Whitney’s Best Performance Yet

We just came across this fantastic video of Whitney performing “I Look To You” from her last show in Melbourne, Australia on March 6th. She totally kills it! What a great way to end the first round of dates for her “Nothing But Love Tour”. So get ready Europe! The European leg of her tour kicks off on Tuesday April 6th in Paris, France.


  1. It’s so funny, her song “Million Dollar Bill” came on yesterday, and I thought of actual bills, lol. Who wants to pay those? 😆

  2. Whitney!!! you the best!!!!!Always…..you have made your mark on the music busniess no matter what!!!!!!!!! 🙂

  3. He vocals are strenghthening with practice. Good for her! It was a long way back, diva! But, the Lord brought you home! keep up the great work!

  4. Gone Nippy. I keep telling people when God gives you a gift no one can take it away. You can misuese and have to wait until he sits fit for it to be strong again but nothing nor no one but God can take it away.

    Wasn’t this suppose to be the one in Australia where everyone said people were wallking out. Gone girl because I will definately be in that audience when she gets in the states.

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