Whitney Houston’s New Single Leaks

Pop diva Whitney Houston was spotted over the weekend arriving at LAX with daughter Bobbi Kristina and a few companions. The singer is readying her September 1st return to the music scene by participating in the Good Morning America Autumn Concert Series. Whitney will undoubtedly perform her new single, I Didn’t Know My Own Strength, which leaked last week. Personally, I wish Whitney or her label had chosen to go with another song. As the title suggests, the song is very much about Whitney’s personal battles over the last few years.

However, it is not great or compelling redemption song. Rather than remind people of Whitney’s problems, the label should have chosen a song that reminded the public of the old Whitney. A great slow jam would have been nice.

Ne-Yo, who was tapped to work on Whitney’s comeback album, noted the same thing in an interview he did a few years back. He too stated that the majority of the music he had heard was rather depressing and dealt too much with Whitney’s personal problems.

Hopefully this first single will quickly be followed up by something that reminds the public not of why Whitney fell off, but rather why 25 years after her first solo album, she is still known throughout the industry as “The Voice”.


  1. I hope all is well for whitney & her up coming album !

  2. I heard that song this weekend and I like it. It’s actually about something. I can’t wait for the album to drop. I already got Maxwell’s and she is a must have for this year. Then once they release MJ’s greatest hits that we didn’t know about (ha-ha) I will get that one as well.

  3. @bee thanx for reminding me,i 4got that the release date is this week,i will grab it…i love this whitney song,i think people are just being silly and full of ish,it is what i expected and cant wait 4 the 1st of Sep.

  4. I haven’t listened to the track, but I was so happy about her comeback a few months ago, but now I’m wondering, can she do it? Will a comeback be worth her while? I don’t know why these artist do this, they get their new projects all hyped up, they wait until the hype is gone and until all the good stuff is leaked before they finally release the project. I love Whitney and all, but shes not Britney Spears, she needs to hurry up and get with it. I understand they want to put out the right material, and do everything right, but they don’t need to talk about it until they get it done, or atleast allmost done.

  5. Like the song, the vocals are not that strong anymore, but its whitney houston i got her back.

  6. I don’t know why people keep saying her vocals aren’t that strong anymore what are you all listning to. She sounded great in this song. I think you didn’t even listen to this song because I don’t possibly see how you can say that after hearing that song. Stop looking for something to be wrong with this lady. Is it possible she has just gotten herself together. Through God all things are possible. Praise him Whitney. I don’t know if she listens to this or not but Whitney if you do keep your head up. Like you said you were not made to be broken.

  7. I think this song is wonderful! This is exactly what she needed to do. Admit she’s tumbled, forgive herself and move forward. That’s exactly what this song represents… Now that she has done that her fans can forgive her and move on. We all will make mistake but whats really important is how we rebound from them. As far as her vocals are concerned she sound fabulous. If someone wanted to say this is not good vocals she still out shines everyone in the (music) game right now who is doing there thing.. Whitney you sound fabulous. Let the haters hate and let your money pile up. You will have people that want to see you fail but through all you have GOD in your blood…. They can’t touch you. We all fall but we get up! I can’t wait until the album.. I’m so excited for you. #1true R&B/POP DIVA!!!!

  8. Whitney you sound fabulos. I think this song is perfect. You admitted that you tumbled, you have forgiven yourself and ready to move on. Thats exactly what this song is about. Now that you have done that your fans will follow your lead. You are the #1 true R&B/POP DIVA. And for those who doesn’t think she sound great. Please get your hearing checked. As far as Britney and whoever your speaking about. Please do not use both name in the same sentence.. Way out of Whitney’s league. Whitney, let the hater hate and watch your money pile up!

  9. Well I don’t have a problem with Whitney. I have a problem with people in the industry leaking the singles giving us dates for releases, never putting out videos, pushing back the dates, and pushing the date back some more, then finally releasing it, and it’s old as hell before I know it’s out. She’s Whitney Houston, shes not 25, and it’s not 1985, they can’t afford to do that with her. It’s just too much competition out, and I really hope that she gets some solid material, and I pray they don’t water down her talent with that damn auto tuno.

  10. I thought Whitney sounded pretty good. I t was playing on the radio this weekend in DC. She doesn’t sound as strong as she used to, and that’s a dang shame, but I hope she gets better. I am just glad to see the sistah coming back, and I support her and wish her the best. I like the song too.

  11. bee you are my girl and all but i will always love you and i didnt know my own strength are like day and night

  12. @Voice what’s up girl. You are right they are two different kind of songs. She is a songstress her voice is not going to sound the same on every song. If you go back and listen to her old music it’s the same thing. I am an ultimate Whitney fan and she knows how to adjust her voice to different songs. She knows the keys and everything. The problem is these new singers don’t know how to control their voices and they sing every song the exact same way. Her voice is not suppose to sound like it sounds on I will always love you because it would sound retarded.

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