Whitney Snubbed By Grammy Voters

whit Was Whitney Houston’s recently certified platinum album “I Look To You” snubbed by Grammy voters? That’s what Danja- producer of two tracks (For The Lovers & I Look To You) from the singer’s #1 debut comeback thinks.
Speaking to Billboard Magazine, the hitmaker said: “I’m a little disappointed because she put together a classic album. Her overall comeback is something to be noted but I’m a believer that great people and great music will always show its head.”

Whitney’s label was so sure the singer would garner multiple nominations, they moved her album up by a week so that it would be Grammy eligible. The album would eventually debut atop the charts- selling an impressive 305,000 copies in its first week.

Despite the snub- Whitney is still expected to attend the affair and perform.


  1. I LOVE Whitney and I do think she was snubbed. BUT I also think that just because she’s a legend and has taken a lengthy break, people think that she should be entitled to certain things automatically. (Ok you can bash me now)

  2. I had no idea she sold so many records that fast!

    it is definitely a snub. why?

  3. SMDH @ the Grammy’s, damn Miss. Carter got 10, damn WH could’ve got 1!

  4. Dear commenters, can we please stop mentioning bey in posts that have nothing to do with her. THANKS

  5. Maybe they’ll reward her next year? But yes, this is a definite snub.

  6. The quality of music that the companies are putting out now is pure garbage. So, Houston being honored with nominations alongside these celebrities would be an insult to her talent. Whitney is beyond that.

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