On The Set With Whitney

In just over a week Whitney Houston’s latest album, I Look To You, will be available in stores… legally. However, all of us in the know are aware that it leaked late last night. Since then there has been a whirlwind of activity surrounding the singer, including the release of a new promo shot and an image of her on the set of her new video, Million Dollar bill.

Check out all the latest Whitney goodies below and if you want to preview the singer’s album, do check it out on WhitneyHouston.com.

Whitney HoustonWhitney Houston


  1. She looks good. That promo shot is probably my favorite so far.

  2. Love Whitney, she looks absolutely amazing… as many artists do these days and she has always been beautiful, however this is not it, her current singles etc… God isn’t through with her yet, she will go higher! She is a woman of great faith and there is much more in her, I will be watching, I will be waiting…

    *Demanding their FULL POTENTIAL*

  3. so happy to see a real singer with real talent again the music world is so stuck on beyonce and he dum career whitney houston is the best singer in the world she can sing and act

  4. I cannot wait to hear the entire CD. I am an advid Whitney fan. I wish her the best of luck with her new venture.

    Good Luck Whitney!!!!

  5. I can’t wait. I can’t wait to go and see her in concert. These young ladies particularly young black ladies can see you can be a big celebrity and still have class.

  6. Whitney looks amazing! I wish her the best with her new album.

  7. Im sorry but her album is not gonna sell. This new material is just not hittin.

  8. I don’t think her album will do well. What album does well now-a-days anyway. I have an Ipod that I can hook up where ever I go (car, exercising, in the house) where ever. There is no need to purchase CD’s anymore. I have a very large CD collection but every CD I have I also have on my Ipod so I dont even listen to CD’s anymore. Downloading and Bootlegging is taking over the music industry.

  9. “i like that milion dollar bill joint, but the 1st track was soso, imean its Whitney so ima show luv. But who cares, a singer with real talent who isn’t naked.

  10. Whitney looks great. Especially for what shes been through. I hope she has good sales. We all say we want our legends to put out music, but when they do the sales come up short. 3 million people will be like “yaaay Whitneys putting out a CD, I gotta get it” but when they put it out they only sell like 5000 copies. It’s crazy. But much luck to Whitney. And I will go to the store and pay for it.

  11. i was a big fan of whitney music and voice in the hey days, but i have to say that crack mess her vocal cord up. i only like million dollar bill.

    jennifer hudson cd is much much better than this.

    peace and love whitney

  12. My girl looks excellent! I can’t wait I am definately buying this album the first day it comes out.

  13. @ honestBUTTERFLY. You sound like a fool and chances are you look like ONE. Who cares what a lowlife and NOBODY like u thinks????. Who the hell are you??? U probably live somewhere in the hood/Ghetto trying to make ends meet and u have the odacity to talk trash about a big celebrity that`s talented, beautiful and have lots of money??? It`s people like you that won`t get any where in life. I know u will respond, so to u i say Kiss my Black A*s and go eat some shit. Your breath have to be stink that`s why u hating so hard on Whitney. You poor thing you. Go figure.

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