and turned many of her female fans off? Women can be picky like that and few want to support someone they consider a home-wrecker.

    As for Whitney, I cannot wait to hear snippets of her new album. I hope the tracks aren’t too young or hip sounding. I want classic Whitney and not a forced sound that doesn’t suit her.

  4. I cant wait for Whitney album. I know its going to be good and worth every penny.

    As for Alicia Keys “love you girl” am still one for her biggest fan and am wait for the new album to drop. AKfan4life!!!!!!!!!

  5. I love Alicia and Whitney, i am so exited for the new music it’s crazy 🙂

  6. well well well, i can remember months ago i came to this site and i voiced my opinion about alicia keys and swiss beats and i got called evrything but a child of GOD (dark sister)i mean this sister went off on me called me ghetto, uneducated, hoodrat and all these nasty things even though she have never met me in her life and here is it the truth has come to the light. i said this months ago people have alicia keys on this high horse and she has fallen off. i like her but to do that to another black women is crazy.. Way to Go “Superwoman”…lol

  7. Can’t wait too hear Whitney’s new album. Much success sista!

    As for Ms. A. Keys, keep doing you ma and I’m still a fan4life as well! Your personal business is just that “Your Personal Business”!Whom am “I” to judge you. I am on the outside looking into your world and not privy to your love life nor the circumstances surrounding it. We sometimes can’t help it when the heart chooses to fall in love. Anyway, keep doing what was planned out for you Ms. Alicia & continue to stay blessed.
    Much LUV Alicia Keys!!!

  8. homewreckerkeys,

    PPL are always going defend there fav artist or ppl they don’t see in that light. I’ve been on this site for years now and I feel you on that but so what let ppl talk and have their opinion. It’s not going to change yours and what you think esp if someone has done wrong. If that was the case the world would have forgave Chris Brown and R. Kelly by now LOl But I love A Keyes, her music and concerts are the BOMB! True her personal life if her personal life, but still Adultery is wrong and she did it. It shows she’s human like us but still that was a family she broke up. A FAMILY!

  9. Go Whitney!! I hope things go well for her she fought hard to get back and deserves to reap the benefits.

    As for Alicia, I am back and forth with this one because nobody really knows the facts and nobody is really giving them either. I just figure she started dating a married man that was separated. I don’t care for that type situation, I think you should wait until the divorce is final but many people don’t seem to have a problem with it. I don’t think she was messing with Swizz while he was still with his wife, because then he would have been sleeping with both of them and not only is that nasty but Alicia aint that stupid. She didn’t break up a family it seems to have already been broken.

  10. Whitney look good as far as alicia please people stop it about her and swiss. We do not know what happen i really do not care to know. Some people need to worried about there business as far as there relationship.

    Some people are not happy in there marriage they do things different some people wait for a divorce then move on other people move on with other people while they getting a divorce.

  11. 1. Does anyone have any valid PROOF that she wrecked Swizz home?

    2.Alicia has not been with Swizz for 4 years…are you serious?? dumb as all hell.

    3. Swizz had been Separated for a year when he an Alicia hooked up…do your research and check the dates instead of sitting down, reading blogs, and judging someone else

    4. It’s impossible to just stop buying someone’s music because they are with a person, same thing happened to Michael Jackson, and it wasn’t even true. Black people listen to more gossip and take it as truth than anything. Stop living and judging these ppl lives, u don’t know them OR what happened. You just know what someone told you on the internet that’s trying to make money off of your modifiable minds.

    4. If you’re having sex and not married, the next time someone calls you a whore, don’t get mad…because that’s what you are…I mean if you’re judging Alicia, why can’t people judge you?

    5. Alicia is going to still sell regardless of you not supporting her, quite frankly, her fanbase is made up of more mature individuals, who don’t live for gossip and assume. When PPl do the same to you, do get mad, because you’ve been judging someone else for the longest.

    6. I can’t wait for whitney






  13. Wishing Whitney the best! SMH at homewrecking Alicia and no good Swiss Beats!

  14. Damn. I hate to say it, but everyone looks good but whitney. I also wonder why not too many stars were there. This is whitney houston, the voice. And whoever did Whitneys make up should be fired now. Its stuff like that that gets the rumors going again.

  15. On Alicia Keys, I don’t give a damn how chill she is or how much money she dumps on Africa, if she snatched up that womans HUSBAND she is just as wrong as an average chick. If that is true she should be ashamed.

  16. Don’t like Alicia and Whitney as friends AAHHHH!… But, with Whitney being a Leo, she will always be attracted/drawn to Aquarius types… > Bobby Brown
    Loves my Whit, just have to say – girl keep your faith and keep those around you with some, leave the rest of these people behind, PLEASE!

  17. If they were separated can’t get mad but didn’t Mashonda claim that he was cheating on her though? Isn’t A. Keys the reason behind Mashonda’s song Dirty Laundry?

    Anyways, man I’d love to have been at this listening party heeeyyy.

  18. I have mixed feelings about homewreckers…yeah I said it lol because though it seems trife famous or not when to you trife stuff you’re all equal in my eyes; the women that see these married men and pursue the married men OR allow themselves to keep being pursued by a married man aren’t right for taking up with a man who would do this to his wife separated or still together together. Then the other part is you can only be mad at the other women to an extent because though yes SHE KNOWS he’s married , HE KNOWS HE’S MARRIED TOO.

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