Whitney & Ray J In Las Vegas For Fight Night

Ray J & Whitney HoustonRay J & Whitney Houston

Singer Whitney Houston was spotted out last night with good friend and fellow performer, Ray J. Whitney and RJ were front and center for the Hopkins vs. Calzaghe fight which went down last night in Las Vegas, Nevada. What can I say? Whitney looks happy and I guess that’s all that matters. Whatever this relationship turns out to be, I hope it isn’t as detrimental to her and her career as her last relationship was.

Good luck with this one Whitney.


  1. I try not to judge but I cannot understand Whitney’s taste in men. What is it with her desire to be with these boys who are all years younger than her? When will she grow up and choose a man who is on her level mentally? Or maybe that is exactly what she has been doing. Either way she really needs to grow up and make better choices in men.

  2. Why is it that no one makes a big deal about Demi Moore and Ashton Kushton or Halle Berry and her man. If that is what makes her happy let her be happy. Nobody has the right to tell this grown as woman who she can be with.

  3. I think it’s the quality of the man bee. Ashton Kutcher and Gabriel (Halle’s man) do not have the reputation Ray J has. Ray J is scum and a user who will do and say anything to be a star. He is using using Whitney for attention.

  4. In between halftime of The Lakers game I guess I`ll put my two cents in. Everyone has a right to live their life as they so choose. Mentally, Ray J is still on the level of a BOY. What true man would release a porn tape about their past sexual relations? If Whitney chooses to be with him she has to be familiar with his antics. So then whatever happens she made a conscious decision. She should just remember that she has a daughter, and it seems that she would want to set a good example for her as far as making quality choices when it comes to choosing a man. There are exceptions, but usually the apple doesn`t fall far from the tree. I. too, also think that Ray J is using Whitney for selfish reasons. Just hope she doesn`t turn up on a videotape somewhere down the road. Again, it`s her choice though…

  5. I am glad Whitney is looking good these days and even getting out, but with Ray J. I have not heard confirmation from either of them as to the nature of their relationship but I can’t gather what good can come of this for Whitney. If she is enjoying his company for more reasons than one I am sure, I am happy for her but this really makes you wonder what the hell is going through her mind.

  6. Whitney looks good. I don’t care about her dating RayJ, as long as she doesn’t let him work on her album, I’m cool. ๐Ÿ˜† @ Terence, totally agree with what you’ve said.

  7. I’m not feeling their relationship, but if he tries what he did to Kim K. on Whitney……..I think brothas gonna catcha beat down!!! I wonder how Brandy feels about it. Remember how at first she loved and worshipped whitney, but after the Cinderella movie they did together they didn’t get a long? hmmmmmm?

  8. Love Whitney and im so glad she is getting her isssh together, if I were her I would just focus on getting my career back on track.

  9. I don’t get it. I just hope I don’t I see a sex tape of those two on the floating on the internet.

  10. Well, I am glad to see her back among the living! After all of those wasted years wtih that a– BB, I am glad to see her dating again. Although, I would go for a man that can stimulate my mind and body! Don’t get me wrong, Ray J is a very handsome young man, and I just love his eyes, but his actions are that of a very young man. After what she has allowed herself to go through in the past I would want to set a better example for my daughter, who I see is making her rounds on the internet is some very unflattering photos, posing and smoking, and drinking only God know what!!!! Whitney needs to be very selective about her next man.
    But I love seeing a TRUE DIVA BACK ON THE SCENE

  11. I’m glad to see Whitney Houston coming back strong and obviously it’s her choice who she chooses to be with but why does it have to be Ray-J. And I say this because I find him to be disrespectful. He’s a year or 2 younger than me and he reminds me of the guy in high school who loves to kiss and tell. He’s a talented young man and he needs to redirect his energy and stop spending so much time making porn movies and talking about every woman he’s been with. Anyway, that’s my 2 cents…I wish the best for Whitney…and Ray-J too. I hope he gets his act together sooner than later.

  12. I think it was just a date and Whitney is making a statement by using Ray-J (like he’s using her) for all eyes to see that she still got it & can still pull them in – young & restless and the grown & sexy. The Power of the Woman is still there. Best Wishes to her!

