Whitney’s New Video Is Here

There is a lot of Whitney Houston news to report tonight. First, as we posted here last week, Whitney did indeed land in the #1 position with her highly anticipated comeback album, I Look To You. According to official Nielsen Soundscan numbers, Whitney’s latest opus sold exactly 304,801 copies, coming in not only #1 in the United States, but also Canada, Germany, Italy and Switzerland. In other words… the world still loves them some Whitney Houston.

So what’s next for the singer? A music video of course. Just moments ago Arista debuted Whitney’s new video for her single “I Look To You” on the her official website.

Click the image below to check it out.

Whitney Look To You Video


  1. Beautiful. Of course, I came of age when most videos were simply straightforward performance clips. The youngins may find it boring but I like it.

  2. She looked flawless and sounded great. I’m SO proud of her. 300K sold in the 1st week, she’s def on her way and she deserves it. I cant wait for her interview on Oprah next week.

  3. she’s back thank God for that, muah love her and al of her music


    I just miss the “I Will Always Love You” voice and the beautiful prominent vibrato she used to have. But o well i guess you can’t have everything you want forever

  5. The song is simple elegance so you definately should have a video to match it. And don’t be to sure about this young kids not liking it. The reason they liked all this crapt that’s out now is because that is all they had. But given a chance I think they will cling to quality music.

  6. @1715
    I understand exactly what you are speaking off. And I also miss her vibrant voice. However; I am enjoying her new cd. This video is perfect, it is just her singing, without anything else to take us away from her and her voice.

    Nice job Ms Whitney….
    We are always praying for you….

  7. I really like Whitney but that video was boring and the song isn’t something I’d listen to BUT
    it’s good to have her back on the scene and I do look forward to hearing more from her album.

  8. @Tasha31 I agree I can barely wait for the Oprah interview as well. The video was beautiful and the cd is nice. I bought mine the first day it was released.

  9. You always gotta have one hater in the group(NNE) but i guess evyone is voiced to thier own voice of choice. I’m happy for her, and lol, were is all the haters that was on the other posting two weeks ago saying whitney is washed up and wont sell close to what she did. EXACTLY

  10. Simple but for it to be so simple it was well done and she looked and sounded beautiful.

  11. The video and song are beatiful. Such poignancy. The song is the truth and unless you are “going through” or UNTIL you “go through” you won’t appreciate it for the GOSPEL song that it really is. It has a strong message and she sounds strong singing it. The old Whit was actually too perfect of a singer (lol). This one has grit, realness, and soul.

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