  13. Well…….. it is Whitney’s life & she decides what she wants to do w/ it, but Ray J? Yeah she looks good & yada yada… but Ray J? I am still trying to figure that 1 out, but as stated earlier Ray J imo is still a boy becoming a man. I believe that he has grown over the years, but he still hasn’t made it to that level just yet. However, I have to also agree that you are the comapny that you keep. Everyone thinks that Ray J is such a bad person, scum of the world & the whole 9 yards, so whose to say that Whitney isn’t the same. She knows what’s up w/ Ray, but yet she CHOOSES to continuosly be w/ him. The same thing can be applied to her relationship w/ Bobby, if you’re a committed non drug user you won’t knowlingly(sp?) hang out w/ a crackhead & vice versa. It might work for a while, but eventually it falls apart b/c the 2 of you are in different circles. If Whitney wasn’t into what Bobby was into & was commited to what she believed then she would have left Bob much much sooner. Why? b/c she would be living a different life. As for the daughter she can’t be any more damaged by Ray J than she is from her own parents. I know the girl is going to need therapy. For all we know she’s probably already acting out . Oh btw, the 2, Whit & Ray, they’ll never own up to dating. Haven’t you learned it helps sell records to keep em’ guessing **wink**.

  14. No one knows if they are dating. I think that it is just her business. I don’t know if he is right for her and then again neither do any of you. I just hope she continues on her happy and healthy path. Maybe she just went to the fight to get out. Who knows. But in the mean time you have not heard about her acting crazy nor have we seen her looking crazy so I am just happy she is healthy.

  15. Let’s remember that she was married to Bobby Brown. She likes “bad boys”. Whitney is not the “goody two shoes girl/woman” people think she is. She likes who she likes. If they are dating, good for her as long as she is happy and getting herself and career in order.

    Did anyone ask about her daughter when Bobby was shacked up with Superhead?? He has to set examples for his daughter (and other children) also, what has Whitney done to make you question that. She left a marriage that was heading now where, got off of drugs and is getting her life back in order. I think she is deserving of having alittle “fun”.

  16. I just saw the Tyra episode with Ray-J on it. He seems a little immature to me. I really don’t care for him that much. But all these women he pullin must see somethin we don’t. I heard he got “Heavy D” AND the “boyz”!! ๐Ÿ™‚ I ain’t mad at ya Whit!!

  17. If in fact she is datng him, it’s not he first time women or men have dated someon much younger. I just don’t see how they do it. I have one child and I am not about to raise another woman’s son. I don’t look my age so I am approached by young men all the time. They are so annoying to me…..but whatever makes people happy…….

  18. “Mama, I want to sit next to my friends…”
    “No Sweetie, Remember what happened last time? You can’t be trusted.”

    Ha, I swear that was the caption in my head. But no, I don’t care. I don’t care for Ray J with her because he’s such a “man-hoe” but I could care less about the age difference. If it’s an older guy with a younger woman, most people wouldn’t blink. Can’t judge her for that either. But she may just be out having fun with the guy, not in some serious relationship.

  19. I don’t care so much about the dating. Hey, anyone is a step up from Bobby Brown. But to be honest, they look like friends hanging out and not folks dating. I will say this…”Ray J sang the anthem and he was horrible!” His voice was shaky and he had terrible delivery. I was tempted on switching the channel even though I wanted to see the fight.

  20. Let Whitney get her grove on, would it ever occour to any of you that Whitney is using him just like he is using her? I bet he putting it down nicley and I can’t knock Whitney for that. She’s not a lil girl she is a GROWN Woman and if she want to be a cougar let her be on the prowl. Ray J is in nice shape and I’d bet a whole lot better than being with cookid mouth crack head Bobby. So let the women get her freak on with the lil boy toy.

  21. Yall trippin! Whitney is old enough to be that boys mama! Her daughter will be old enough for him to date real soon. I’m curious to know what his mama thinks. Whitney and her have got to be around the same age. Let me tell you women something, men treat you by the way you dress, act and the company you keep. And we look to see what kind of guys you are with. That determines how we treat you. If you are dressed like a Hoochie we are going to treat you like a hoochie. If we see that all you hang around with is knuckleheads then you get no respect from us. Be mindful of how you keep yourself. Whitney you have to gain respect in order to get respect. Right now no matter how you look at it you’re just another notch under a boys belt to where he can go back and brag to his friends. Next thing you know she’ll be dating Soulja Boy.

  22. ray j shouldnt even been sitting in the same row as whitney!

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